|Riesi|  Francesco Di Cristina

Born:  July 18, 1896 - Riesi

Dead:  March 19, 1961 - Riesi

Francesco Di Cristina was the father of mafiosi Giuseppe Di Cristina and was, like his son, also born in a connected family, his father was also a man of honor. Francesco was born in 1896 as youngest of 5 children in Riesi, Sicily, to Giuseppe Di Cristina and Angelina Capizzi. He was later on connected and respected by Calogero Vizzini, Giuseppe Genco Russo and Michele Navarra. Although he gained much wealth during his life, he always dressed modest and didn't acted as a rich man. Francesco also had good political connections. He married his cousin Rosina and had four sons with her. He died a natural death on March, 19 1961.

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