|Palermo|  Carlo Constantino

Born:  January 20, 1874

Dead:  Somewhere in the 1930's

Carlo Constantino was born in 1874 and came to America and was associated with Pietro Morello and Vito Cascio Ferro. In 1903 he was arrested in relation for the Barrel murder (a man was found in a barrel, his neck was sliced open from ear to ear.) because they thought he was Tommaso Petto and was released. In 1909 he sailed back to Sicily, about the same time as Joseph Petrosino. Constantino is believed to be the killer of Petrosino together with Antonino Passananti in order of Don Cascio Ferro. Costantino was deported from Sicily in 1932 to Lampedusa, an island where the facists sent political and criminal prisoners. On his return to Parlermo he opened a feed warehouse, but died soon afterward in a mental hospital riddled with syphilis.

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