|Campania/ Italy|  Michele Zaza

Born:  1948 - Naples

Dead:  July 1994 - Rome

Michele Zaza was a boss of a large Camorra organisation and operated from Marseille, France. He was nicknamed The crazy man by many of his crew members. Zaza had contacts with Columbian drug kartels and was active in the narcotic trade. In his early days he smuggled large amounts of cigaretts through out the country. Here he made his first black market fortune. Through his later life he was succesfull in the narcotics trade and spended his money mainly in buying casino's and restaurants in the South of France.

Zaza allied himself with the Fidzanti Family from Sicily, so he was well covered if any dispute between the Camorra and the Cosa Nostra would happen. During the mid 80's he was arrested in Italy, but with the Mafia controlled Democrats still in power in Italy he didn't expect to be there for a long time. He said he had a heart deffect and was sent to a prison hospital where he just got out of bed and went away. A month later he showed up at the French Riviera.

Zaza negotiated with the Nr. 3 man of the Cali drugs kartel, Franklin Jurado Rodriguez and they agreed a deal. Zaza handled the European smuggling routes for the Cali Cartel, earning even more money. In 1989 he was arrested but again he escaped without any problems. By the 1990's Zaza had built himself a remarkable empire from Italy to France with connections to Sicily and Columbia amongst others. He owned many restaurants and casino's, knowing this was a very good way to earn even more money and was a good way to launder large sums of money.

In 1993 Zaza was arrested in his luxery villa in Nice, France. The French were allready looking in casino's etc. to find big laundering rings, this operation was called 'Green Ice'. Bank accounts were investigated and his links with the Columbian drug kartel proved more that Zaza was a big time drug trafficer. A total of 36 million in drug funds was seized and Michele Zaza was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He died in prison due to a heart attack in 1994.

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