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 |2016-11-22|     Last boss of the Magaddino Crime Family passes away
With the passing of Leonardo Falzone, the 81-year old leader of the Buffalo based Magaddino family, it is thought that the tenure of the family has come to an end. According to the FBI the Mafia in Buffalo was already declining over the past decade, eversince Joseph Todaro, Sr resigned. Falzone, as a young man, became active in the Buffalo mob during the last years of legendary boss Stefano Magaddino as a union racketeer. His last conviction goes back to 1999, when he was sentenced for racketeering and loansharking. He was also linked to the 1980 killing of informant William Sciolino. With Falzone dead it is likely that the Buffalo Crime Family will perish since many believe there is nothing left of the large criminal empire it once was.

 |2016-10-19|     Guns for ancient artifacts. How the 'Ndrangheta mixtures with ISIS.
Journalist Domenico Quirico from La Stampa went through serious lengths to uncover a secret and illegal trade between the 'Ndrangheta and jihadist terror group ISIS. Quirico went undercover as a rich art dealer from Turin and found contact with art collectors who maintain strong ties to the 'Ndrangheta. One such collector showed him a marble statue of emperor August from the Libyan town of Leptis Magna. He also had a bigger statue of a Greek Cyclone, worth up to one million dollar. The question immediately rose as to how did the collector receive such artifacts? During his investigation Quirico came to notice that the 'Ndrangheta uses several contacts in Libya who, in exchange for kalasjnikovs and rocket launchers, get them stolen artifacts from museums and ruins in ISIS territory. According to the collector there is a big interest from the United Arab Emirates. Art dealing is still one of ISIS's biggest sources of income in continuing their campaign of terror.

 |2016-10-17|     Another murder hits the Montreal Mafia
With the recent death of Vincenzo Spagnolo yet another lieutenant of the deceased Vito Rizzuto has been removed. The 65-year old Spagnolo was shot dead last saturday with several shots in front of his home in Laval. His son Nick is named by Sun as part of the next generation Mafia leaders.

 |2016-07-13|     Former capo dei capi dies in prison
Bernardo Provenzano, the former capo dei capi of the Sicilian Mafia, has died in prison after a long illness. He was jailed since 2006 after being on the run for more than 40 years. He was a member of the infamous Corleonesi and was a close confidant of Toto Riina. Nicknamed the "Tractor" for mowing down his enemies, Provenzano was active in the violent Second Mafia War which ultimately gave Riina and Provenzano full control over the Sicilian Mafia. During his reign as boss of bosses he communicated with his men through the use of "pizzini" or secret notes. His life as a fugitive ended when police arrested him in a remote farmhouse in Corleone, where he remained calm throughout the process. Now, 10 years later, he passed away in the San Paolo hospital in Milan, where he had received treatment for cancer. He was 83 years old.

 |2016-06-16|     End of the line for one of Europe's most wanted
After being on the run for two decades, police have finally succeeded in the capture of 46 year old Ernesto Fazzalari, a leading member of the 'Ndrangheta, who had been hiding in a remote hideaway in Southern Calabria. Fazzalari had been on the run since 1996 to evade a life sentence for murder. He was linked to a 1989-1991 feud which left 32 people dead in his hometown Taurianova. A proud Prime Minister Matteo Renzi thanked judges and police for their efforts.

 |2016-05-18|     "He made the best pizza in town"
In the coastal city of Scheveningen, in The Netherlands, police arrested 73-year old Rocco Gasperoni, owner of Rocco's Pizza and known for his near legendary pizza's. Neighbors were surprised when hearing about the arrest, but then remembered that from time till time they indeed saw some strange guests showing up at late hours. Rocco, who is acquainted with the 'Ndrangheta, has had a long history in crime. In 1997 he was arrested in Spain with clanleader Giuseppe Belfiore for smuggling hash. He was sentenced to 14 years, but while awaiting trial he fled to the Netherlands where he started a new life and began several restaurants. Because he has been living that long in The Netherlands he will nog be extradited to Italy and will most likely sit out his time in a Dutch prison.

 |2016-04-18|     Mobster caught through pizza delivery
Roberto Manganiello, a faction leader of the Marino clan and on the run since 2012, was convinced no one knew his whereabouts and therefore wasn't to worried as he sat in his flat in Orta di Atella whilst watching a football game. In the meantime he ordered some pizza like any other would, but was caught by surprise when the pizza courier was accompanied by several policemen. Manganiello, who is a nephew of reputed boss Gennaro Marino, is a prime suspect in a double homicide dating back to 2004.

 |2016-03-01|     Rizzuto lieutenant Lorenzo Giordano shot dead
Lorenzo Giordano, a high ranking lieutenant in the ranks of the Montreal Mafia, was shot down this morning on the parking lot of a gym in Laval. He had just be released from jail since last December after being jailed for 10 years. Because of that he had not been active during the Rizzuto warfare, but did re-enter the newly structured Rizzuto family under the new command of Stefano Sollecito and Leonardo Rizzuto. However, after both alleged leaders got arrested recently it seems the organization has destabilized once more. Giordano, a known trustee of Francesco Arcadi, possibly founded himself in the turmoil.

 |2016-02-11|     Over 100 men arrested on Sicily
Yesterday police in Sicily arrested more than 100 men who are believed to be affiliated with the Laudani family, a clan which originates from Catania and also has ground in Germany and the Netherlands. The clan is held responsible for several bombings, target assassinations, drug trafficking and extortion. The patriarch of the family, 90-year old Sebastiano Laudani has been detained as well as several of his nephews. Also three women, who allegedly played a key rol in the clan's administration, were arrested. They are known as the "three queens of Caltagirone", named after a town close to Catania. The Laudani clan is believed to be behind a string of violent attacks in the 1990s, including the murder of a prison warden and a lawyer who had refused to be bought. "They were a real cancer", Catania mayor Enzo Bianco said.

 |2016-01-29|     Italy captures 2 of the country's most wanted mobstes
This morning Italian police have arrested 2 of their most wanted criminals, being 47-year old Giuseppe Ferraro and 37-year old Giuseppe Crea. Both men were living in a well hidden bunker in the hills of Agro di Maropati. Ferraro had been on the run since 1998 to avoid murder charges. Crea, who is the leader of the Rizziconi clan, had ran off in 2006. Inside the rather spacious bunker police found several weapons including Kalashnikovs and shotguns. Both men had a large involvement in the international drug trade.


 |2015-12-13|     Long wanted 'Ndrangheta chieftain captured in Belgium
Sebastiano Signati(49), one of Italy's most wanted criminals, has been caught in a hospital in Brussels. Signati is a capo in the Pelle Vottari clan and stranded on the most wanted list since 2004. Before being arrested he fled Italy and went to live in Belgium for a number of years where he used several aliases. He is considered to be an important link between South-American drug suppliers and Calabrian buyers and is suspected of importing more than 3 tons of cocaine. (Source:

 |2015-11-16|     Bonanno capo Peter Lovaglia arrested for assault
Peter Lovaglia, a 53-year old reputed captain of the Bonanno family, was arrested recently for assaulting the owner of a local Japanese restaurant, called Takayama Sushi Lounge. Lovaglia had gotten into an argument earlier that night at the restaurant. The owner, who was struck in the face with a cocktail glass, had to be taken to a local hospital. Lovaglia has been out of prison since March, after being jailed for 2 years due to parole violation.

 |2015-11-12|     Matthew Madonna tied to murder case
Matthew Madonna, who had been recently sentenced as a result of Operation Heat, is now being linked to the 2013 murder of Michael Meldish. Meldish, who was 61-years old at the time of his death, was an elder leader of the Bronx based Purple Gang, which was affiliated with both the Genovese and Lucchese families. Meldish and his brother Joseph, who is serving a life sentence for murder, have been suspected in as many as 70 contract killings carried out on behalf of the Mafia during the 70's and 80's. Investigators believe his death was a direct result of a dispute between him and Madonna. Terrence Caldwell, the man whom is suspected of carrying out the hit, is already behind bars.

 |2015-10-05|     Lucchese bigshots sentenced as result of Operation Heat
Early this month two senior bigshots of the Lucchese family were sentenced as a result of Operation Heat, which ended an illegal gambling ring back in 2007. At first Martin Taccetta, the former underboss, was sentenced to 8 years for racketeering. Taccetta was already serving a life sentence for earlier racketeering convictions. One day later Matthew Madonna, who once parted the families ruling panel, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his role in the gambling scheme, which approximately brought in 2,2 billion dollars during a 15 month period.

 |2015-08-05|     Former DeCavalcante boss John Riggi passes away
Monday, at the age of 90, the long serving boss of the DeCavalcante family, John Riggi, passed away. For years he was involved in union and labor rackets before becoming head of the family and succeeding Sam DeCavalcante. In 1989 he was arrested for labor racketeering and was later also charged with the murder of real-estate developer Fred Weiss. Whilst in prison he kept running the family by using several substitutes. In late 2012 he was released from prison but suffered from bad health. During his last few years he was treated at home by a nurse until he passed away. Acting boss Frank Guarraci is now believed to step in as official boss.

 |2015-08-04|     Hunt for Matteo Messina Denaro takes on a new turn
Recently Italian police arrested 11 people whom they believe are close to fugitive boss of bosses Matteo Messina Denaro. Since 2011 police have been keeping an eye on a remote farm near Trapani which showed signs of being used as a way for Denaro to communicate with his henchmen. Therefore he used so called pizzini, small notes containing encrypted messages which were hidden around the farm. The owner of the farm, 77-year old Vito Gondola, acted as an in between and called whomever was needed after finding a new note. For instance, when the note said "I've put the ricotta aside for you" it meant the farmer had found the note and someone needed to come over. According to police the farmer himself at one time has been close to former boss of bosses Toto Riina and was involved in several kidnappings throughout the 1970's.

 |2015-07-04|     Gambino mobster guilty of murder charge
Back in 2001 police discovered the body of 51-year old businessman Konstantinos Boulis. Boulis was the founder of the Miami Subs restaurant chain and also owned the SunCruz casinos. Twelve years later a judge convicted Anthony Ferrari and James Fiorillo, who had become a turncoat, for murder and conspiracy. A third suspect, John Gurino, had been killed himself in 2003. However, until then it was unclear who exactly had ordered the hit. Now, two years after the convictions that question has been answered. Anthony Moscatiello, a 77-year old mobster, is the one prosecutors believe to have ordered the hit because of a dispute for control of the SunCruz Casinos boat fleet. James Fiorillo also testified in court. Moscatiello's wife, Marion, collapsed when hearing the verdict. He will most likely be facing life in prison.

 |2015-06-20|     Lucchese keymembers plead guilty to illegal gambling charges
Back in 2007 the authorities were able to dismantle an illegal gambling enterprise worth up to $2 billion. The operation used a wire room based in Costa Rica and made use of several password protected websites to place bets. There were thousands of users active in a span of 15 months. Leading suspects were Lucchese members Matthew Madonna, Martin Taccetta, Ralph Perna and John Mangrella. They were all indicted in 2010. Now, almost 5 years later, they have plead guilty to the charges. Prosecutors will probably recommend prison terms ranging from 5 till 10 years.

 |2015-06-07|     Camorra responsible for large scale ticket fraud during Champions League finals.
Last saturday was a big and exciting moment for FC Juventus, a class-A soccer team from Turin which managed to place itself in the finals of the Champions League against all-stars FC Barcelona. Many fans travelled to Berlin in hopes that their team might rise the trophy once more since their last victory 19 years ago. But what supposed to have been a great evening ended in an absolute mess. Before the start of the match the UEFA learned that over 5.000 forged tickets had been sold in Italy and now circulated at the ticket stand. They immediatly restricted the entrances causing lots of delay. Because of this many fans, including sponsors and VIPs, missed much of the first half. The chaos angered thousands of people. Top officials of the UEFA now blame the Camorra for being responsible and demand an investigation. They have also said they will not pay people back for the damage. To make matters worse Juventus lost the finals with 1-3.

 |2015-06-05|     Last of the Angiulo brothers dies
Another past generation chapter has ended. Francesco Angiulo was the last surviving of a group of brothers who ran the Boston Mafia throughout the 1960's until the 1980's as part of the New England based Patriarca Family. Francesco was a longtime bookkeeper for the families vast gambling ventures and worked under the command of his older brother Gennaro. For years they controlled the neighbourhood until the FBI began to wiretap their headquarters, resulting in waves of indictments and prosecutions. His brothers and several henchmen were all trialed for racketeering, himself ending up behind bars for 14 years. It meant the end of the Angiulo ruling. People however never claimed to have feared them, but instead said the brothers had kept the neighbourhood clean and safe for all those years. Francesco was 94 years of age when he passed away.

 |2015-04-10|     Leading member of dangerous Camorra clan arrested in Spain
Today Spanish police arrested 55-year old Carlo Leone, who was signalled all over Europe since he disappeared in 2009 after an arrest warrant was spread out back in Italy. Leone is a keymember of the Elia clan in suburb Naples and acted as an important narco-broker between distributeurs and customers. After investigators discovered he was hiding in the Costa del Sol, police put on a surveillance and eventually nailed him. He now awaits extradition.

 |2015-04-03|     Son of former Detroit godfather passes away
Tony Zerilli, son of the famed Joseph Zerilli, passed away at the age of 87. During his lifetime he had been closely involved with the Detroit Partnership. He was a longtime boardmember of the Hazel Park racetrack in Michigan and spend a lot of time in Las Vegas to watch over Partnership investments. In 1996 he was indicted in a massive racketeering case. He was freed in 2008. He had been married to Rosalie Profaci, daughter of New York mob boss Joe Profaci. With his passing Detroit loses one of it's last Mafia strongholds of a past generation.

 |2015-03-12|     New Jersey's DeCavalcante family targetted by the FBI
Recently the FBI struck at the New Jersey based DeCavalcante family and arrested about a dozen of wiseguys during the process. They are being charged with illegal prostitution, illegal gambling and conspiracy to murder. Main suspects are family consiglieri Frank Nigro, 72, and 71-year old capo Charles Stango, who led a crew out of Toms River. According to investigators Stango had plotted to whack a fellow mobster from Elizabeth and had hired a member of the Outlaws to do the hit. The crew was also said to have run a luxury escort service out of Toms River.

 |2015-01-22|     Fugitive 'Ndrangheta leader arrested
Yesterday the carabinieri succeeded in arresting Mafialeader Natale Trimboli, who had been a fugitive for 5 years. He was hiding in Gioia Tauro, where police was able to arrest him without further resistance. He is considered to be the leader of the Trimboli-Marando clan and was an important link to North-Italian based crime groups. He will stand trial for drug smuggling offenses and the murders of Antonio Stefanelli en Franco Mancuso, who were killed in Turin.

 |2015-01-22|     Secret Mafiacode revealed
Earlier this week police apprehended a paper which had a secret code written on it and was used by 'Ndrangheta members for drug trafficking and initiation rituals. The code was found inside a red book and was taken in the village of San Luca alongside several weapons and 600 kilograms of cocaine. After a long stretch two specialized officers were able to crack and translate the symbols into plain text. The codex, dubbed the San Luca Code, can prove to be very worthy in further investigations.
(Source: dailymail)

 |2015-01-05|     Joey Merlino heads back to prison
Joey Merlino, the former boss of the Scarfo family and eternal foe to John Stanfa, is back in prison for violating his parole after meeting with Philly mobster John Ciancaglini at a local cigar bar. He will have to sit out a four month term. Since his release in 2011 Merlino has been living in sunny Florida with his girlfriend, claiming he has no more involvement in the Scarfo organization. The FBI nonetheless still believes he remains in touch with current boss Steven Mazzone.


 |2014-12-10|     St. Louis Mafiaboss Anthony Parrino passes away
Anthony "Nino" Parrino, the 78-year old reputed boss of the St. Louis Mafia, passed away last week. Parrino had been active with the Teamsters labor union during the '60s and '70s while under the wing of then boss Anthony Giordano. Since the early 1980's he served as the consiglieri and after Gioradano's successor Matthew Trupiano was jailed, he became boss himself. During that period the St. Louis Mafia became independent from their long related Mafia brethren from Chicago and Detroit. The St. Louis Mafia had been dealing on a small scale ever since and with Parrino's passing could now face extinction.

 |2014-12-05|     Another murder hits Montreal
Monday, the 1st of December, after months of peace, Montreal was again the scene of a mob related rubout. Tonino Callocchia, a 53-year old construction entrepreneur with a vast criminal record including money laundering and drug trafficking, was shot and killed by two masked gunmen in a northwestern bistro. During the Rizzuto warfare he had been siding against Vito Rizzuto and already had escaped being killed once, but has now been caught nonetheless. Callocchia was called a "big player" in the Italian Mafia and was close to Joseph Di Maulo, who was murdered in November 2012.

 |2014-12-04|     Fears for new formed Mafia group in Italian capital
Citizens of Rome are stunned by the high levels of corruption that have been uncovered recently thanks to a couple of deep-digging prosecutors. It seems that for years now Rome has been the subject of an independent crime group with Mafia-like structures. For now prosecutors have dubbed it "Mafia Capitale", referring to Rome. The group has it's own "superboss"; a one-eyed fascist terrorist named Massimo Carminati, who is now 56-years old and was a former member of the far-right terror group NAR. He was arrested earlier this month along with 36 associates for setting up a vast criminal network that dominated the capital in the past ten years. They are being accused of money laundering, bribing, extortion and corruption, above all. They maintained close ties to several political figures in Rome who, in turn for monthly payoffs, granted favors. Former mayor Gianni Alemanno is one of the accused being investigated.

 |2014-11-20|     Net closing in on Matteo Messina Denaro
In Palermo police arrested 37-year old businessman Girolamo Bellomo, who had acted as an important henchman for fugitive Mafiaboss Matteo Messino Denaro. Interestingly, the suspect is also Denaro's brother-in-law. Investigators believe he helped to back Denaro financially while in hideout and took care of all sorts of mob related business ventures. Another 15 men linked to the suspect were taken in for questioning. In december last year police already arrested several affiliates and family members, including his sister Patrizia. Denaro has been a fugitive since 1993 and remains one of the most wanted men in Italy.
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 |2014-11-10|     Sons of former Montreal bigshot in disarray
Jimmy and Francesco Cotroni, sons of the deceased mob leader Frank Cotroni, found themselves on the opposite sides of court recently after one brother had burned down the house of the other. Prior to this rather peculiar case brother Jimmy didn't carry any lengthy criminal records but did however had a history of heavy drug abuse. In October 2013, while being high, he had visited the house of his brother Francesco which was under renovation back then, and for some reason had started a fire which ultimately ended up causing $200.000 in damage. He now faces a max term of 14 years in prison for arson and is forbidden to communicate with his brother during or after the trial. It is very likely that their relationship is thereby gone. Their father Frank and uncle Vic Cotroni led the Montreal underworld for more than 20 years until the rise of the Rizzuto clan.

 |2014-10-30|     President of Italy set to testify in Mafia trial
89-year old Giorgio Napolitano, the president of Italy, was recently questioned about purported negotiations between the state and the Mafia in order to stop terror attacks in the 1990's. Some of the questions asked came from the lawyer of none other than Salvatore Riina, the man responsible for numerous bombings and attacks. The president himself was not being accused of any wrongdoing, but was there as a witness. The main suspect in the case is former Minister of Interior Nicola Mancino, who is on trial for giving false testimonies concerning the 1993 Mafia bombings of several churches in Rome, the Uffizi museum in Florence and a Milan park. Back then, Mancino had presumably approached Mafia members to secretly grant some of their demands in return for peace.

 |2014-08-09|     Genovese capo arrested on racketeering conspiracy charges
Daniel Pagano, a 61-year old captain in the Genovese Family, has been indicted on racketeering charges. He was arrested in his home in Ramapo by the FBI. Prosecutors say he was leading an illegal gambling ring and passed off the money to the family leaders. He and associate Michael Palazzolo are also being charged of extortion to collect gambling debts. Pagano is best known for his involvement with civil rights activist Al Sharpton in a drug scheme back in the early 80's. A crime for which Sharpton till this day continues to deny his involvement. in 2003 his father-in-law, Vincent DeVito, was shot dead after he had stolen $100.000 from a local millionaire businessman. Pagano could faces a prison term of 20 years.

 |2014-08-02|     Enemy of Vito Rizzuto gunned down in Montreal
Last Friday gangleader Joseph Ducarne was shot and killed in the middle of a street in St-Michel, Montreal. Ducarme was the leader of the 67 gang, named after a bus route, that is affiliated with the Crips gang. During his life he was arrested multiple times for violence and assault. Earlier on, in 2010, assassins had failed to kill him during a shooting at his boutique. The shooting was believed to be a retaliation for the murder of Vito Rizzuto Jr., the son of Montreal Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto. Since then Ducarme was on a Mafia hitlist. Even after the passing of Rizzuto last year scores still got settled. It does prove that the Rizzuto war is far from over.

 |2014-06-23|     Massive sweep sheds new light on 105-year old murder case
Today Sicilian police arrested 95 reported members of the Cosa Nostra during operation "Apocalisse". Most of the accused men originate from the Palermo region and are being accused of extortion. Police also confiscated millions of euro's. The most revealing part however came from one of the suspects who was overheard talking to a friend on the phone. Unaware the police was listening in he told that his fathers uncle, Paolo Palazzotto, was in fact the one who murdered New York policeman Joseph Petrosino back in 1909. Until now the real killer was never revealed. The murder still remains one of the biggest events in Mafia history.

 |2014-05-26|     Jailed Casalesi boss shocks Camorrista by turning state witness
Antonio Iovine, one of four bigshots of the notorious Casalesi clan, is collaborating with investigators. He was arrested in 2010 after being on the run for several years. All four bosses are behind bars ever since, but until now none of them had turned state witness. Naples is trembling since the word got out that Iovine is talking. "He is someone who knows everything" said Roberto Saviano, bestselling author of Gamorrah. "The companies, big and small, who were born and prospered thanks to the flow of cash from Antonio Iovine, feel as if they're in a room whose walls are increasingly closing in." He added.

 |2014-05-02|     Colombo member sentenced to 50 years
Colombo mobster Dino “Little Dino” Saracino must have fainted when hearing the verdict; 50 years in prison! Saracino was suspected in the 1997 killing of NYPD police officer Ralph Dols, but was acquitted. The murder did however prompted him to be made into the Colombo family. The hit was ordered by then boss Joel Cacace out of jealousy since the cop had married his ex-wife. Saracino, who once stated that he could do a 20 year sentence and walk out with a smile, remained a free man until he was ratted out by two fellow mobsters; Dino Calabro and Joseph Competiello. After being sentenced for several counts of racketeering, he told the judge that he hoped that both men would receive a similar sentence.
(Source: nydailynews)

 |2014-04-26|     Toronto mobster gunned down
Months after the latest developments in the Rizzuto warfare, Canada was hit by another Mafia killing. Toronto criminal Carmine Verduci (57) was found dead on the parking lot outside the Regina Sports Café. Verduci was a member of the Calabrian section of the Canadian underworld and was an important contact between Toronto and Calabria. In 2008 Verduci was noticed in Southern Italy when he attended a meeting with several members of the 'Ndrangheta. From that point on police followed him and wiretapped his cellphone. After two years of investigation Italian prosecutors discovered the existence of 7 Calabrian crime groups in the Toronto area. Because of this the RCMP launched several arrest warrants against many of it's members which possibly could have sealed Verduci's fate. It is uncertain that the murder is related to the past violence concerning the Rizzuto family.

 |2014-03-13|     Former Genovese capo sentenced in 2003 murder case
Anthony “Bingy” Arillotta, a former capo turned rat, was sentenced to 99 months in prison for two murders: that of Massachusetts mob boss Adolfo Bruno and that of mob associate Gary Westerman. The killings had awarded him with the position of capo and cleared his way to lead the Springfield faction of the Genovese family. In 2010 he was arrested and charged with the murders of Bruno and Westerman but rapidly began to cooperate with investigators. He revealed the Bruno assassination plot and testified at the trials of Genovese acting boss Arthur “Artie” Nigro and loanshark Emilio Fusco, who were send straight to prison. Because of his cooperation he only received a minor sentence for his crimes.
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 |2014-02-11|     Large scale smugglenetwork unwrapped by Italian and American police
Today a joint operation between Italian and American police forces resulted in the arrest of about 26 suspected members of a massive drug network between South-America, the United States and Europe. A 2 year investigation had revealed important trafficking links between the New York Gambino family and the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta. In New York 8 members of the Gambino family were arrested. In the Gioia Tauro region of Italy police arrested 18 suspects during nightly raids in which several FBI-agents took part. According to investigators they smuggled cocaine from South America and transited it through the container port of Gioia Tauro in Calabria, hidden in cans of fruit. The charges range from mafia association to international drug trafficking and money laundering.

 |2014-01-24|     Bonanno mobster arrested for participating in 1978 Lufthansa heist
On December 11, 1978, a couple of armed gangsters broke into a safe-house at John F. Kennedy International airport and stole 5 million dollars in cash money and about 1 million dollars worth of jewelry belonging to German airliner Lufthansa. It was the biggest heist in American history. The money was never found and although no one was ever convicted of the crime, the FBI had reasons to believe that the operation had been planned by Jimmy Burke, an associate of the Lucchese family. For years detectives sought clear evidence, but were unable to find it. Now, 35 years later, police arrested a new suspect of the heist. Vincent Asaro, a leading member of the Bonanno family and an old confidant of Burke, who passed away in 1996, was arrested on robbery charges and conspiracy related to the heist. Asaro is also being charged with the 1969 murder of Paul Katz, who's body recently surfaced.

 |2014-01-20|     3-year old boy murdered in Mafia related takeout
Last Sunday police discovered three murdered and burned corpses in Cassano, Southern Italy. The victims had been missing since Friday. One was a 52-year old man named Joseph Iannicelli, another was his 27-year old girlfriend. But what shocked them the most, was that the killers had also murdered Iannicelli's 3-year old grandchild. The boy was living with his grandfather ever-since his parents had been arrested and jailed for drug-trafficking. Police suspects that the murders are related to a violent turf war between several clans. "In that area, the gangs , despite the heavy blows inflicted by the state, continue to sow terror and death." said the prosecutor of Catanzaro.


 |2013-12-27|     Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto dies
On monday, the 23th of December, Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto passed away following complications of lung cancer. He was 67. His death came to many as a surprise. Since 2009 the Rizzuto family is involved in a violent streetwar to which his father and son already fell victim. Rizzuto was released from prison in October, 2012, and from then on started to eliminate the ones who had double crossed him. However, prison had taken a toll on him and his health. It is likely that he already had appointed a successor. Nonetheless, with Rizzuto's passing the Canadian underworld has lost one of the most charismatic Mafialeaders the country had ever seen. With him, one might say, an era has died. Rizzuto will be buried next monday.
(Source: ", montrealgazette)

 |2013-12-20|     The Rizzuto war continues
Wednesday a 54-year old man named Roger Valiquette was murdered in the Laval suburb of Montreal. The victim was found next to his black Mercedes SUV on the parking lot of a restaurant. Police is searching for a Pontiac Montana minivan which contained three suspects. Valiquette was said to have been associated with Tonino Callocchia, a former ally of Vito Rizzuto. Valiquette himself was awaiting trial for death threats and possession of fire arms.

 |2013-12-19|     Former Colombo underboss Gennaro Langella dies
On December 15 former Colombo underboss Gennaro Langella passed away in a federal prison hospital in Springfield. Langella had been suffering from bad health for a couple of years. In 1986 he and seven other high profile Mafia members were trialed and sentenced in the "Commission trial", where all of them received 100-year sentences. Langella was 74 years old.

 |2013-12-03|     Rivals feed mobster to the pigs
In Reggio Calabria, Southern Italy, police arrested 20 men who are being accused for their involvement in several 'Ndrangheta related murders. One of their victims, Francesco Raccosta, a local clan leader, was beaten with a spade and finally was fed to the pigs while still alive. This was his punishment for killing rival clan leader Domenico Bonarrigo 11 days earlier. The crime dates back from March, 2012. Police, who had bugged the phone of one of the killers, heard how 24 year old Simone Pepe bragged to another mobster, telling him how he enjoyed to hear Raccosta shout and scream during the process of being eaten alive. "Someone said a few bits of him remained at the end of it all, but I couldn’t see anything, for me nothing remained at all. I said, wow, how a pig can eat" he added. Reason for all this is an ongoing turf war between several clans near the town of Oppido Mamertino. Police said this horrific deed proves just how cruel they really are.

 |2013-11-26|     Longtime Bonanno mobster Patrick DeFilippo dies in prison
Last Sunday former Bonanno capo Patrick DeFilippo passed away in federal prison, aged 74. DeFilippo had been arrested in 2006 for racketeering conspiracy and was sentenced to life imprisonment. During his last few years he suffered from bad health and heart failure. DeFilippo became a significant member of the Bonanno family under leadership of boss Joe Massino. He led a Bronx based crew and was also the one to introduce Vincent Basciano into the family. In 1999 he was responsible for the murder of Gerlando Sciascia, a murder which caused frictions between the Bonanno family and Montreal based Rizzuto family.

 |2013-11-18|     The Rizzuto war
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 |2013-11-12|     Montreal mobster Moreno Gallo murdered
Moreno Gallo, once a close confidant of Vito Rizzuto, was murdered last Sunday in an Italian restaurant in Acapulco, Mexico. The murder occurred on the exact same day as when family patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto was killed three years ago. The 68 year old Gallo was deported from Canada in early 2012 due to his mob ties and had moved to sunny Acapulco ever since. In the meantime Gallo was lobbying with Canadian authorities for his return. Gallo was considered to be a member of the rival fraction which fought the battered Rizzuto family for control. It is presumable that Gallo had foreknowledge of the assassination of Nicolo Rizzuto back in 2010 and now has been punished for his deeds.

 |2013-11-07|     Italy launches Mafialeaks website
In Italy a new initiative to capture Mafia members was launched in the form of a website. This site, called Mafialeaks, lets people "leak" information about the whereabouts or crimes of reputed mobsters in their neighborhood. The website promises to protect the identities of anyone wanting to inform. By use of this website the creators hope that victims or ex-criminals, who are still to afraid of talking, will finally feel safe enough to speak. However, the government also had concerns about the project because Mafiosi themselves could also deliver false information to confuse investigators. Either how, it could be a step in the right direction.

 |2013-10-30|     Gambino members sentenced in illegal gambling ring
Richard Uva and Victor Amereno, two alleged members of the Gambino family, have been sentenced for their part in a large scale gambling operation in Fairfield County, Connecticut. They helped supervise a network of sports bookmakers in the area which grossed about $1.7 million between 2010 and 2011. Both are closely affiliated with capo Dean DePreta, who was sentenced earlier to 6 years for his role in the operation. The FBI was able to bring them down by use of wire taps.

 |2013-09-26|     Former Cosa Nostra chieftain most likely to be extradited
After nearly 20 years of absence it seems likely that Domenico Randacore, nicknamed "the teacher", will be returning home. Randacore was the boss of the Trabia clan in northern Sicily, until 1993 that is, when he left everything behind and moved to a small suburb of Uxbridge in the UK. There he took the alias Marc Skinner and ran a travel agency. Together with his wife and daughter the former mob boss managed to live a quiet and comfortable life. His arrest early last month changed all that. The British Justice department had learned that Skinner actually was Domenico Randacore, a man who used to ran a violent branch of the Cosa Nostra and once firebombed a priests car. He has been sought of for several years for criminal association and could face up to 7 years in prison. Upon his arrest he told officers that he won't be going back to Sicily, because "they would kill me". He will have to wait until November to hear the verdict.

 |2013-09-24|     Wife and cousin of Nicky Scarfo Jr plead guilty
It's not until October for Nicky Scarfo Jr. to go on trial, but what is certain is that his wife an cousin will not be joining him. Both have pleaded guilty yesterday for their involvement in the FirstPlus Financial scheme. Nicky Scarfo, who ran the scam, tried to siphon over $12 million dollars from the Texas based company. His wife, Lisa Marie, admitted that she conspired to defraud a mortgage lender so she could buy a $715.000 home in Egg Harbor Township. Both his wife and cousin, John Parisi, could face 5 years in prison. Nicky Scarfo Jr. is the son of former Philadelphia boss Nicky Scarfo Sr., who is sitting behind bars since 1987.

 |2013-08-12|     Whitey bulger found guilty to multiple murder
The former runaway leader of the Winter Hill Gang in Boston faces life in prison after a jury decided he is guilty of committing 11 murders. The 83 year old Bulger didn't show any emotion when hearing the verdict. Bulger, who ruled the Boston underworld during the 70's and 80's, caused controversy when it was revealed that he had secretly helped the FBI in return for permission to continue his criminal affairs. He became one of the nations most wanted criminals after he disappeared in 1994. He was finally caught in California, 2011.

 |2013-07-26|     Up to 100 people arrested during anti-Mafia raid in Italy
Italian police arrested more than 100 people after a large scale operation near Rome and Calabria. About 500 police officers took part in the swoop. In Rome the main focus lay with 3 clans while in Calabria the police focused on the 'Ndrangheta stronghold of Catanzaro. Amongst the arrested men are businessmen, lawyers, local politicians and medical doctors. One of the arrested businessmen is a boardmember of Lamezia Terme airport. About 200 million euro's were immediately confiscated.

 |2013-07-08|     'Ndrangheta clanleader arrested in Colombia
A cooperation between the Colombian ministry and the DEA led to the arrest of Roberto Pannunzi, a major clanleader of the Calabrian based 'Ndrangheta. He was captured in capital city Bogota and was deported on the 6th of July. Italian anti-mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri called 65-year old Pannunzi the “Pablo Escobar of Italy”. Pannunzi is considered to be one of the biggest drugdealers in the world, being able of supplying countries with tons of cocaine per month. A couple of weeks back another 'Ndrangheta member, Domenico Trimboli, was arrested in Medellin.

 |2013-06-19|     Sopranos star James Gandolfini dies aged 51
Famous actor James Gandolfini died today after suffering a massive heart attack while vacationing in Rome, Italy. He was partly in the country to visit the annual Toarmina film fest in Sicily. He was only 51 years old. Gandolfini played in several movies and was widely known for his role as Tony Soprano in the hitseries "The Sopranos", which lasted from 1999 until 2007. Gandolfini leaves a wife and two children behind.

 |2013-06-15|     Bonanno family choses new acting boss
In an effort to reestablish the Bonanno family into it's old glory the family leadership has reputedly chosen a new acting boss. The man they have chosen is Thomas DiFiore, a 70 year old mobster living in Long Island. During the 1970's DiFiore was part of a crew led by capo Philip Giaccone, who was murdered in 1981. A couple of years later DiFiore himself was promoted as a capo and handled most of his activities in Long Island. In June 2000 DiFiore was indicted on charges of extortion alongside 7 other members from both the Gambino and Bonanno family. Since his release a couple of years back DiFiore maintained a low profile and is now believed to be the new acting boss.

 |2013-06-10|     Murder victims relatives recieve restitution from former Chicago bigshot
Years after the gruesome dead of several mob victims their relatives will finally receive payback from the ones responsible. Frank Calabrese Sr., a Chicago Outfit capo who was sentenced to life after the 2007 Family Secrets Trial, was found guilty for being part in as much as 13 murders. Now the families will receive a total of 1,7 million dollars, taken from assets belonging to Calabrese Sr., who passed away on Christmas day last year. Back in 2010 federal agents found a secret compartment in his house which contained several boxes of expensive jewelry and about 644.000 dollars in cash.

 |2013-05-26|     Thousands of people attend beatification of Sicilian anti-Mafia priest
Tens of thousands of people gathered at the Foco Italico Umberto I park in Palermo to witness the beatification of priest Pino Puglisi, who was murdered by the Mafia 20 years ago. Pope Francis called him a martyr in the battle against crime. Puglisi was a Roman Catholic priest in the Palermo neighborhood of Brancaccio where he openly challenged the Mafia. He pleaded for youngsters to stay on the right path and refused to take any money from Mafia members on traditional feast celebrations. His constant battle ultimately cost him his life on September 15, 1993, when he was killed in front of the church. His murder was ordered by Giuseppe Graviano, a close associate of the Corleonesi.

 |2013-05-10|     Bonanno associate linked to billion dollar drug-trafficking ring
Alleged Bonanno associate John "Big Man" Venizelos pleaded guilty to drug-trafficking charges for his role in an international narcotics network. The 33 year old Venizelos was active as a Staten Island based distributor, prosecutors said. During a raid last year at his house police found 150.000$ in drug proceeds, a loaded Glock 23 semiautomatic handgun and a shotgun. He was released on a 1,5 million dollar bail in November, but will be facing new charges. It is possible he will be sentenced to life behind bars. Leader of the massive drugnetwork is believed to be Montreal drugkingpin Jimmy Cournoyer, a close associate of Vito Rizzuto and the Hell's Angels. From 2002 on he and his henchmen formed a cartel that since then have smuggled large amounts of marijuana into the United Stated valued at approximately 1 billion dollars. Money which was then used to buy cocaine from the Mexican Sinaloa cartel. Cournoyer lived the flashy lifestyle, driving around in a Bugatti Veyron and dating Brazilian top model Amelia Racine, who also happened to be an accomplice. Cournoyer was caught in 2012 after stepping off a jet plane in Mexico.

 |2013-04-16|     Investigators find new clues in Giovanni Falcone murder
It's been almost 21 years ago since the Italian people heard the devastating news that Giovanni Falcone, a courageous judge who fought the Mafia, was murdered. To this day Falcone and fellow judge Paolo Borsellino, who was murdered several months later, are treated as national heroes. It was May 23, 1992, when half a ton of explosives was detonated underneath the main road in the city of Capaci. At that exact moment the Falcone convoy was passing by. Three people were instantly killed that day, being Falcone, his wife and a bodyguard. In the aftermath several Cosa Nostra members, all linked to the violent Corleonesi, were arrested and trialed for the murder, but there were still doubts about the involvement of others. New clues, given by informants, point out that members of the Brancaccio clan were also involved. Eight new arrest-warrants were handed out against Mafiosi, from which most of them are already behind bars. Amongst them are Brancaccio clanleader Salvo Madonia en Cosimo D'Amato, a Sicilian fisherman who was arrested last year on suspicion to have helped organize the 1993 and 1994 bombings of Firenze, Milan and Rome, at a time when the Mafia was terrorizing the country.

 |2013-04-03|     Police seizes a staggering 1,7 billion dollars in assets from Sicilian businessman
Italian police has confiscated a record total of 1,7 billion dollars in assets from 57 year old businessman Vito Nicastri. The Sicilian businessman, also known as "Lord of the wind", is a successful entrepreneur and prominent renewable energy developer. The confiscated goods include 43 companies, all sorts of shares, about 100 buildings and 66 bank accounts. The investigations started in 2010 when police already froze a large part of Nicastri's assets. The Italian renewable energy industry is known to have been infiltrated by the Sicilian Mafia and Nicastri is suspected of having close ties to wanted Sicilian mob boss Matteo Messina Denaro, who has been on the run since 1993.

 |2013-03-05|     Police arrests 20 'Ndrangheta members in Southern Italy
Today police nabbed 20 men belonging to the 'Ndrangheta and confiscated about 450 million euros worth of goods and real estate. The men are presumed to be part of the Morabito and Aquino clans, and were primarily active in the tourist industry in the Calabria region. Their main goal was to launder money through the construction of holiday villages and luxury hotels. Amongst the arrested men were crime boss Rocco Morabito, two Spanish associates and one British man, believed to be a former IRA militant.
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 |2013-01-28|     New views on Montreals Mafiawar
The homecomming of Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto hasn't changed a thing as violence still erupts in the city. Experts now believe that Rizzuto has begun to take revenge. At least 2 men have been murdered since his release. Both victims, Gaetan Gosselin and Joseph Di Maulo, were relatd to Raynald Dujardins, who is currently on trial for murder. Although Dujardins was a close associate of the Rizzuto's, it is believed he was the one who has targeted the Rizzuto family since 2009 in order to take control. In the last couple of years several leading figures of the organization have been murdered, including the former acting boss of the Bonanno family, Salvatore Montagna, who was believed to have tried to mediate between both factions.


 |2012-12-13|     Sicilian mob boss arrested in Bali
Last Friday Italian and Indonesian law enforcements combined forces to arrest 40 year old Antonino Messicati Vitale on Bali. By bugging telephones and surveying his associates the police discovered that the reputed leader of the Villalba Maffia was hiding in Indonesia. He was staying in a luxurious residence near the town of Kuta, where he is believed to have lived for several months. Since April Messicati Vitale was wanted for murder, human trafficking and arms trading. In the next few days he will be extradited to Italy to face trial. Messicati Vitale was born into the Mafia. His father Pietro was murdered in July 1988 in Bagheria.

 |2012-12-06|     Camorra member shot dead at kindergarten
Yesterday a 50 year old man, Luigi Lucenti, was shot dead on the courtyard of a kindergarten school after being chased by 2 assassins. Luckily the children were inside the building when the killing occured. They were rehearsing Christmas songs. The victim has been charged with drug dealing and other crimes in the past so was no stranger to the police. The town of Scampia, in the suburbs of Naples, has been plagued by Camorra violence for a long time.

 |2012-11-06|     New murder hits Montreal Mafia
Last sunday the Montreal police discovered the dead body of Joseph Di Maulo outside his home in Blainville. Di Maulo was the brother-in-law of Raynald Desjardins, an influencial associate of the battered Rizzuto family. He has been a member of organized crime for a long time and was part of the Cotroni gang during the '50s before the Rizzuto's took charge. Di Maulo, who was born in Italy, was 70 years old. The murder occured just a month after Vito Rizzuto was released from prison.

 |2012-10-06|     Last of Casalesi bosses arrested
Massimo Di Caterino, the last of the runaway Casalesi bosses, was arrested today in a fortified bunker near Naples. The bunker was hidden after a shower in a house in Francolise. The 40 year old Di Caterino, nicknamed "Pistuolo", was armed and had about 10.000 euro's with him. He was on the run since March 2010.

 |2012-08-24|     Public beach scene of a Camorra execution
Yesterday a gunman shot and killed Scissionisti clan leader Gaetano Marino while he was leaving a beach in Terracina, in Central Italy. Marino was heading towards a hotel where his family was staying on vacation. The 48 year old Camorra leader was hit with several bullets, including 4 shots to the head. The shots fired caused panic on the crowded beach while the gunman fled in a grey car. Years ago Marino led a revolting crew during a turf war against the Di Lauro clan. He was nicknamed "Moncherino", or stump, after he lost both hands due to a bomb which went of too early. Recently Marino was seen on national television sitting in the front row during a singing performance of his 12 year old daughter. His public appearance created turmoil amongst the Italian citizens.

 |2012-08-17|     Camorra boss arrested
Today police arrested fugitive Camorra boss Francesco Matrone, who was on the run since 2007. Matrone, 65, was sentenced to 2 life sentences in absentia for double homicide but went on the run. Now, after 5 years of hiding, police caught him in the city of Battipaglia, in Southern Italy. He is the boss of the Matrone Clan and was listed amongst the 9 most dangerous criminals in Italy.
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 |2012-08-16|     The success of Italian crime fighters
According to the ministry of Internal affairs the Italian state has confiscated more than 4 billion euros of goods from Organized Crime last year. About 2000 gangmembers were arrested. Amongst the confiscated goods were houses, appartments, luxury cars and yachts. In Sicily goods worth up to 1,6 billion euro's were confiscated and in Campania (Camorra territory) and Calabria ('Ndrangheta territory) about 2,8 billion euro's. The 2000 arrested men included 18 from Italy's most wanted list. How many of those arrested continue to be in jail, is however not known.

 |2012-06-26|     Police arrests Camorra "Godmother" in Napels
In the latest war effort against the Camorra Italian police arrested 46 year old Raffaella D'Alterio, identified as the current leader of the Pianese-D'Alterio clan. She allegedly took over the reins of the crime group after her husband, Nicola Pianese, was murdered by rivals 6 years ago. She herself became victim of a shooting 3 years later, but survived. Together with 65 other suspects the blonde widow got arrested after a series of armed raids. In mob circles she is known as "A miciona", translated "The big female kitten".

 |2012-06-13|     Henry Hill dies aged 69
Notorious wiseguy Henry Hill is no more. He passed away yesterday at a hospital in Los Angeles, a day after his 69th birthday. According to his girlfriend Lisa he died due to long time smoking and related heart problems. Hill was an associate of the Lucchese Family during the 60's and 70's and was close to capo Paul Vario. He was largely involved in drugtrafficking until he got arrested in 1980 and descided to become a federal witness. After sending his former palls to jail he entered the witness protection program but got expeled 10 years later due to drug related offences. In recent years he made frequent TV appearances and opened his own restaurant called "Wiseguys". Hill was made famous after the 1990 hit film Goodfellas, which was based on the 1986 bestselling book "Wiseguy" by Nicholas Pileggi.

 |2012-05-19|     Bombexplosion in Brindisi kills 16 year old girl
Saturdaymorning the Southern Italian city of Brindisi was shocked by a sudden loud bang. The explosion occured at the entrance of the Morvillo Falcone school where students were ready to enter the building for their morning lessons. A 16 year old girl was killed and several others were injured. The bomb was placed in a blue rubbish container used for paper recycling. The school is named after judge Giovanni Falcone and his wife Francesca Morvillo, who were killed by the Mafia in 1992. The school was preparing the 20th anniversary of their murder. The police brought in two men for questioning, one being an ex-military, but is doubtfull about their possible ties to the Mafia. The attack has shocked Italy. In cities such as Rome, Bologna, Naples and Milan thousands of people protested against the Mafia and terrorism.

 |2012-05-11|     Bernardo Provenzano tries to commit suicide in his cel
Last Wednsday night former Cosa Nostra boss Bernardo Provenzano tried to suffocate himself in his prison cel in Parma. A prisonguard noticed Provenzano lying on the ground with a plastic bag over his face. He is being held in a maximum-security prison and is under constant surveillance. His life is not in danger, but the guards don't have a clue on how he got hold of a plastic bag. Provenzano is also suffering from bad health. He has been diagnosed with cancer and also has Parkinson disease.

 |2012-03-19|     16 judges arrested after latest Camorra sweep
Today police arrested 47 people in Southern Italy (Campania region) and Northern Italy (Lombardy region). They have also confiscated goods worth up to a billion euros including many accounts, buildings and vehicles. The police found out a network of false billing for money-laundering which later reached banks in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Most of the men arrested are associated with the Fabbrocino clan, which is highly active in the city of Nola and the Vesuvius area around Naples. Amongst the arrested men are also as much as 16 judges who all work in the tax department. The arrest is an effort to dismantel the clan from it's members and associates. They are all accused of criminal association, several of them also face charges for money laundring and corruption. Leader of the clan, Mario Fabbrocino, has been jailed since 1997 and was a former rival of Rafaelle Cutolo, whom's son he had killed in 1990.

 |2012-03-12|     Mob rat Nicky Skins commits suicide
Mob prosecutors are currently scratching their heads since turncoat Nicholas "Nicky Skins" Stefanelli committed suicide. Police found Stefanelli dead on Februari 26 in a New Jersey hotel. The 69 year old mobster, who was a member of the Gambino family, had spent his 2 last years wearing a wire. However, it didn't stop him from committing crime. Just days before his suicide he murdered businessman Joseph Rossi Sr. who'm he blamed for the 2010 drug arrest which caused him to become an informant. Although their star witness is now gone, prosecutors will try to use his tape recordings in court. On trial will be Philadelphia boss Joseph Ligambi and former New England boss Luigi Manocchio. In the meanwhile police has also arrested one Jose Rivera, an associate of Stefanelli who is believed to have accompanied him in the Rossi murder.

 |2012-03-07|     Camorra chief arrested in Spain
Yesterday police arrested Giuseppe Polverino, boss of a Camorra clan near Naples, and his associate Raffaele Vallefuoco in the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera. The 53 year old Polverino was on the run since 2006. He is charged with leading a large drugoperation, mainly hashes, between Spain and Italy. Last year in May police confiscated assets of the Polverino clan worth up to a billion euros and arrested 36 of his associates, including 2 partymembers of Silvio Berlusconi's PdL.

 |2012-02-10|     Fierce Mafia killer arrested in Belgium
Gaetano Trainito, wanted for drug charges, weapon charges, 14 murders and 7 murder attempts, was arrested yesterday in Belgium. Trainito, nicknamed "The Glass Eye", was already nailed once back in 2001 and was sentenced to life 2 years later. However, in 2011 he was permitted to attend his mothers funeral where he took off and ran to Belgium, where his wife and son lived. Since then Italian police issued an international warrant against the 49 year old Trainito. Yesterday, whilst drinking a beer in a local bar, he was arrested by Belgian and Italian policemen. He will be transferred back to his prison cell in Padua in a short while, where he will stay until at least 2024.

 |2012-01-29|     Police arrests Bonanno acting boss
On counts of extortion, racketeering, conspiracy, drug dealing and others police arrested 5 Staten Island men. Vincent Badalamenti, the 53 year old acting boss of the Bonanno family, and captain Nicholas Santora, who was recently released after being jailed 15 years, were amongst the arrested men. Others were acting captain Vito Balsamo, soldier Anthony Calabrese and Gambino associate James LaForte. One of the charges dates back to 1999, when Badalamenti ordered a hostile takeover of a Brooklyn bar after it's owner failed to pay a debt. If convicted each can face up to 20 years.

 |2012-01-19|     Retired policeman commits suicide after being exposed as a Mafia Mol
Yesterday police discovered the dead body of 33 year old Ian Davidson in a hotel room in Laval, Quebec. Davidson was a retired member of the Montreal police who according to Radio Canada had tried to sell a stolen list of informants to the Mafia for a 6-figure sum, but without success. He was only one of 3 men who got access to that list. His plans didn't went unnoticed and Tuesday he was informed that his name and intentions were going to be made public. In October 2011 he was already arrested once at the airport on suspicion of stealing sensitive police information, but was released again not much later. Davidson allegedly took his own life out of fear of a lengthy prison sentence.

 |2012-01-05|     Moreno Gallo deported to Italy
After many efforts to fight for his stay in Canada, 66 year old mobster Moreno Gallo lost his battle against deportation and was escorted back yesterday to his native Italy. Gallo had entered Canada in 1954 where he would remain for the next 57 years, until now. He is considered to be a head of the Montreal based Rizzuto clan.


 |2011-12-26|     Is Jimmy Hoffa buried in the foundations of GM headquarters?
Has one of America's most mysterious disappearances been solved? According to Jimmy Hoffa's former driver, Marvin Elkind, it has. In a new book by Adrian Humphreys he claims that Hoffa's body was buried in the cement foundations of the General Motors Headquarters in Detroit, a building which was constructed around that time. Jimmy Hoffa was the boss of the largest union in America, the Teamsters, and was known for having close ties to the Mafia. It was no secret that the Mafia was behind his disappearance, but since he went missing in 1975 the police has been unable to pin a suspect to the crime. Elkind said that mobsters Anthony Giacalone and Tony Provenzano were the ones who had him killed. During a Teamsters conference in 1985, Elkind, Giacalone and a couple of others were walking towards the GM building when Giacalone nodded toward the tower’s base and said, "Say good morning to Jimmy Hoffa, boys". Both Giacalone and Provenzano are long gone since then, but it could be a final breakthrough in this illusive 40 year old crime.

 |2011-12-21|     Six men arrested for the murder of Salvatore Montagna
The Canadian police has arrested 6 men for the murder of former Bonanno leader Salvatore Montagna, who was killed nearly 4 weeks ago. The prime suspect in the case is 59 year old Raynald Desjardins, noted to be a close associate of jailed Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto. His arrest in the case feeds speculations that the Bonanno family indeed had a hand in the recent attacks against the Rizzuto family.

 |2011-12-07|     Police arrests Casalesi boss Michele Zagaria
Italian police has succeeded in the arrest of 53y old Michele Zagaria, the nr. 1 man of the Casalesi Clan. He was found hiding in an underground bunker underneath a house near the city of Naples. He has been on the run since 1995 and has been sentenced in absentia to 3 life sentences. After his arrest policemen all over Caserta celebrated. In May this year police also arrested Mario Caterino, another important Casalesi leader. The Casalesi Syndicate is conscidered to be the most dangerous Camorra clan in Italy and has an estimated annual turnover of €30 billion.

 |2011-11-26|     Body of Salvatore Montagna found in Repentigny, Montreal
Last Thursday police discoverd the body of Salvatore Montagna in a river north of Montreal. His body was lying in snow on a small island near Repentigny. The 40 year old Montagna was born in Montreal but grew up in Sicily. At age 15 he moved to America where he became the acting boss of the Bonanno family. In 2009 however he was deported back to Canada after he refused to testify before a grand jury on illegal gambling. In Montreal he was believed to have been involved with the Rizzuto Family, which has been dealing with several murders eversince.

 |2011-11-21|     Italy convicts 110 'Ndrangheta members after major trial
A major trial against 119 suspected members of the 'Ndrangheta has come to an end last Saturday. The trial started about 5 months ago in Milan and has now resulted in the conviction of 110 people. 'Ndrangheta leaders Alessandro Manno and Cosimo Barranca, both active in the Milan area, received the most lengthy sentences being respectively 16 and 14 years. Another leader, Pasquale Zappia, was sentenced to 12 years. The trial marked an important victory in the fight against organized crime.

 |2011-11-03|     Nicodemo Scarfo Jr. arrested for extortion
Nicodemo Scarfo Jr, son of former Philadelphia boss Nicodemo Scarfo Sr., was arrested Tuesday at his home on racketeering and fraud charges. With him another 12 men were charged. Police suspects the men of taking over a Texas based mortgage company, FirstPlus Financial Group Inc., through extortion. The scheme started in April 2007, not long after Scarfo Jr. was released from prison. Amongst the conspirators is also Texas attorney William Maxwell. One of their methods was to blame board members for frauding and threatened them with lawsuits. They eventually replaced them with one of their own. Other methods were a bit more direct, for example when Salvatore Pelullo threatened a board member by saying "If you ever rat, your wives will be f**ked… and your kids will be sold off as prostitutes.” The scheme alledgedly cost the company and it's shareholders about $12 million. Money which was used to support their lavish livestyle. Pullelo for example drove a Bentley and Scarfo had bought a yacht worth $850.000. The company itself has recently filled for bankruptcy.

 |2011-10-27|     Rizzuto associate murdered in St. Laurent
Monday night 40 year old Lorenzo "Larry" LoPresti was shot and killed on the balcony of the first floor of a condo in St. Laurent, Montreal. LoPresti was associated with the Rizzuto family and was the son of Joe LoPresti, who was murdered in 1992. He grew up in "Mafia Row", a street in the upper class Saraguay district where several mobsters lived next to eachother. LoPresti was said to have been a drugtrafficker and was close to Agostino Cuntrera, who was also murdered last year.

 |2011-10-26|     Fugitve mob boss never left home
Giovanni Arena, a leading member from the Nitto Santapaolo clan, was arrested today after being on the lam for 18 years. In 1993 he was sentenced to life for the murder of Maurizio Romeo , a member of the rival Ferrera clan, 4 years earlier. All that time he succeeded in staying hidden for police and avoiding arrest. After searching for 18 years they did however found him, at his own home in Catania. Police say that his family, consisting out of 9 children, helped in forming their father into a ghost. To do so they had build a hidden space in the closet. Most of his children are also involved in Mafia business. When he got arrested Arena reputidly mokked the agents saying: "Good, but I was here for 20 years".

 |2011-10-11|     Woman who led Feds to Whitey Bulger in danger?
$2 million was the reward for the person who could give crucial information about one of America's most notorious fugitives, Whitey Bulger. For years he and his girlfriend, Catherine Grieg, were on the run for the law until they met a woman named Anna Bjornsdottir. The former Miss Iceland 1974 lived next door to Bulger in Santa Monica, California, and was familiar with the couple. When Anna returned to Iceland and watched a CNN newsreport about Bulger she immediatly recognized her Santa Monica neighbour. She tipped the FBI who then captured him in June, making her an instant millionair. However, since The Boston Globe published her name in an article her life could be in danger. Although Bulger is 82 years old he will always remain a vicious murderer and may still have gangland contacts.

 |2011-09-20|     Giuseppe Calascibetta murdered
Yesterday evening the dead body of 60 year old Giuseppe Calascibetta was found near his home in Palermo. He was killed by a bomb which had exploded at close range and was also hit by several bullets. Calascibetta was the former boss of the Santa Maria Di Gesù clan and was one of the men who was involved in the 1992 murder of magistrate Paolo Borsellino. He was arrested for criminal association in 1998 and was freed again in 2008. Police believes his murder is the beginning of a new Mafia war.

 |2011-08-22|     Informer commits suicide in Calabria
Rather than being under police protection 31 year old Maria Concetta Cacciola committed suicide after becomming a federal witness. Many of her relatives are part of the 'Ndrangheta including her father, who is the brother-in-law of Gregorio Bellocco, the boss of the Rosamo area. The Bellocco clan is conscidered to be one of the most powerfull 'Ndrangheta organisations in Italy. She was held in a secret location by the police but they couldn't prevent her from taking her own life. She apparently locked herself up in the bathroom where she took a deadly dose of acid.

 |2011-08-05|     Jailed Camorra boss loses assets worth €110 million
As the carabinieri continues it's war against the Camorra, they have now seized assets worth up to €110 million from jailed Camorra leader Salvatore Belforte. The assets include several appartments, a massive 4.000 square villa and a couple of businesses. Belforte, 50, runs the Belforte clan together with his brother Domenico and has close ties to the Casalesi clan. Police has also arrested Salvatore's wife Concetta, his sister-in-law Maria Buttone and his nephew Camillo. Both Domenico and Salvatore are allready serving lenghty prison sentences but still send out orders to the outside. During the 80's they were once alligned with Raffaele Cutolo before switching to the Casalesi's.

 |2011-07-23|     €40 million in assets seized from jailed Camorra boss
Yesterday police seized assets and cash worth up to €40 million from jailed Camorra boss Francesco Bidognetti. Bidognetti was a leading member of the Casalesi Clan and is jailed since 1993. Amongst his assets were 11 construction businesses and a shopping mall. Bidognetti's wife, Anna Carrino, frequently smuggled messages from the outside to her husband during her visits until she got arrested in 2007.

 |2011-07-17|     Italian minister of agriculture accused for mafia links
Minister of agriculture, Francesco Saverio Romano, is the headliner in Italy's latest political scandal. Prosecutors in Sicily have accused him for having ties to the Cosa Nostra. Romano ‘put his position at the disposal of Cosa Nostra, contributing to the organization’s criminal plan aimed at gaining power and influence over political and administrative institutions.’ prosecutor Nino Di Matteo wrote. Romano, who was selected as minister by Silvio Berlusconi and has been a member of the parliament for over a decade, denied all charges. Currently it is not certain if there will be a trial, but members of the centre-left opposition have demanded for him to resign.

 |2011-06-23|     Gun of Al Capone sold for nearly $110.000 in London.
A Colt .38 which once belonged to Chicago crimelord Al Capone was sold at Christie's Auction House for $109,080. The buyer, who prefers to stay anonymous, also recieved a note with it from Madeleine Capone Morichetti, the widow of Capone's brother Ralph, as prove the gun is authentical. The weapon was manufactured in May 1929, not long after the infamous Valentines Day Massacre.

 |2011-06-23|     FBI catches Whitey Bulger!
Weeks after Osama Bin Ladens death the FBI can again remove a name from their 10 Most Wanted list, Whitey Bulger. Over the years there have been several spottings of Bulger in countries such as Italy and Ireland, and now came a tip that he was hiding out in California. A recent campaign to catch Bulger possibly led to the prime information the FBI was hoping for. The 81 year old Bulger was arrested together with his 60 year old girlfriend Catherine Greig, who was travelling by his side eversince he became a fugitive in 1995. The former gangster from Boston is being held responsible for 19 murders. The FBI had placed a reward of $2 million above his head, the highest price ever for a fugitive. In 2000 and 2005 there allready had been spottings of him and his girlfriend in California, but everytime the trail ran cold. William Bulger, his brother and former president of the state senate, hadn't much to say when a reporter knocked on his door to inform him about the arrest.

 |2011-06-08|     Police arrests 140 suspected 'Ndrangheta members after new sweep
Today Italian police arrested more than 140 suspected 'Ndrangheta members and associates for crimes ranging from fraud to extortion. About 1300 police officers took part in the operation which was spread over cities such as Milan, Modena and Reggio Calabria. Amongst the arrested men are also local politicians. In the historical city of Turin police confiscated land, villas and bank accounts for a total sum of $100 million. Operation Minotaur was made possible after 4 years of research and is conscidered a success in the fight against the 'Ndrangheta. To this day the criminal organisation is still making billions of dollars a year through weapons and drugtrafficking.

 |2011-05-25|     Police arrests Camorra boss in Varcaturo
Today police arrested Camorra boss Giuseppe Dell’Aquila at his fortified villa in Varcaturo. Dell'Aquila was a leader of the Mallardo and Contini clans, which is largely involved in the construction industry along the coastline from Naples to Rome. In 2009 he nearly avoided arrest when he jumped off his yacht in the gulf of Naples during a police raid and took off swimming. Now, 2 years later, he is finally captured after being on the run for about 9 years. Dell'Aquila is described as being one of Italy's most dangerous criminals. According to turncoat Salvatore Giuliano he is also a fierce killer, "who committed around a hundred murders". The charges against Dell'Aquila however do not include homicide.

 |2011-05-09|     'Ndrangheta infiltrates TNT Express
Police has revealed that over the past few years the 'Ndrangheta succeeded in infiltrating Dutch post delivery group TNT Express in Northern Italy. Through managers they controlled TNT's parcel delivery operations in the Lombardy region, surrounding Milan. The Italian Justice Department has temporarily taken over 4 TNT warehouses in Milan, which were believed to be under the influence of the 'Ndrangheta.

 |2011-05-03|     Police arrests nr 2 man of Casalesi Clan
Yesterday police succeeded in the arrest of Mario Caterino, the reputed nr 2 man of the Casalesi Clan. Caterino was a fugitive since 2005 and got arrested in a house in Casal di Principe, located only 500 meters from the police station. The nr 1 man, Michele Zagaria, is still at large.

 |2011-04-13|     Joseph Massino testifies against Vinny Gorgeous
Yesterday former Bonanno boss Joseph Massino testified against his successor Vincent Basciano, who is on trial for murder. “He said he was a scumbag, a rat, a troublemaker, a bad kid” said 68y old Massino when explaining Basciano's motives for murdering Randolph Pinzollo. It was also Massino who secretly taped several conversation with Basciano years back which led to his arrest. Massino, who was the boss of the Bonanno family for nearly 15 years, is the highest leveled turncoat in Mob history. The old bosses are turning in their graves, so much for Omerta...

 |2011-04-04|     Former acting boss of Genovese family found guilty to murder
Arthur "Artie" Nigro, the former Bronx based acting boss of the Genovese family, was found guilty to murder after a 3 week trial in New York. Nigro was convicted with 2 mobassociates from Springfield for the 2003 murder of Adolfo Bruno, who'm they suspected of cooperating with the FBI. They were also found guilty to several other charges such as murder conspiracy and extortion. All 3 of them are facing several life sentences.

 |2011-03-23|     Vincent Basciano was a victim of child abuse
The upcomming death penalty trial for former Bonanno boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano has brought to light that he was a victim of child abuse. He was frequently beaten by his father Jerry, who was mostly under the influence of alcohol. His lawyers have informed federal prosecutors of their plans to raise the issue as a mitigating factor against his execution. Disregarding the child abuse, Basciano did maintain a good relation with his father at an older age and has made efforts so his sons would remain in contact with their grandfather. Basciano is facing the death penalty for the 2004 murder of Randolph Pizzolo. It however seems that he will avoid the sentence afterall since last year a judge stated that sentencing him to death would be to expensive.

 |2011-03-08|     Police arrests several 'Ndrangheta members around the world
Today police performed a grand scale operation against the 'Ndrangheta in Australia, Canada, Germany and Italy. A total of 41 men were arrested, amongst wo'm was Antonio Vallelonga, the former mayor of Stirling, Australia. The countries in which the men were arrested prove that the 'Ndrangheta has spread all over the world, shedding a light into it's expanded structure.

 |2011-02-13|     Camorra leader arrested in Brazil
Last Thuesday Brazilian police arrested Francesco Salzone after the supreme court in Naples had demanded for his extradition. He is suspected of ordering 3 murders in 2009. Salzone, who is a member of the feared Casalesi clan, entered Brazil in May last year. After being a fugitive for 3 months he was eventually arrested in the city of Fortaleza, in Northern Brazil.

 |2011-02-01|     Rizzuto associate murdered in his house
Last monday the body of Antonio Di Salvo, 44, was discovered in his Montreal home. He had been shot through the head at least once. Di Salvo was a close associate of Rizzuto members Francesco Del Balso and Francesco Arcadi, who are both serving lenghty prison sentences. In 1990 he was charged with being part of a criminal conspiracy, but was cleared of those charges 3 months later. Di Salvo was a married man, but had no children.

 |2011-01-26|     Gambino boss sentenced to 5 years for murder
Daniel Marino, the reputed Gambino family boss, was sentenced to 5 years today for ordering the murder of his own nephew in 2004. He was also charged to pay up a $1,25 million forfeiture. His nephew, Frank Hydell, was murdered outside a Staten Island stripclub because he had cooperated with the FBI. Manhattan Federal Court Judge Lewis Kaplan recommended that Marino suffers from health and should serve his time in a medical facility. Marino showed no remorse during the trial.
(Source: - wrong picture though,

 |2011-01-23|     Former Sicilian governor sentenced to 7 years
Salvatore Cuffaro, the former senator and governor of Sicily, was sentenced yesterday to 7 years for his links to the Mafia. He was also convicted for revealing to a Mafia boss that his house had been bugged. After the trial he said his penalty is a lesson that "I leave as an example to my children". Cuffaro was governor from 2001 until his arrest in 2008.

 |2011-01-21|     FBI arrests nearly 130 mobsters in New York
After a historic crackdown against the American Mafia yesterday about 127 suspected mobsters were arrested by the FBI. Several of them are members of one of the 5 New York families, especially the Colombo family, but also men from the New Jersey based Decavalcante family and New England Patriarca family got busted. The suspects are currently being held in Fort Hamilton, a military prison in Brooklyn, and include men such as 83y old Luigi "Baby Shacks" Manocchio, a reputed leader of the Patriarca organisation, 76y old Andrew Russo, a leader of the Colombo family and Joseph Corozzo, the consigliere of the Gambino family. They are being held for crimes ranging from murder to extortion. Some of the crimes date back 30 years ago. About 500 FBI agents took part in the sweep along with about 200 local law enforcement agents. Yesterday's action is marked as the biggest Mafia bust ever in American history.

 |2011-01-15|     Sonny Franzese sentenced to 8 years
93 year old Sonny Franzese was sentenced yesterday to 8 years for shaking down the Hustler and Penthouse strip joints and a Long Island pizzeria. During the trial, in which his own son testified, he oftenly fell a sleep. Franzese is currently stuck to a wheelchair and is in bad health.

 |2011-01-07|     Rizzuto funeral home set on fire
Yesterday police arrested 3 men in St. Léonard, Montreal, on suspicion of arsony. They are being charged with setting off a firebomb at the Loreto, a funeral home owned by the Rizzuto family. The fire however didn't cause to much damage. The suspects are Sounthone Chareunsouk, 30, Julien Bourassa-Richer, 27, and Alexandre Toualy, 27. All have criminal records. The funeral home was most recently used for Nicolo Rizzuto's visitation.

 |2011-01-02|     Notorious Genovese hitman dies
George Barone, a notorious waterfront enforcer and hitman, died last Thuesday at the age of 86. Barone admitted his part in about 20 murders and did 7 years for the family from 1983 until 1990 in all silence. However, when then boss Vincent Gigante put a contract on Barone's head in 2001 the old waterfront racketeer descided to become an informant to safe his life. The grumpy witness, as he was called, testified against Mickey Coppola in 2009.


 |2010-12-31|     Highlights of 2010
Since 2010 comes to an end, it's time to review this years events. Italian police continued their fight against organized crime and arrested many members of the Camorra, Mafia and 'Ndrangheta. The most important ones being Salvatore Messina Denaro, brother of Italy's most wanted fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro. Agrigento boss Giuseppe Falsone was arrested in June and in July police arrested 80y old 'Ndrangheta boss Domenico Oppedisano. The most important arrest this year however possibly lies with Antonio Iovine, a boss of the notorious Casalesi clan who was on the run for about 14 years.

In September Italy was in shock after the Camorra murdered Angelo Vassallo, the mayor of Pollica who was known for his actions against organized crime. That same month however police struck back when they confiscated about €1,5 billion from a 57y old Sicilian businessman with ties to Matteo Messina Denaro.

However, the item that recieved the most attention was the violence in the Montreal underworld. The Rizzuto family fell victim to agressors who want the Rizzuto's out of the picture. It all began with the 2009 murders of Nick Rizzuto Jr. and Frederico Del Peschio, both members of the Rizzuto family. In January 2010 2 men were found murdered on a parking lot, possibly as a revenge. In March another 2 men were murdered, both belonged to a streetgang headed by Joseph Ducarme. Two months later Rizzuto consigliere Paolo Renda went missing and one month later another Rizzuto bigshot, Agostino Cuntrera, and his bodyguard were shot dead. Violence didn't stop there as in October 36y old Rizzuto associate Ennio Bruni was killed as well. In November the family dealt with it's biggest blow ever when patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto was shot dead by a sniper while sitting in his house. It is still unclear who is attacking the Rizzuto family and wether or not the peace will return soon.

Agostino Cuntrera - 66y
Anthony Volpe - 78y
Ennio Bruni - 36y
George Barone - 86y
Harry Aleman - 71y
Nicolo Rizzuto - 86y
Rocco Maniscalco - 38y
Tino Fiumara - 69y

 |2010-12-30|     Hartford mobster Tony Volpe dies
Last Tuesday 78y old mobster Anthony Volpe died after a long illness. Volpe started his career within the Genovese family under capo Frankie Scibelli. Later he went on to control a Genovese faction that oversaw loan sharking and illegal gambling in Hartford, Connecticut. With Volpe's passing an important chapter in Hartfords criminal underworld has ended.

 |2010-11-18|     Antonio Iovine arrested!
Today police captured one of the Camorra's highest leaders after being on the run for 14 years. Antonio Iovine, a powerfull leader of the Casalesi clan, was arrested in Casal di Principe, where the clan is based. He didn't resist against his arrest and when walking outside to the press he was smiling as if being happy to be caught. Police is now searching for Michele Zagaria, the second most powerfull leader of the Casalesi's.

 |2010-11-16|     Italian police seizes a ton of cocaine from the 'Ndrangheta
Yesterday police seized about a ton of pure cocaine worth up to €250 million on board of a container. The container itself had been loaded in Brazil before being shipped towards the ports of Goia Tauro in Italy. The Italian police was tipped of by the British Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) that a large shipment of cocaine, stuffed in farming machinery, was heading for Europe. The 'Ndrangheta controls an immensive drugnetwork from South America to Europe with an annual turnover of about €40 billion, money which is largely invested in numerous companies and real estate accross the world.

 |2010-11-12|     Montreal don Nicolo Rizzuto murdered
Nicolo Rizzuto, the 86 year old patriarch of Montreals largest criminal organization, was shot and killed last wednesday in his house. He was killed with a single shot by a sniper who was hidden in the woods nearby. The killing of Rizzuto is the latest and biggest blow the organization has ever endured. "it's like an end of an era in the Canadian underworld" crime reporter and author Antonio Nicaso responded.

 |2010-11-04|     Updates!
Biographies of Augie Orgen, Frederico Del Peschio, Greg Scarpa, John Franzese, Joseph Lanza, Louis Manna, Matthew Ianniello, Moreno Gallo, Peter Limone, Tino Fiumara, Tony Salerno and Vincent Squillante are updated! Be sure to check them out!

 |2010-11-03|     Italy continues succesful crackdowns on Mafia
Today police confirmed that after 2 seperate anti Mafia operations about 100 people got arrested and nearly 500 million euro's in assets has been confiscated. Amongst the arrested men are 4 police officers who are charged with recieving bribes. Another 50 men belong to the Lo Russo clan in Naples and 47 others were arrested in Catania, Sicily. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni spoke about ‘a remarkable day for the fight against organized crime’.

 |2010-10-24|     Again police succeeds in arresting Sicilian mob boss
Saturday police arrested 38 year old Gerlandino Messina in Favara, Agrigento. He had been on the run for over 11 years. He was wanted for multiple murders, including the murder of a police agent in 1992. Messina was also one of Italy's 30 most wanted, from which 14 allready have been captured in the last few years. Messina belonged to a long mob related family, his father Giuseppe was murdered by rivals in 1986.

 |2010-10-18|     Female turncoat murdered by 'Ndrangheta
Lea Garofalo, a 35 year old woman from Calabria, started her war against the 'Ndrangheta in 2002 by testifying against them. In November 2009 however she dissapeared in Milan, never to be seen again. In recent weeks police learned that she was kidnapped, murdered and eventually dissolved in acid. Since her dissapearence the police has arrested 6 men involved in the crime, including her ex-husband Carlo Cosco, a leader of the Petilia Policastro clan. In May 2009 she had allready escaped being kidnapped once, but still didn't recieve the proper protection. Her part in the witness protection program had ended in 2006.

 |2010-10-08|     Sicilian mob boss captured while hiding after wardrobe
This morning police has succeeded in capturing Francesco Di Fresco, a fugitive for over 15 years. The police had become suspicious after his wife had hardly left her home in the last few months. On a previous search the police saw that the table was set for 3 while only his wife and daughter were present. After the police got a good look at the appartments plan they discovered a hidden space in the room. This space, measuring 120 centimetres by 50 centimetres, was hidden behind a wardrobe. Di Fresco was on the run since 1995 after being sentenced for kidnapping and murder.

 |2010-10-02|     Another Rizzuto allie slain in Montreal
The mobkillings in Montreal seem to continue as last wednesday another Rizzuto associate was murdered. Ennio Bruni, 36 year old, was gunned down while walking out of a restaurant in Laval’s Ste Rose district. Bruni was identified as a mob bodyguard and a money-runner. 10 months ago Bruni nearly survived an earlier attempt on his life when he was hit with 4 bullets.

 |2010-09-21|     Tino Fiumara dies of cancer
Tino "The Greek" Fiumara, a Genovese family capo, has died of cancer aged 69. Fiumara controlled the New Jersey rackets for the Genovese family eversince Bobby Manna was convicted in 1989. He was a longtime follower of Vincent Gigante, the late family boss, and was rumored to be next in line for the family leadership.

 |2010-09-15|     Police seizes assets worth up to €1,5 billion in Italy
Yesterday police seized about €1,5 billion from a Sicilian businessman from Trapani, Sicily. The businessman, Vito Nicastri (54), is said to be associated to boss of bosses Matteo Messina Denaro. The assets included about 100 properties, 43 companies mainly from the wind-power industry, several luxury cars and a 46-foot catamaran. Since the last few years the Mafia has infiltrated the windfarm industry to exploit government subsidies and to launder money. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said “It was the biggest seizure of assets” in Italian history.

 |2010-09-06|     Italian mayor murdered near his home
Angelo Vassallo, the 57 year old mayor of Pollica, was found death in his car today in the village of Acciaroli, south of Naples. Vassallo was known for his actions against the Camorra and organized crime and was therefore most likely assassinated. The prosecutor leading the investigation, Alfredo Greco, described the murder as a "nasty execution" in which the victims corpse was riddled by bullets. Former head of environmental group Legambiente and now the PD's green economy pointman Ermete Realaccia said: "The South has lost a person of great worth and courage ... a friend who turned the defense of the environment into a battle."

 |2010-08-05|     Camorra leader arrested in Brussels
Yesterday police caught 58 year old Vittorio Pirozzi, conscidered to be a leader of the Mariano clan in Naples. In 2003 he had escaped conviction on drug charges and was on the run eversince. The police was able to detect his hideout through phonecalls he made to his wife, who still lives in Naples. During each phonecall he referred to a series of numbers and codes which the police later discovered were sellphone numbers comming from Belgium. With Pirozzi captured there is only one leader left of the clan who is still on the run, Marco Mariano.

 |2010-07-27|     Updates!
Biographies of Agostino Cuntrera, Carmen Barillaro, Dominick Brooklier, Emanuel Weiss, Frank Bompensiero, Frank DeSimone, Frank Garafola, Giuseppe Falsone, Harry Strauss, Jimmy Fratianno, Martin Goldstein and Paolo Renda are updated! Be sure to check them out!

 |2010-07-14|     'Ndrangheta boss arrested after massive sweep
After a grand scale anti-mafia operation last Tuesday in both the South and North of Italy police arrested about 300 suspected 'Ndrangheta members. Amongst the arrested men was 80y old boss Domenico Oppedisano, who was put in charge of the organization in late 2009. They are currently being held on charges of murder, extortion and money laundring. The police also seized millions of assets belonging to the clan and uncovered an 'Ndrangheta scheme in Milan which sought building contracts for the city's expo in 2015. According to the Italian press more than 3.000 policemen participated in the operation and described it as one of the largest ever to fall upon the 'Ndrangheta.

 |2010-06-30|     Leading member of the Rizzuto family murdered in Montreal
Agostino Cuntrera, a leading member of the Rizzuto family, was murdered yesterday in Montreal allongside his driver, Liborio Sciascia. Cuntrera, 66, was gunned down in front of John and Dino Inc., his food distribution business on Magloire Street. Cuntrera was a long time member of the Rizzuto family and like it's patriarchs was also born in Sicily. He was the son of a Sicilian mob boss and went to operate in the drugbusiness in Venezuela, where they helped, financed and advised the Rizzuto's for decades. In 1978 he was sentenced to 5 years for the killing of then boss Paolo Violi. Over the last few months rival factions or organizations are sweeping away the old Rizzuto leadership. Only 2 months ago another Rizzuto bigshot, Paolo Renda, disappeared without a trace only weeks after he was released from prison. More and more police is believing that the violence against the Rizzuto family is caused by an internal feud.

 |2010-06-27|     Agrigento mob boss arrested in France
2 days ago police arrested Giuseppe Falsone, the reputed boss of the Agrigento province in Sicily, at his luxury appartment in Marseille. The 40y old Falsone had been on the run for over 10 years. It is stated that he had recieved plastic surgery to his face so the police wouldn't recognize him, they eventually did identify him with use of fingerprints. Police finally nabbed him after he had applied for a boating license under a false name. They had allready tried to arrest him in 2008, but when raiding his house in Palermo he was allready gone.

 |2010-06-13|     Grandson of Harry Riccobene murdered in South Philadelphia
Last thursday morning the 38y old grandson of former Philadelphia capo Harry Riccobene, Rocco Maniscalco, was murdered in South Philadelphia. Maniscalco had been watching a flyers game in a cafe and returned home at about 1 o'clock in the morning. when arriving at his house he was ambushed and shot to death. The killer fired up to 10 times and Maniscalco, a father of 4, died at the scene. The Riccobene family comes from a long line of Mafioso's and police are now investigating his ties to organized crime.

 |2010-06-10|     New clues in Kersher slaying after mobsters testimony?
On November 1, 2007, British student Meredih Kersher was found murdered in her appartment in Perugia, Italy. She was stabbed to death and police also found evidence of sexual violence. In 2009 her American roommate Amanda Knox and then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were both found guilty to murder and were sentenced to respectively 26 and 25 years. However, a jailed mobster named Luciano Aviello now claims his brother Antonio actually committed the crime when during a burglary he killed the 21y old Kersher. Knox's legal team is now hoping the court will look into these new allegations.

 |2010-05-26|     Brother-in-law of Vito Rizzuto dissapears without trace
Paolo Renda, the 70 year old brother-in-law and consigliere of Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto, dissapeared last thursday without a trace. Police found his car parked close to his house with the windows open and the key still in the ignition. Renda was released from prison earlier this year and his kidnapping may have been a precaution so he wouldn't revenge the murder of Rizzuto's son. Last sunday police found a cement-encased body in Toronto and for a while speculations rose that the body was that of Renda. However, the corpse found was that of Quang Lu, a man with ties to Asian organized crime who disappeared 3 years ago.

 |2010-05-20|     Depressed mobster released from prison
The release of a 64 year old mobster has caused somewhat of an uproar in Sicily. Salvatore Vitale was jailed since 1996 for the murder of a 13 year old boy named Giuseppe Di Matteo, who was killed to stop his father from becomming a "pentito", or turncoat. The boy was kidnapped in 1993 and was held in captivity for about 3 years until he was murdered in orders of Giovanni Brusca. The body was then dissolved in acid, which had been delivered to them by Vitale. Because of Vitale's failing health and depression, a judge descided to release him from prison, stating that a man in such condition can't live behind bars.

 |2010-05-17|     Harry Aleman dies of cancer
The "Hammer" of the Chicago mob, Harry Aleman, died of cancer last Saturday at Hill Correctional Center in downstate Galesburg. Aleman had been jailed since 1991 for extortion and the 1972 murder of a union official. He was of half Italian descent and started working for the Chicago Outfit as an enforcer. He was described of having an "intimidating presence" and was suspected in about 20 murders. He was 71 years old.

 |2010-05-11|     Updates!
Biogarphy's of Alphonse Persico, Antonio Caponigro, Frank Monte, Georges Fresolone, John Stanfa, Joseph Merlino, Paul Vario, Phillip Leonetti and Ralph Napoli are updated! Be sure to check them out!

 |2010-04-28|     Crackdown on 'Ndrangheta continues
Today police arrested about 40 alledged members of the Pesce clan in Romano and confiscated property worth up to €10 million. Amongst the arrested men were Francesco Pesce, the 31 year old son of detained clanleader Antonino Pesce, and several of his cousins and uncles. Also 7 women were arrested who are believed to have participated in the clans administration and drugtrafficking.

 |2010-04-24|     Violent raid caught on tape
That mobsters take high standards in respect was allready known, Camorra leader Giuseppe Palumbo is no exception. When his girlfriend broke up with him and took shelter besides her uncle, he descided to pay a little visit to her uncles business. Six masked men went on a destruction path in a Naples neighbourhood. First they destroyed several machines inside a casino and threatened people to the ground with kalashnikovs. Sometime later they went to a bowling where they flood it with gasoline and lit it up. Four suspects have been arrested, including Palumbo himself and a 17 year old youngster. Video images of the raid can be seen on the link below.

 |2010-04-21|     12 members of Gambino Family arrested
Yesterday police arrested 12 members of the Gambino family after a series of raids. The arrests were made on charges ranging from murder to sex trafficking and jury tampering. On one count the sex charges included prostitution of a 15 year old girl. Amongst the arrested men is capo Daniel Marino, who is charged with the murder of his own nephew after he became an informant. The jury tampering charges date back to the trials of John Gotti in 1992. One member, Steve Maiurro, is currently still at large.

 |2010-03-20|     2 more murders hit streets of Montreal
Last thursday 4 men were shot inside a fashion shop in downtown Montreal, a hit which left 2 men dead and 2 others injured. Police believe that the main target was 41y old Joseph Ducarme, the shopowner. Ducarme was out of prison after a $50.000 bail and was ordered not to meet with other crime figures. However, Ducarme felt threatened enough to hire himself a bodyguard. The bodyguard, Peter Christopoulos, was one of the victims, together with another unidentified man. Ducarme himself on the other hand managed to flee the gunfire through a window. There are no suspects yet, but witnesses did see 2 black males fleeing after the shooting. The murders are also being linked to retributions for the murder of Nick Rizzuto Jr., the son of Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto, who was shot dead in late December 2009. Police suspects that several streetgangs, including Calabrian and Haitian gangs, are fighting for Rizzuto territory and dominance in the drug trade eversince the family is weakened due to the many investigations and arrests in the past few years.

 |2010-03-16|     Brother of suspected boss of bosses arrested
Salvatore Messina Denaro, brother of reputed boss of bosses Matteo Messina Denaro, was amongst the 19 men detained yesterday in the province of Trapani, Sicily. They are being accused of supplying Matteo with "pizzini", encrypted notes which contain messages and orders. They are also accused of fraud, extortion and helping him avoiding arrest. Matteo Messina Denaro, who is on the run since 1993, continues his invisibility although minister of interior Roberto Maroni did say that this operation increases the chance of finally catching Italy's most wanted.

 |2010-03-03|     Updates!
Biogarphy's of Andrea Ricci, Charles Carneglia, Jimmy Burke, Joseph Massino, Louis Eppolito, Mario Riccobene, Rosario Carlisi, Santo Bretagna, Salvatore Vitale, Vincent Palermo and Vito Rizzuto are updated! Be sure to check them out!

 |2010-02-24|     Massive money laundring operation uncovered in Italy
Through long investigations a massive money laundring scheme was discovered in Italy which led to the powerful 'Ndrangheta. Up to 2 billion euro's was laundered in the past few years and another 400 million euro's was uncovered in tax evasion. The Justice Department had arrest warrants for 56 suspects in several countries such as Italy, the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland. One of the suspects is Nicola Di Girolamo, an Italian senator residing in Belgium. Recent investigations also revealed that Di Girolamo was chosen as senator after a crooked voting, set up by the Mafia. Also, the department filled out a request for surveillance of 2 of Italies largest Telecom companies, Fastweb and Telecom Italia Sparkle, for their involvment in the tax evasion of €400 million.

 |2010-02-10|     Thomas Gioeli suffers minor stroke
Thomas "Shots" Gioeli, the jailed acting boss of the Colombo family, was rushed to the hospital yesterday after complaints of dizziness, neckpain, weakness at his left leg and an inability to move his left arm. Gioeli's complaints were caused by a minor stroke which also caused some facial paralysis. Gioeli is a diabetic and also has a heart condition. However, since his arrest allegations were made that he hasn't recieved the proper food for a diabetic and the prison also failed in filling his prescriptions. The stroke occured a day after a judge denialed his request for bail due to his failing health. Gioeli is currently awaiting trial in prison for racketeering and murder charges.

 |2010-01-26|     Two men killed near murder scene of Nick Rizzuto Jr.
Last sunday police found 2 men shot dead in the parking lot of McDonalds in the Notre-Dame-De-Grâce district in Montreal. The men, identified as Kirk Murray and Antonio Onesi, were both shot several times by an unidentified gunman. 51 year old Antonio Onesi was unknown to police but 47 year old Kirk Murray on the other hand was no stranger. Murray had committed himself a double homicide 27 years ago, claiming he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He was sentenced to life but managed to escape in 1993, surrendering himself again not much later. He was eventually released on probation in 2003. 10 years ago Murray declared to police that he had been approached by the Mafia while being in prison to get himself involved in drug trafficking. Murray refused the offer and eversince had been fearing for a hit by Mafia killers. Speculations however also rise if the double homicide has ties to the Nick Rizzuto murder last month.

 |2010-01-21|     Again police strikes hard against Camorra
Italian police has arrested up to 69 Camorra members and has confiscated €65 million worth of goods. Amongst the arrested men are 2 court employers and a known psychiatrist. The confiscated goods contain about 700 kilo's of cocaine, 62 kilo's of Marihuana and 27 kilo's of hasj. In the last few years the Camorra has had major setbacks with losses of millions of euro's and the arrests of several leaders. In another operation the police seized €900.000 in goods belonging to Franco Mazzarella, son of clanleader Ciro Mazzarella, and Antonio Muscerino.

 |2010-01-02|     Son of Vito Rizzuto shot dead in broad daylight
Nick Rizzuto Jr., the oldest son of Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto, was shot and killed last monday in the Notre-Dame-De-Grâce district of Montreal. So far the police has no suspects in the murder but witnesses did saw a man running away after the murder. This is a serious challenge for the Rizzuto family and it could mean war on the streets of Montreal. It is not certain if Vito will be present during the funeral because he is serving 10 years in a Colorado prison.


 |2009-12-31|     Highlights of 2009
Since another year has passed, it is time to review last years events.
Multiple crackdowns in Camorra networks have resulted in several arrests, including that of leading figures like the Russo brothers, who were captured in November, and Giuseppe Setola, who was arrested in January. Also the 'Ndrangheta had a rough year after police took many members into custody and rounded up a million dollar business in illicit trade from the harbors of Gioia Tauro last December. In Sicily one of Cosa Nostra's highest leveled leaders, Domenico Raccuglia, was caught and arrested after being on the run for 15 years.

The American Mafia also had it's moments.
The Family secrets trials led to the sentencing of 4 top Chicago mobsters, including Joseph Lombardo and Frank Calabrese Sr. In April they were fined to pay up $20 million. Alphonse Persico, the Colombo Family acting boss, was sentenced to life in February for murder. Also Gambino capo Nick Corozzo was sentenced to 13 1/2 years in March for murder. That same month "Mafia cops" Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa were sentenced to life for their cooperation with the Lucchese family which led to multiple killings. Another man sentenced to life was Gambino soldier Charles Carneglia, who reputidly dissolved his victims in acid.
Also 2 men of the American Mafia were deported. Salvatore Montagna, the reputed Bonanno acting boss was deported back to Canada and Rosario Gambino, a relative of the late Carlo Gambino, was deported back to Italy to stand trial.

On the 1st of December the highly publicized trial of Junior Gotti ended with a hung jury. Junior had managed to escape conviction for the 4th time in 5 years.

Donato Angiulo - 86y
Gennaro Angiulo - 90y
Anthony Seccafico - 42y
Alfonso Tornabene - 86y
Gregory DePalma - 78y
Vincenzo Luppino - 83y
Nick Jr. Rizzuto - 42y

 |2009-12-22|     26 'Ndrangheta members arrested in Rome and Calabria.
This morning Italian police arrested 26 men who are believed to be involved in a million dollar business of illicit trade, primalerly with import of counterfeit clothing from China. The police also confiscated about €50 million ($70 million) worth of goods, including multiple containerloads and some hotels in Latium, Rome. Amongst the 26 arrested men are 2 custom workers from the harbor of Gioia Tauro in Calabria. All are reputed members of the 'Ndrangheta, which has a large presence in Gioia Tauro. A 27th suspect is still at large.

 |2009-12-02|     4th Gotti case ends in mistrial, again
Like father like son some would say. John "Junior" Gotti, the reputed boss of the Gambino family, succeeded again in avoiding a prison sentence. Gotti was trialed for murder and racketeering but walked away a free man yesterday after the jury was unable to reach a verdict. Gotti claimes to have quit the mob in 1999 to spent more time with his family, a claim which was credible enough for the jury. Victoria Gotti, star of her own reality show and sister of Junior, reacted in tears outside the courtbuilding: "We're ravaged. We're beaten down, but we're not broken." It's the 4th time Gotti was indicted but walked away, his bail now was placed on $2 million.

 |2009-11-16|     Domenico Raccuglia caught
Domenico "Mimmo" Raccuglia, the boss of Altofonte and the mandamento of San Giuseppe Jato and Partinico, was arrested today in Trapani, Sicily. Ruccuglia, 45 years of age, was conscidered to be a possible successor of Bernardo Provenzano next to Salvatore Lo Piccolo and Matteo Messina Denaro. He was on the run for about 15 years and is held responsible for several murders, including the killing of Giuseppe Di Matteo, the child of a turncoat named Santo Di Matteo. The young boy was held captive for about 2 years before he was eventually killed. The body was then dissolved in acid to destroy evidence. Raccuglia was loyal to Giovanni Brusca and took over from him after his arrest in 1996. With the arrest of Raccuglia police say they have stricken the Mafia hard as he was regarded as one of the highest leveled leaders.

 |2009-11-01|     Russo brothers arrested in Naples
This morning Italian police arrested Pasquale and Carmine Russo in the town of Sperone. A third brother, Salvatore Russo, was allready caught yesterday. 62 year old Pasquale was one of Italy's most wanted criminals and is the boss of the Russo clan, a branch of the Camorra. He was on the run since 1993 to avoid multiple life sentences for murder and Mafia association.

 |2009-10-30|     Italy publishes footage of Mafia execution in hopes to find killer
In order to stimulate witnesses to talk, prosecutors revealed a shocking video which shows the cold blooded killing of a man in Naples, Italy. The victim was Mariano Bacio Terracino, a 53 year old shopowner with former ties to the Camorra. Although the murder occured in broad daylight near a busy street, none of the witnesses have gone to the police so far. After months of investigations Italian law enforcements finally hope to identify the Camorra assassin by publishing the videotape (view link below). A couple of months ago prosecutors also published a video which showed the killing of Petru Barlandeanu, an innocent streetmusician.

 |2009-10-08|     15 Bonanno members arrested during bust
Extortion, racketeering, bank fraud, drug trafficking and illegal gambling are the harsh charges for which 15 Bonanno members got arrested yesterday morning. The men are all facing a maximum penalty of 20 years, if convicted. Authorities said the bust was made after investigations were brought up by a former Bonanno boss, most likely pointing out to Joseph Massino. The arrested men are: Joseph Sammartino, 55y old captain, Anthony Sclafani, 63y, Joseph Loiacono, 64y, Anthony Pipitone, 37y, Frank Pastore, 39y, Paul Spina, 54y, Manny Bana, 42y, Peter DeFilippo, 47y, Sebastian DeRosa, 66y, Richard Lotito, 46y, Frank DeRosa, 45y, ito Pipitone, 28y, Joseph Spatola, 33y, Frank Terzo, 24y, and Natale Terzo, 52y. six of the arrested men are from Staten Island.

 |2009-09-21|     Gambino hitman sentenced to life
Gambino soldier Charles Carneglia was sentenced to life last thursday for racketeering and the murder of four men. He was one of many arrested Mafia members who were brought in after operation Old Bridge last year. The court however failed in convicting him for a 5th murder, that of Albert Gelb, a young police officer killed in 1977.

 |2009-08-30|     Gennaro Angiulo passes away aged 90
Gennaro "Jerry" Angiulo, the former Patriarca family underboss died yesterday aged 90. He was brought to the hospital earlier this month for kidney failure and a broken hip. Angiulo led a Patriarca branch in Boston for over 2 decades together with his brothers. He frequently worked together with Whitey Bulger who eventually provided the FBI with enough evidence to arrest and convict the Angiulo brothers in 1986. Gennaro was sentenced to 45 years in prison, being released in 2007, and retiring to Nahant. His brother Donato also passed away earlier this year.

 |2009-08-18|     'Ndrangheta leader arrested in Sicily
Paolo Rosario De Stefano, 32 years of age, was arrested this morning in Sicily while being on vacation with his wife and daughters. He was a fugitive since 2005 and is a leading member of the De Stefano 'ndrine which is based in Calabria, Italy. His father was a founding member of the clan and was murdered in 1977 during a feud against the Piromalli brothers. The hitsquad which killed his father was headed by Giuseppe Piromalli. The capture of De Stefano is one of the many successes the Italian government has had lately in their war against organized crime.

 |2009-08-13|     Updates!
Biographies of Albert Anastasia, Aniello Dellacroce, Anthony Seccafico, Arnold Rothstein, Joseph Yacovelli, Salvatore Vitale, Vincenzo Luppino and Vito Tocco have been made or updated. Be sure to check it out!

 |2009-08-04|     Last member of Dewey's Mob busting crew dies
Thurston Greene was the last living member who took part in Thomas Dewey's mob busting campaign against organized crime which led to convictions against several corrupt police officials and notorious gangsters such as Charles Luciano and Dutch Schultz. Greene was born in 1908 and after studying at Harvard University became a succesfull lawyer. Dewey started his hunting process in 1935 and brought Greene into his staff. After his career as "mob buster" he inlisted in the US army and fought in World War II. In 1991 he wrote a book called "The Language of the Constitution". Greene passed away on July 31 at the age of 101.

 |2009-07-29|     Another big arrest for the carabinieri
Vincenzo Capone, a dangerous hitman and cash collector for the Camorra, was arrested today. He was a member of the Crimaldi clan, which is located in the north of Naples. The 37 year old Camorrista was also listed on the 100 most wanted criminals in Italy. The police had placed his wife under surveillance and tapped her phonecalls. By this they were able to track Capone down and arrest him.

 |2009-07-27|     Seattle "don" pleads not guilty on prostitution charges
92 year old Francis Colacurcio Sr. pleaded not guilty last friday on a total of 15 federal counts, amongst them prostitution and money-laundring. Amongst the other 5 defendants was his son, Francis Jr., who is taking over his fathers million dollar empire. Colacurcio Sr. started his carreer during the 1950's in the vending machine business and later on bought himself several strip joints, which formed the main base for his fortune. Over the years he and his associates have managed to create a million-dollar business "of flesh", their most profitable nudie bar called "Rick's" in Lake City, generates millions of dollars a month. On the second of June, when the FBI raided Colacurcio's nightclubs, one agent said that even at his ripe old age Colacurcio Sr. pays his dancers for sex.

 |2009-07-14|     Italian Law enforcements continue war against Camorra
Today more than 100 policemen took part in a large scale operation, dubbed 'Fifty', against one of Camorra's most notorious and dangerous groups, The Casalesi clan. The operation could at least be described as succesfull because the police confiscated about 50 million Euros (69.7 million Dollars) worth of goods. The town of Caserta in particular was targetted where many buildings, trucks, companies and all sorts of insurance papers were seized. Most of the real estate however is legal, but police officials believes most of it was bought with drugsmoney and some of the buildings have been used for moneylaundring. It is the second most largest capture of Mafia assets since operation Spartacus a couple of years ago.

 |2009-07-04|     Bonanno soldier murdered in Staten Island
46 year old Anthony “Little Anthony” Seccafico, a made man within the Bonanno Family, was murdered on July 2 while waiting on a deserted corner for a bus in Staten Island. Police officials fear that there might be a Mafia war up front as Seccafico's murder could be a result of Salvatore Montagna's excile to Canada 2 months prior. It is possible his death is part of a grip for power. Seccafico had police records from 1985 for a drug conviction and in 2002 for running a gambling and loansharking ring. He was discribed as a heard headed but nice man.

 |2009-06-27|     Shocking footage of dying Camorra victim
One month ago Cumana was the place where a tragedy appeared for the Italian people. A Romanian street musician, named Petru Barlandeanu, and his wife were at the wrong place at the wrong moment as they were suddenly part of a vendetta between 2 rival Camorra clans. The couple was walking down the street when suddenly 4 motorcycles came by and started shooting. The musician was hit in the chest and leg but managed to ran off to the station where he eventualy collapsed and died. No one inside the station however offered any help which is clearly visible by the footage taken at the station. The widow was afterwards only given a one way pass back to Romania. This event has shocked the Italian people and has once again proved the threath the Camorra is causing. Because of this the Italian media has published the footage as a protest.

 |2009-06-08|     Detroit toughguy portrayed in new mob movie
Streetboss, as the movie is called, shows the live of Detroit mobster Anthony Giacalone and his sidelings. Giacalone was a capo within the Detroit Outfit and was brought in connection with the disappearance of Teamster president Jimmy Hoffa. The film is based on a book written by former FBI agent Phil Kerby and includes know actors Nick Turturro (NYPD Blue) and Vincent Pastore (Sopranos).

 |2009-05-23|     Gambino handed over to Italy
Rosario Gambino, nephew of former mob boss Carlo Gambino and one of the notorious Cherry Hill Gambino's, was brought over from the US to Italy today to face a long delayed prison term. During the 1980's Gambino was sentenced in absentia to 14 years in prison for his role in a massive drug trafficking ring between Sicily and the US, also reffered to as the Pizza Connection. The first arrest warrant against Gambino was first handed out by famous anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone in 1980.

 |2009-05-05|     Donato Angiulo passes away aged 86
Donato Angiulo, a former Patriarca Family capo and brother of Gennaro Angiulo, died sunday in a Boston medical center due to ill health. Donato and his brothers were bigtime players in Boston's criminal life and had frequent encounters with Irish gangboss Whitey Bulger. In 1981 they were arrested after the FBI had planted wiretapes in their headquarters and heared them discussing about murder, extortion, loansharking and illegal gambling. The trial which followed became Boston's first sensational Mafia trial and led to Donato's 1986 conviction for racketeering, gambling and loansharking. He was sentenced to 20 years in jail but only served 11, making him a free man again in 1997. His brother Gennaro, who was the former Patriarca underboss, was paroled in 2007 and is currently 90 years old.

 |2009-05-01|     Updates!
Biographies of Salvatore Catalano, Rosario Gambino, Phillip Rastelli, Domenick Napolitano, Al Capone, Riccardo Fanchini, Nicodemo Scarfo, Philip Testa and Vito Rizzuto have been made or updated! Be shure to check it out!

 |2009-04-28|     Nick Corozzo sentenced to 13 1/2 years.
Nicholas Corozzo, a high leveled capo within the Gambino Family, was sentenced to 13 and a half years on April 17 for the murder of 2 men. Robert Arena, a Lucchese associate, and an unfortunate bystander, Thomas Maranga, were murdered in 1996 in Brooklyn. Prosecutors are now trying to isolate Corozzo in prison to avoid him for communicating with other jailed mobsters. So far the judge has refused the request.

 |2009-04-20|     Salvatore Montagna has to leave the US
Salvatore Montagna, regarded by the FBI as the new Bonanno acting boss, will be deported to Canada due to a 2003 contempt conviction. Prosecutors have no other crimes to blame Montagna and will therefore use a 6 year old indictment to make him leave the United States. Immigration officials told Montagna's lawyer he will be deported within the week.

 |2009-03-12|     One hundred years ago...
100 years ago a dark day fell above the New York police department as one of New York's finest crime fighters and early Mafia nemesis was murdered in Palermo. Joseph Petrosino, a respected 49y old police lieutenant, traveled towards Sicily on a secret mission to investigate criminal ties between the Sicilian and American Mafia. On the rainy night of March 12, 1909, Petrosino was led to a presumed counterfeiting factory accompanied by a certain Dr. Mucci. As they were walking down the street they were suddenly halted. 2 men, claimed to be Salvatore Mucuoloso and Francesco Cassisi, pulled out their guns and shot the unfortunate policeman to death. To this day the man suspected to be the mastermind behind the killing is Vito Cascio Ferro, Sicily's very first boss of bosses. It is however possible the murder occured as a cooperation between American Boss of bosses Giuseppe Morello and Cascio Ferro. Another man suspected of the crime was not a Sicilian mobster, but Camorra boss Enrico Alfano, who was arrested by petrosino 2 years prior and ever since claimed vengeance. Petrosino's body was shipped back to New York for burial afterwards. His funeral was said to have been witnessed by at least 250.000 people who payed their respects to the fallen hero. In his honor a small park in Little Italy, Manhattan, was named after him.

 |2009-02-13|     Family Secrets
The Family secrets investigation, which began in 2003, had now led to 3 men being sentenced to life in prison. Frank Calabrese Sr., Joseph Lombardo and James Marcello received their sentence on respectively the 28th of January, 2th and 5th of February, 2009. Another Outfit member, 71 year old Paul Schiro, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for racketeering. The Family Secrets was a federal operation which reopened old Mob murders such as the killings of Michael Albergo in 1970, Danny Seifert in 1974, Nicholas D'Andrea in 1981 and Anthony Spilotro in 1986.

 |2009-02-03|     Updates!
Biography's of Stefano Magaddino, Vito Bonventre, Francesco Puma, Pellegrino Morano, Andrea Ricci, Giuseppe Magliocco, Nicolo Rizzuto and Paolo Violi are updated! Be sure to check them out!

 |2009-01-14|     Camorra leader arrested
Giuseppe Setola, a 38 year old presumed leader within the Camorra's Casalesi clan, was arrested today. Setola is believed to be involved in the deaths of 6 African men in September 2008. Monday Setola had already managed to escape arrest at his villa through a secret tunnel, linked with the local sewage network, during a raid. He had attempted the escape while being on house arrest. While escaping however he wounded himself and needed to see a doctor. Due to this the police was able to arrest him at the hospital. They also arrested his wife and seized computers and surveillance equipment from his home.
(Source: Heraldsun, celebgalz)

 |2009-01-02|     24 year old burned alive by 'Ndrangheta
In Calabria, southern Italy, 24 year old Cristian Galati was rushed to the hospital with 3th degree burnings. The 'Ndrangheta had gotten to him after he had started a private investigation about the 2006 disappearance of his younger brother. Galati was at the wrong place at the wrong moment as he was abducted and beaten badly before eventually being tied up to a tree. The violence didn't end there as they poured gasoline on him and burned him alive. By miracle the young Galati was able to free himself and wait for help to arrive. However, doctors are afraid he is not going to survive.


 |2008-12-29|     Highlights of 2008
As the year passes by again, it's time to enlighten the highlights of this years events. Police has hit the Gambino Family hard this year. Capo Nicholas Corozzo went on the lam after a Gambino crackdown by the police in April before eventually turning himself in on May 29. Junior Gotti was arrested in August and Acting boss John D'Amico and underboss Domenico Cefalu were both sentenced to 2 years for extortion. In September 'Ndrangheta clan leader Franscesco Pelle was arrested in Italy and later that month 7 men were murdered by the Camorra's Casalesi clan near Naples. Also a couple of well and less known mafia members passed away this year:
Bill Bonanno - 75y
Michele Greco - 83y
John Bazzano Jr - 80y
Vincent Meli - 87y
Anthony Spero - 79y
Frank Valenti - 97y
Gaetano Lo Presti - 52y

 |2008-12-16|     Historical Mafia raid
This morning about 1200 carabinieri participated in an anti-Mafia raid which local authorities already call historical. More than 90 members of the Mafia were captured and arrested during the hunt. The Italian government fears that the Mafia is rebuilding it's criminal empire ever since it's last real godfather, Bernardo Provenzano, was captured. During the past few years the carabinieri often held raids and crackdowns, which has weakened the organization but hasn't destroyed it by far. A large part of the arrested men belong to Mafia clans in Palermo, the capital of Sicily. Some of them are believed to be close associates of Matteo Messina Denaro, the most wanted Mafia leader in Italy and possible new boss of bosses.

 |2008-11-13|     Mafia territory gets a makeover
The former property of Salvatore Riina, some 25 acres of land in Corleone, will be transformed into a tourist complex. The territory will contain a restaurant, a shop and a hotel. The complex is created with blessings from the Italian minister of internal affairs Roberto Maroni and will open it's doors in 2009. The former capo di tutti capi himself 'celebrates' his 78th birthday next sunday, the 16th of November.

 |2008-10-28|     1919 - Prohibition
It's been exactly 89 years when the Volstead Act was approved and prohibition became nations law. The distribution of alcohol became forbidden for anyone, but no one had forseen what results it would eventually have. The 1920's rapidly became known as the 'roaring twenties' and criminal activities were at it's hight. Gangs often stole loads of alcohol from each other and wars were being fought on the streets. A large number of men found their deaths during the constant powerstruggles. Many gangs involved themselves in illegal brewerage and export and importation of liquor, a business refered to as 'bootlegging'. Many hidden bars opened their doors for the women and men who loved to have a drink (and more than one) in secret. The police even needed their own special prohibition forces who often held raids in all sorts of bars, basements and atticks in an attempt to stop the distribution of alcohol. Nonetheless notorious gangsters such as Arnold Rothstein, Al Capone, Dutch Schultz and Charles Luciano earned both fame and millions of dollars thanks to this government created goldmine. Prohibition eventually ended in 1933 and became one of the major events in American History, it also led to the enormous rise in power by the Cosa Nostra.

 |2008-10-17|     Death threats for writer of 'Gomorrah'
Roberto Saviano, the 29 year old writer of bestseller 'Gomorrah', has recieved death threats recently stating that he won't last till Christmas. His book, which sold millions of copies and was made into a hit movie, is based on his own investigations about one of the most powerfull Camorra organisations, the Casalesi clan. The clan allready made headlines last month by murdering 6 Africans near Naples and by this once again proved that they won't let anybody cross their path. Saviano, who has lived the past 2 years under police protection, is seen as a hero by the Italian people because he dares to openly challenge the Camorra. His courage can be compared with that of Giuseppe Impastato, a Sicilian who took on against the mafia during the 1970's by using a radio program. Impastato was murdered 30 years ago, hopefully Roberto Saviano is facing a better future.

 |2008-10-02|     Anthony Spero dies at 79
After a short fight against cancer, Antohny Spero died in prison at the age of 79. Spero was a high ranking and long time member of the Bonanno Family. He started as a soldier to Carmine Galante in the 50's and later rose to Caporegime and Consiglieri (1968-1973) under bosses Natale Evola and Phillip Rastelli. Later, during the absence of Joseph Massino he played a leading role inside the organisation together with Sal Vitale. Spero was convicted for racketeering and murder in 2001. He eventually died in prison after he suffered from an early stage of cancer.

 |2008-09-24|     Updates!
In the past few weeks I've made a couple of adjustments to the following articles, be shure to check them out!
Buster from Chicago, Franscesco Caruso, Salvatore D'Aquila, John Bonventre, Vito Genovese, Klondike O-Donnell, Antonio Macri, Pasquale Condello, The Apalachin Meeting, Gaspare Magaddino, Antonio Magaddino, The Camorra and the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.

 |2008-09-22|     Camorra slays 7 men near Naples
Late thursday a 53 year old gambling hall owner was shot dead. The gambling hall was thought to be Camorra property. Only minutes later Six African men, who alledgedly started to deal drugs in Camorra territory without authorization, where murdered at a tailer shop in the town of Castelvolturno. Police say that at least 130 bullets were fired from a driving car and moving scooters. The victims were all men in their late 20's and originated from Ghana, Togo and Liberia. The murders sparkled a riot in the Italian town where windows and cars were smashed. The rioters do not only accuse Camorristi but also the police for racism. The government has sent out the Italian army to restore peace and to find the killers. Tonight a first gunman was arrested, 29 year old Alfonso Cesarano.

 |2008-09-19|     Nicolo Rizzuto pleads guilty.
Nicolo Rizzuto, father of jailed Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto, and 5 others pleaded guilty yesterday to racketeering related charges. He was arrested in 2006 after a 4 year drug trafficking investigation. 84 year old Rizzuto, who lived a while in Venezuela during the 70's and 80's, faces a long prison sentence.

 |2008-09-18|     Fransesco Pelle arrested
Calabrian 'Ndrangheta boss Fransesco Pelle was arrested at night in the city of Pavia. Pelle, who is 31, was involved in the Duisberg killings, where 6 men of his clan were murdered. In July 2006 he nearly escaped a murder attempt but was badly wounded, leaving him in a wheelchair for the rest of his live. With his arrest most of the Pelle leadership is behind bars. The rival Nirta-Striango clan also had their part when Paolo Nirta and Giuseppe Nirta were arrested in respectivily August and May. The 'Ndrangheta was recently listed as the Nr. 3 largest and most dangerous crime organisations. The Sicilian Mafia follows at the 6th place. The Nr. 1 spot is covered by the Russian Mafiya.

 |2008-09-16|     Provenzano's former doctor murdered?
The case of 34 year old urology surgeon Attilio Manca was recently reopened. Manca was found dead on his bed in February 2004. At first it was believed the man had committed suicide after an autopsy revealed he had taken an overdose. Manca's parents however still do not believe that their son killed himself. In 2003 Manca treated Mafia boss of bosses Bernardo Provenzano in a hospital in France for a prostate problem. A couple of months later he was found dead. His parents believe that their son was murdered so he could not reveal Provenzano's location as the godfather was still on the run for the law.

 |2008-08-19|     D'Amico and Cefalu sentenced to 2 years
It seems that the FBI has hit the Gambino Family hard this year by arresting and convicting most of it's leadership. After Reputed acting boss John D'Amico and former underboss Dominico Cefalu pleaded guilty to extortion a couple of months ago, both were sentenced to 2 years for their crimes. D'Amico also recieved a $4000 fine, which does not come in handy because he is still reputidly broke according to defense attorney Elizabeth Macedonio. Nicholas Corozzo, a Gambino lieutenant who was on the run for a brief period, faces up to 15 years after he pleaded guilty to murder conspiracy.

 |2008-08-06|     Junior Gotti arrested in NY
John Gotti jr., son of the legendary Teflon Don John Gotti, was arrested yesterday morning for racketeering offences, murder and possession of drugs at his home in Long Island, New York. His arrest was made after a succesfull investigation against a faction of the Gambino Family in Tampa, Florida. In 1999 Gotti had allready been arrested for racketeering charges and was jailed untill 2005. In the following years law enforcements tried to convict him another three times for racketeering and the kidnapping of Curtis Sliwa, but all three attempts ended in mistrials. Afterwards Gotti claimed he stopped his involvment in the crime families business. However, charged with racketeering and the murders of Georges Grosso in 1998, Louis DiBono in 1990 and Bruce Gotterup in 1991, he is facing a life long prison sentence.

 |2008-07-22|     Lazio Roma
Lazio Roma, a football team from Italy which plays in first class, was on the wanted list of the Casaledi Clan in Naples. The Casaledi family, which is part of the Camorra, tried to buy shares of the team true intimidations and violence. This came to the notice of the police after 10 men got arrested in Rome and their plan, called 'Broken Wings', was revealed. Lazio Roma exists for over 100 years and was the national champion in 1974 and 2000.

 |2008-06-25|     Updates
I've devided the Genovese Family from the original and legendary Morello gang. This because the Genovese Family has such a large history that I thought it would be better to split things up. Also I've made changes to the Nicholas Terranova, Ciro Terranova, Peter Morello and Anthony D'Andrea pages.

 |2008-06-09|     9 Colombo members arrested
After the Gambino and Lucchese breakdown in respectively February and March, it was time for the Colombo Family. After 3 years of research the police arrested 9 alledged Colombo men on federal racketeering charges. The men are also accused of theft of fur coats and murder in New York, during the early 1990's, and a home invasion by police officer impersonators in Los Angeles in 2006. Amongst the arrested men are current Acting boss Thomas Gioeli and the elder Underboss John Franzese.

 |2008-06-04|     Cali pleads guilty to extortion charges
Frank Cali, a Sicilian Gambino capo, pleaded guilty to extortion-related charges on june 3, 2008. Cali admitted that he had helped extorting a trucker who worked at a NASCAR construction site in Staten Island. Cali is a rising Mobster in the Gambino family with close ties to Sicilian mobsters. He is related to the Sicilian Inzerillo Crime Family by marrying Rosaria Inzerillo, a niece of the late Salvatore Inzerillo.

 |2008-06-02|     Police informant murdered in Naples
Michele Orsi, former Camorra member and federal witness, was murdered today in front of his house. Orsi helped Italian law enforcements to arrest and prosecute Mafia members who are involved in the wastemanagement business. There have been many problems with waste dumping all over Naples since last year, causing the streets to fill up with waste and also causing stench all over the historic city. Orsi was murdered on the same day as a protestaction against primeminister Berlusconi to stop the streets filling up with waste.

 |2008-05-30|     Nicholas Corozzo turns himself in!
The reputed Gambino Family capo, Nicholas Corozzo, turned himself in yesterday. After being on the television show America's Most Wanted, Corozzo felt it would be better to make a deal with the authorities to qualify for a plea deal. Corozzo was on the run since february 2008, after a high scale operation busted about 54 Gambino members. Corozzo was charged with 2 murders dating back from 1996. Other Gambino news, Boss John D'Amico and underboss Domenico Cefalu both pleaded guilty to a single count of extortion charges. Both face rather small prison terms from 21 to 27 months.

 |2008-05-28|     Updates
In the past few weeks there have been a couple of updates, files such as the Castellammarese war, Sing Sing prison, Anthony Paretti, Joe Valachi, The Bonanno Family, Vito Bonventre, Carmine Galante, Nicola Gentile, Thomas Gioeli, Carmine Persico and Francesco Paolo Bontade have been made or updated. Be shure to check it out!

 |2008-05-23|     Giovanni Nirta caught!
Giovanni Nirta, 68, the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta boss of the Nirta-Strianga Family was arrested today. He was responsible for the Duisberg killings last year where 6 'Ndrangheta members of the rival Pelle-Romeo family were murdered in Duisberg, Germany. Nirta was arrested in San Luca in an underground weaponbunker. Italian law inforcements are heavily hunting down 'Ndrangheta members all over Calabria since the murders last year.

 |2008-05-14|     One hundred years ago...
It's been exactly 100 years ago when Max 'Kid Twist' Zwerbach, then leader of the notorious Monk Eastman gang, was murdered. His killer was the young Louis Pioggi who was a member of the rival Five Points Gang. In the early evening of May 14, 1908, Pioggi was dumped by his girlfriend, who preferred the company of his enemy Kid Twist, and went to a saloon where he started to drink. Sometime later Kid Twist and Cyclone Louis suddenly happened to walk in the saloon. The men and Pioggi got into a dispute and ambarrassed Pioggi. Pioggi was out for revenge and eventually murdered Kid Twist and Cyclone Louis outside the saloon. Pioggi was said to have murdered the rival leader and his bodyguard on his own. He was arrested the next year and was only sentenced to 11 months in jail. After Pioggi got out of prison he disappeared from criminal life. Zwerbach was only 24 years old when he was murdered.

 |2008-04-08|     Vincent Basciano sentenced for life
Former Bonanno boss Vincent 'Gorgeous' Basciano was sentenced for life in prison on March 31. He was convicted for the murder of rival Frank Santorno in 2001. It could even get worse for Basciano because he can face the death penalty for the murder of Randolph Pizzolo.

 |2008-03-02|     8 Lucchese members indicted.
On February 28, eight members and associates of the Lucchese Family were charged with racketeering crimes. The court identified, amongst others, Dominick Cutaia as an 'acting captain' and his son-in-law John Baudanza as a made member. They could be charged with maximum prison terms of 30 years. The other indicted Lucchese men were Michael "Mikey Bones" Corcione, 67, Salvatore Cutaia, 48 and associates Steven LaPella, 45, Victor Sperber, 57, Louis Colello, 64, and John Rodopolous, 46.
(Source: mob-news blogspot)

 |2008-02-21|     Mafia treasure discovered in Sicily!
The police in Sicily has discovered a Mafia treasure that's worth about 150 Milion €. A couple of villa's, five companies and a village to spent hollidays were amongst the belongings of Cosa Nostra bosses Salvatore Lo Piccolo and Bernardo Provenzano, who were respectivily arrested in 2006 an 2007.

 |2008-02-17|     Michele Greco dies in Rome.
Michele 'The Pope' Greco died on February 13, 2008. He was 83 years old. Michele Greco was a reputed and respected boss for many years and had a long Mafia heritage from his ancestors. He was arrested in name of Giovanni Falcone during the Maxi Trials of 1986 - 1987. He was released in 1991 but was quickly rearrested untill his death of natural causes.

 |2008-02-07|     Prominent Gambino members arrested!
After 5 years of research and a good coorperation between the American FBI and Italian law enforcements, they made their move. 54 members and associates of the Gambino Family were arrested. Amongst the arrested men is current acting boss John D'Amico, Nicholas Corozzo and underboss Domenico Cefalu. The accusation go from extortion to murder and some of the crimes date back from the 70's. Not only was the American Mafia attacked, but also a anti-mafia raid was held in Palermo, Sicily. 20 men were arrested there who were mainly part of the Salvatore Lo Piccolo family.

 |2008-01-22|     Salvatore Cuffaro sentenced to 5 years.
Salvatore Cuffaro, the governor of Sicily, was convicted to 5 years in prison on January 18th. According to an article on, Cuffaro helped Mafia leaders by giving them information about anti-mafia investigations. Cuffaro said that he was 'very comforted' with his sentence because it didn't acuse him directly of having links with organised crime. He claimed he didn't knew the men he helped were members of the Mafia.

 |2008-01-02|     Bill Bonanno dies on Newyearsday.
Salvatore 'Bill' Bonanno, son of late Mafia boss Joseph Bonanno, died on newyearsday of a heartattack in Tucson Arizona. In the 1950's and 60's Bill was a member of his fathers criminal organisation, the Bonanno Family. After an internal war he and his father retired from the life of crime and lived in Arizona. Bill began writing about his life and also did a couple of interviews. Some of his books are: Bound by Honor and The Good Guys.
(Source: Mob-news Blogspot)


 |2007-12-26|     Top 10 gangsters of all time!
In following of the new year, 2008, I've gathered a list of the top mafioso of all time according to myself. A hard choice to make when there were so many top gangsters in the early 1900's who all had there part in Mafia history.
1. Johnny Torrio - Pioneer of the 'modern' mafia and top advisor to future leaders.
2. Vito Cascio Ferro - Early Palermo boss of bosses (for over 20 years) with influence in America.
3. Charles Luciano - Pioneer of the modern mafia, US boss of bosses (30's & 40's) and creator of the Commission.
4. Stefano Magaddino - Long going Buffalo boss with lots of connections.
5. Carlo Gambino - Ranked his family as the strongest in America and was boss of bosses in the 60's & 70's.
6. Calogero Vizzini - Powerfull and influencial Villalba boss who became the mayor of his town.
7. Paul Kelly - Leader of the infamous Five Points Gang.
8. Tony Accardo - Concidered to be the greatest leader of the Chicago Outfit.
9. Meyer Lansky - Jewish Syndicate Boss, Casino frontman (Bahamas, Cuba & Las Vegas) and creator of the commission.
10. Joe Bonanno - Boss of the Brooklyn based family which still bares his name and who outlived his enemies.

 |2007-12-04|     Again heavy blows for the Mafia.
Only a few weeks after the arrest of boss of bosses Salvatore Lo Piccolo, a new blow strucks the Mafia. In Catania, in the east of Sicily, about 70 people who are accused to be mafiosi were arrested. Amongst the arrested was the son of Benedetto Santapaola, who was allready captured in 1993.

 |2007-11-08|     Paul McCartney's new girlfriend
Rumours or not? Paul McCartney's new girlfriends, 45 year old Nancy Shevell, father would have had connections to the American Mafia according to The Sun. Shevell is owner of the New England Moter Freight and has gathered a fortune with it. Her father (71y. old) was accused for having connections with Tony Provenzano and Vincent Gigante in 1988 for giving them bribes so he would not have to deal with the Union. He was later acquited of that charge. Both Gigante and Provenzano past away a couple of years ago.

 |2007-11-05|     Salvatore Lo Piccolo arrested!
Salvatore Lo Piccolo was arrested today together with 3 other members of the Cosa Nostra in Palermo, Sicily, during a meeting in a small villa. Lo Piccolo was on the run for about 21 years and is 65 years old. One of the other arrested members was his 32 year old son, Sandro Lo Piccolo. The 4 arrested men were all on the 30 most wanted list from Italy. Police say shots were been fired at the house before the armed men were arrested. The men are: Salvatore Lo Piccolo (successor of Bernardo Provenzano, captured in 2006), Sandro Lo Piccolo, Gaspare Pulizzi and Andrea Adamo. This action forms another big blow to the Sicilian Mafia.

 |2007-10-5|     Powerfull Belgian mafioso captured.
Everybody knows the mafia has its members all over Europe, so has Belgium. Riccardo Fanchini (51y. old) was arrested in London by the police in order of the New York Justice department. Fanchini had strong connections to the Russian mob and was since 2004 involved in smuggling cocaine to the United States. In a book by Juergen Roth Fanchini was the third most powerfull mobboss in Europe.

 |2007-09-20|     Mafia accountant arrested
Giuseppe Lipari, a 72 year old man was arrested in Palermo. He is suspected to be the accountant of Bernardo Provenzano, who was arrested in 2006. Lipari allready had a criminal record.

 |2007-08-15|     6 men executed in Germany
In Duisberg, Germany, 6 Italian men were found death on the street in front of an Italian restaurant with bullets in their heads. The victims were members of a family in Calabria and fled their country due to the war with another family. Both victims and murderers are members of the 'Ndrangheta, Calabrian organised crime. The youngest victim was 16 years old and the oldest 39. The men were executed according to the German police.

 |2007-08-07|     Mafia htiman arrested in Palermo
Franco Franzese (b. 1964), a hitman for the mafia in Sicily was arrested in Palermo. He is being charged for murder and extortion. Franco is a close member of Salvatore Lo Piccolo who is still on the run and who is said to be the successor of Bernardo Provenzano who was arrested in 2006.

 |2007-08-01|     Movie about Lucky Luciano
45 years after Luciano's dead they are finally going to make a biographical movie about him. The 60 year old Joseph Isgro will be the producer, he is also the man who nailed the rights for the Hoffa film in 1992. Isgro has once been associated with the Gambino family by the FBI but Isgro laughs with these charges saying he's only part of the Isgro family. The distribution is planned for New Line Cinema and the actors are not yet identified, but Isgro says some of the Sopranos actors will star in this movie.

 |2007-06-24|     9 mafiosi captured in Sicily
9 mafiosi who are believed to have connections to the Corleonesi are captured in Palermo. They were planning murders on small time criminals when they were arrested.

 |2007-06-12|     New Mafia movie starring Robert De Niro
A new Mafia movie starring Robert De Niro is sheduled for 2008. The movie will be called 'The winter of Frankie Machine' and is about an ex mob hitman lured back into his former profession. The movie is written by David Levien (Runaway Jury, Oceans 13) & his co writer Brian Koppelman.

 |2007-05-25|     Vito Rizzuto sentenced to 10 years
Vito Rizzuto, the Montreal crime family boss is sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murders of the 3 renegade Bonanno capo's in 1981. Rizzuto is 61 years old.

 |2007-04-22|     The Untouchables - Al Capone rising
Brian De Palma is currently shooting a new movie about the rising of Al Capone in Chicago. The prequel to 'The Untouchables' from 1987 will star Nicholas Cage as Capone and will be released in 2008.

 |2007-04-11|     Provenzano & Riina
Former bosses of the Corleonesi, Bernardo Provenzano & Salvatore Riina, have to appear before court again for a murder they are believed to have committed in 1969. Both men are allready serving a life sentence.

 |2007-03-27|     Camorra boss caught in Naples
Vincenzo Di Lauro, the 31 year old boss of the Di-Lauro Clan in Naples was arrested. He was the succesor of his father who was apprehended in 2005 by the police.

 |2007-03-20|     180 mafia suspects caught in Naples
The police has arrested 180 suspected mafia members in South of Naples. The police also arrested children and women. They are being charged with drug charges with the Camorra.

 |2007-02-13|     Salvatore 'Toto' Riina transfered
Toto Riina, who's in prison since 1993 is transfered to a hospital.
For a couple of years now Riina has problems with his heart.
Riina is 77 years old.

 |2007-02-07|     La Camorra builds an illegal city
The Napolitan Mafia, The Camorra, has illegaly built 50 appartments in a suburban of the South-Italian capital city.
In 3 years time there has developt a small city in Casalnuovo, North-East of Naples.
See the dutch article here.

 |2007-01-25|     Salvatore Lo Piccolo still on the run
The Police was hunting down about 48 members of the Mafia in Palermo.
Salvatore Lo Piccolo, the successor of Bernardo Provenzano is still on the run.

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