|Palermo|  Giuseppe Lucchese

Born:  September 2, 1959

Dead:  /

Giuseppe Lucchese was a member of the Mafia in the Brancaccio neighbourhood in Palermo. He was one of the most favourite hitmen of Salvatore Riina during the Second Mafia war in the early 1980's. The gang of Lucchese was headed by Giuseppe "Pino" Greco, a viscious killer who worked in favour of Riina and the Corleonesi. He and Vincenzo Puccio murdered Pino Greco in 1985 in order of Riina, who saw Greco as a future danger. Puccio was granted the position of chief in the Greco Family from Ciaculli as a reward. In 1989 Puccio was murdered and Lucchese took his place as mademento in the Ciaculli Family. Lucchese was arrested on April 1, 1990, and is jailed for life. He was charged with 30 counts of murder, amongst them his participation in the murders of Mafia bosses Stefano Bontade, Salvatore Inzerillo and general Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa (1920 - 1982) and communist politician Pio La Torre (1927 - 1982).

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