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The Greco Family
The Ciacullie Family, or Greco Family, is an old criminal family which had his origins during the mid 1800's. They were one of the strongest forces of the Sicilian Mafia. Ciacullie is an outlying suburb of Palermo and counts less than 5000 residents. In Croceverde Giardini, a town nearby, resided another Greco family. It is possible that both families shared the same ancestor, a man named Salvatore Greco who was one of the most known and well respected mafia bosses of the country during the 1800's. Many of the Greco brothers, fathers, cousins and sons shared the same names. They are separated from each other due to their nicknames such as "Piddu u tinenti" or "Ciaschiteddu".

In 1939 both factions began a bloody vendetta when Piddu The Lieutenants son was murdered. In 1946-1947 the war would reach a boiling point as two prominent and old members were murdered of the Ciaculli side. The men in Ciaculli knew it was Salvatore Greco who was responsible for the murders. Soon 2 men of Salvatore were murdered in retaliation. In 1947 a streetbattle occured in Ciaculli where three women were involved (it was not common for women to involve themselves in Mafia business). A man was shot down when Antonina (born 1896) and Rosalia (born 1928) saw it happen. When the wounded man was still alive, the 2 women ran outside with knives and stabbed the man to death, not much longer the 2 women themselves were shot by the victims sister and brother. Rosalia was killed and Antonina was wounded, she was resued by her 18-year old son. The Mafia bosses in Palermo confronted Salvatore 'Piddu The Lieutenant' Greco and demanded him to stop the war. He called in the help of a Mafia capo in Villabate, Antonio Cottone, who had ties with American mobsters. Not much longer Joseph Profaci was seen in Sicily. It is claimed Profaci had a keyroll in the peace between the 2 factions.

After the war the 2 factions still were very powerfull. A known member from Ciacullie is Salvatore 'Ciaschiteddu' Greco.
Known members from Croceverde Giardini are Michele 'The Pope' Greco and his cousin Giuseppe Greco. Ciacullie was also the location of the so-called Ciacullie-Massacre in 1963, where several police officers and military officers were killed by a bomb. The bomb was intended for Salvatore 'Ciaschiteddu' Greco. It was the culmination point of a bloody mafia war between rival clans in Palermo, known as the first Mafia War.
The picture above shows the dead body's of the police officers after the bombing on a truck.

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