|Calabria/ Italy|  Roberto Pannunzi

Born:  1946

Dead:  /

Roberto "bébé" Pannunzi is a leading member of the 'Ndrangheta and is a major drug trafficker.

Pannunzi grew up in the Siderno region in Calabria, which was once ruled by powerful 'Ndrangheta leader Antonio Macri. In time he started to play a significant role in the transatlantic cocaine trade between Colombia and Italy. He also acted as a drug broker between the Sicilian Mafia and the 'Ndrangheta. He held a close association with the Colombian Medellin Cartel, in such a manner that his son was set to marry a Cartel related girl. On a frequent basis Pannunzi was granted stacks of money from several Calabrian clans in order to set up large drug shipments to Spain and Italy. The scale in which Pannunzi operated was in such manner he was able to export up to 2 tons of cocaine each month. His network was worth billions of dollars and therefore he was regarded as being Europe's most wanted drugtrafficker.

During investigations led by the DEA, Colombian ministry and Italian ministry, his name was noticed on several occasions and soon Pannunzi was wanted by Interpol. In 1994 he was detained in Colombia and was extradited to Italy, but was released when his detention order expired. Ten years later he was arrested again and this time was sent to prison. However, in 2010, after being treated for heart-disease in a private hospital in Rome, he escaped and successfully fled the country. While being on the run Pannunzi continued his drug affairs from Colombia and lived under the alias "Silvano Martino".

In July 2013 Pannunzi was arrested in a shopping mall in Bogota. He was carrying a fake Venezuelan passport. The next day he was deported to Italy where he will face a new trial.


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