|Palermo|  Gaetano Lo Presti

Born:  1956 - Palermo

Dead:  December 16, 2008 - Palermo

Gaetano Lo Presti was a leader in the Porta Nuova district and lived most of his life behind bars. Lo Presti was one of the suspected mafia leaders who were allegedly trying to rebuild a provincial commission in Palermo. He and his clan backed Villagrazia boss Benedetto Capizzi to become the new and overall leader of Palermo. This position, once taken by Cinisi don Gaetano Badalamenti, hasn't been filled in for at least 10 years. State TV reported that investigators believed Lo Presti was planning to kill off supporters of a rival who'm he didn't want to see rising to the Mafia top. He had served 27 years behind bars before eventually rejoining his men. He only enjoyed his freedom for a couple of years until he was arrested again on December 16, 2008, after what authorities called a historical Mafia raid. About 90 Mafia members, most of them belonging to Palermo clans, were hunted down and taken into custody. All of them are accused of crimes including extortion and trafficking of weapons and drugs. Like many he was brought to Pagliarelli prison in Palermo. Knowing that he would be sent to prison for a long time again, he decided to take measures into his own hands. Later that day the Carabinieri discovered Lo Presti death in his cell. He had used his belt to hang himself.

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