|Campania/ Italy|  Edoardo Contini

Born:  1955

Dead:  /

Contini was a powerfull boss of the Camorra and was on the run since 2000. Born in 1955 in Naples he began working his way up in criminal life. Franco Roberti, the top anti-mafia prosecutor in Naples, described Contini as "the Camorra's top criminal mind". Contini built an economical empire even when he was on the run. In 2005 the absent Contini was sentenced to 20 years in prison due to mob association, extortion, murder, drug trafficking and money laundring. Contini was one of the criminals listed on the 30 most wanted list in Italy. Many of that list are allready jailed, for example Sicilian boss Salvatore Lo Piccolo. In his house police also found a couple of pizzini's, encrypted notes that were meant for his captains or other members. He was arrested in December 2007 after a police raid in Naples.

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