|Calabria/ Italy|  Pasquale Condello

Born:  September 24, 1950 - Calabria

Dead:  /

Pasquale Condello was the boss of the Reggio Calabria region in Calabria, which is a strong part of the 'Ndrangheta. He was known as 'The Supreme One' and was considered to be the big shot inside the 'Ndrangheta because of the power of his bloodline family. He recieved several life prison terms due to many crimes such as the murder of a head of the Italian State railway in 1987.

Condello - De Stefano alliance
Condello is believed to be one of the murderers who killed 'Ndrangheta boss Antonio Macri in 1975. A murder which led to a war within the 'Ndrangheta ranks and cost about 300 lives. Condello formed close ties with the notorious and respected De Stefano brothers from his hometown Reggio Calabria, who became the leaders of the region after Macri's death. Paolo De Stefano even became best man at Condello's wedding. In 1985 another war inside the 'Ndrangheta was triggered when Condello's sister married a clanleader in San Giovanni. De Stefano didn't support the new alliance between the Condello and Imerti families, which led to violence 2 years after the marriage. In 1985 Paolo De Stefano was shot dead. 2 years later Condello was responsible for the murder of a head of the Italian State Railways. The war raged on for a couple of years and several men from both sides were killed. The conflict was eventually put aside with the help from other 'Ndrangheta bosses.

Condello was seen as a key figure between the Calabrian and Colombian drug trafficking ring. He was listed on the most wanted fugitives of Italy next to others such as Sicilian boss Salvatore Lo Piccolo. He was eventually arrested in February 2008 after being on the run for 18 years and recieved 4 life prison sentences for murder, extortion, drug trafficking, money laundring and Mafia association. According to the police Condello owned several real estates and businesses in Rome and other Italian regions worth up to €54 million.

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