|Campania/ Italy|  Giuseppe Dell-Aquila

Born:  1962

Dead:  /

Giuseppe Dell'Aquila is a member of the Camorra and was briefly one of Italy's most wanted criminals.

Giuseppe Dell'Aquila was born in Giugliano in 1962. He became associated with the Contini and Mallardo clans and became part of the Secondigliano Alliance, which during the 1990's was one of the most powerfull Camorra alliances in Italy. He was largely involved in drugdealing in the Northern suburbs of Naples. According to a turncoat named Salvatore Giuliano he also worked as the military wing of the alliance, oftenly performing contract hits on rivals. Giuliano claims that Dell'Aquila committed about a hundred murders, although these accusations have never been confirmed.

In later years Dell'Aquila became involved in the Camorra's construction sector along the coastline between Naples and Rome, where he extorted and corrupted companies and workers. In 2002 police placed out an arrest warrant on him and from then on he went in hiding. After the arrest of Edoardo Contini in 2007 he was believed to have rose the ranks, becomming a leading member in both the Contini and Mallardo clan.

In August 2009 police located Dell'Aquila on a yacht in the Gulf of Naples and made an attempt to arrest him. Being on the lam however makes a man on his guard and when seeing the police approaching he jumped into the water, swimming his way to safety. For the next 2 years he was again off the radar and in 2011 found a way into Italy's most wanted list, until police managed to locate him in the village of Varcaturo a couple of weeks later. On the 25th of May police raided his fortified villa and arrested him on grounds of extortion, money laundring and robbery. Although turncoats linked him to numerous murders he is not charged with homicide.


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