|Agrigento|  Giuseppe Settecase

Born:  1901 - Agrigento

Dead:  March 23, 1981

Giuseppe Settecase was the regional boss of Agrigento and was a member of the Sicilian commission. He was an important figure in the so called 'French Connection' during the 1950's.

Boss of Agrigento
Giuseppe Settecase, sometimes written as Settecasi, was born in 1901 in the Southern part of Sicily. He became part of the Mafia and worked closely together with Mafiaclans from Siculiana, Sciacca and Agrigento. Settecase became involved in heroin trafficking and forged relations with the Corsican Mob, eventually becomming involved in the massive international drug ring known as the French Connection during the 1950's. When the Cupola (Sicilian Commission) was formed in 1957, he was appointed as the provincial boss of Agrigento. That same year he was said to have attended the Apalachin conference, possibly to discuss the newly formed Sicilian Commission.

By being the Agrigento boss he had organisations such as the Manno, Cuntrera and Caruana families working for him. Many members of these families moved to Canada during the 50's and 60's to create an overseas branch of the Sicilian Mafia and to set up a drugtrafficking network. Settecase oftenly traveled to Montreal to meet with his men. For example, when associate Nicolo Rizzuto had a fallback with Calabrian mob boss Paolo Violi during the 1970's, Settecase came over to interfere with the dispute. Settecase was a very important and influencial leader of the Sicilian Mafia and had large stakes in the drugtrafficking business. Therefore he also visited the US several times to have meetings with American Mafia families.

During the early 1980's the Sicilian Mafia was at war when the Corleonesi of Toto Riina took over the commission and murdered everyone in their path for control of the drugbusiness. Settecase, who was nearly 80 years old by then, also fell victim to the violence and was shot to death in a café in Siculiana. Possibly he was murdered for being an allie to Stefano Bontade, Salvatore Inzerillo and Gaetano Badalamenti, the main rivals of the Corleonesi who controlled much of the drugpipeline to the US. A couple of months later also Leonardo Caruana, an important lieutenant of Settecase and boss of the Caruana clan, was shot dead while attending his sons wedding in Siculiana. The leadership of the Caruana-Cuntrera clans then passed to Paolo Cuntrera, who was living in Venezuela with his 2 brothers. The Venezuelan branch, once under Settecase, was mainly used for laundring drugmoney from the US.

(Source:, "Angels, mobsters & narco-terrorists" by Antonio Nicaso, "The Sixth Family" by Adrian Humphreys)

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