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 |2016-05-18|   "He made the best pizza's around"
In the coastal city of Scheveningen, in The Netherlands, police arrested 73-year old Rocco Gasperoni, owner of Rocco's Pizza and noted for his near legendary pizza's. Neighbors where surprised when hearing the news, but then reminded that from time till time they indeed saw strange guests showing up at late hours. Rocco, who is acquainted with the 'Ndrangheta, has had a long history in crime. In 1997 he was arrested in Spain with boss Giuseppe Belfiore for smuggling hash. He was sentenced to 14 years, but while awaiting trial he fled to the Netherlands. There he started a new life and began several businesses. Because he has been living that long in The Netherlands he cannot be extradited to Italy and will most likely sit out his jailtime in a Dutch prison.

 |2016-04-18|   Mobster caught through pizza delivery
Roberto Manganiello, a faction leader of the Marino clan in Naples and on the run since 2012, was convinced no one knew his whereabouts and therefore wasn't to worried as he sat in his flat in Orta di Atella whilst watching a football game with his girlfriend. In the meantime he ordered some pizza like any other would, but was caught by surprise when the pizza courier was accompanied by about fifty policemen. Manganiello, who is a nephew of reputed boss Gennaro Marino, is prime suspect in a double homicide dating back to 2004.

 |2016-03-01|   Rizzuto lieutenant Lorenzo Giordano shot dead
Lorenzo Giordano, a high ranking lieutenant in the ranks of the Montreal Mafia, was shot down this morning on the parking lot of a gym in Laval. He had just be released from jail since last December after being jailed for 10 years. Because of that he had not been active during the Rizzuto warfare, but did re-enter the newly structured Rizzuto family under the new command of Stefano Sollecito and Leonardo Rizzuto. However, after both alleged leaders got arrested recently it seems the organization has destabilized once more. Giordano, a known trustee of Francesco Arcadi, possibly founded himself in the turmoil.

 |2016-02-11|   Over 100 men arrested on Sicily
Yesterday police in Sicily arrested more than 100 men who are believed to be affiliated with the Laudani family, a clan which originates from Catania and also has ground in Germany and the Netherlands. The clan is held responsible for several bombings, target assassinations, drug trafficking and extortion. The patriarch of the family, 90-year old Sebastiano Laudani has been detained as well as several of his nephews. Also three women, who allegedly played a key rol in the clan's administration, were arrested. They are known as the "three queens of Caltagirone", named after a town close to Catania. The Laudani clan is believed to be behind a string of violent attacks in the 1990s, including the murder of a prison warden and a lawyer who had refused to be bought. "They were a real cancer", Catania mayor Enzo Bianco said.

 |2016-01-29|   Italy captures 2 of the country's most wanted mobstes
This morning Italian police have arrested 2 of their most wanted criminals, being 47-year old Giuseppe Ferraro and 37-year old Giuseppe Crea. Both men were living in a well hidden bunker in the hills of Agro di Maropati. Ferraro had been on the run since 1998 to avoid murder charges. Crea, who is the leader of the Rizziconi clan, had ran off in 2006. Inside the rather spacious bunker police found several weapons including Kalashnikovs and shotguns. Both men had a large involvement in the international drug trade.


 |2015-12-13|   Long wanted 'Ndrangheta chieftain captured in Belgium
Sebastiano Signati(49), one of Italy's most wanted criminals, has been caught in a hospital in Brussels. Signati is a capo in the Pelle Vottari clan and stranded on the most wanted list since 2004. Before being arrested he fled Italy and went to live in Belgium for a number of years where he used several aliases. He is considered to be an important link between South-American drug suppliers and Calabrian buyers and is suspected of importing more than 3 tons of cocaine. (Source:

 |2015-11-16|   Bonanno capo Peter Lovaglia arrested for assault
Peter Lovaglia, a 53-year old reputed captain of the Bonanno family, was arrested recently for assaulting the owner of a local Japanese restaurant, called Takayama Sushi Lounge. Lovaglia had gotten into an argument earlier that night at the restaurant. The owner, who was struck in the face with a cocktail glass, had to be taken to a local hospital. Lovaglia has been out of prison since March, after being jailed for 2 years due to parole violation.

 |2015-11-12|   Matthew Madonna tied to murder case
Matthew Madonna, who had been recently sentenced as a result of Operation Heat, is now being linked to the 2013 murder of Michael Meldish. Meldish, who was 61-years old at the time of his death, was an elder leader of the Bronx based Purple Gang, which was affiliated with both the Genovese and Lucchese families. Meldish and his brother Joseph, who is serving a life sentence for murder, have been suspected in as many as 70 contract killings carried out on behalf of the Mafia during the 70's and 80's. Investigators believe his death was a direct result of a dispute between him and Madonna. Terrence Caldwell, the man whom is suspected of carrying out the hit, is already behind bars.

 |2015-10-05|   Lucchese bigshots sentenced as result of Operation Heat
Early this month two senior bigshots of the Lucchese family were sentenced as a result of Operation Heat, which ended an illegal gambling ring back in 2007. At first Martin Taccetta, the former underboss, was sentenced to 8 years for racketeering. Taccetta was already serving a life sentence for earlier racketeering convictions. One day later Matthew Madonna, who once parted the families ruling panel, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his role in the gambling scheme, which approximately brought in 2,2 billion dollars during a 15 month period.

 |2015-08-05|   Former DeCavalcante boss John Riggi passes away
Monday, at the age of 90, the long serving boss of the DeCavalcante family, John Riggi, passed away. For years he was involved in union and labor rackets before becoming head of the family and succeeding Sam DeCavalcante. In 1989 he was arrested for labor racketeering and was later also charged with the murder of real-estate developer Fred Weiss. Whilst in prison he kept running the family by using several substitutes. In late 2012 he was released from prison but suffered from bad health. During his last few years he was treated at home by a nurse until he passed away. Acting boss Frank Guarraci is now believed to step in as official boss.

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