|Calabria/ Italy|  Giuseppe Piromalli

Born:  March 1, 1921 - Calabria

Dead:  February 19, 2005 - Calabria

Giuseppe 'Don Peppino' Piromalli was the boss of the Gioia Tauro clan, which is a part of the 'Ndrangheta. He became boss of the clan after his elder brother Girolamo died in 1979. The Piromalli's formed strong bloodbounds with the Molè family, which operates as the Military branch of the organisation. The Piromalli-Molè Families controle a huge international drug and weapons trafficking network through Europe and has close ties with Colombian drug kartels. According to the anti Mafia direction they are the largest crime organisation group in Western Europe with about 200 made members.

In 1974 the Piromalli's were the strongest 'Ndrangheta organisation next to the DeStefano brothers and the Antonio Macri clan. During the 70's the clan became very wealthy for their involvment in the city's steelworks. Giuseppe was arrested in 1984 after he was on the run for killing a rival. 2 years after recieving a life prison sentence he was again convicted, this time for his criminal involvments. Piromalli, ill with terminal cancer, was released in 2003 to be taken care of by his family. He died at the age of 83 in February 2005. The family is currently run by his nephew Giuseppe Piromalli jr.

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