|Calabria/ Italy|  Antonio Macri

Born:  1902 - Siderno

Dead:  January 20, 1975 - Siderno

Antonio Macri was the boss of the Siderno area in Calabria, Italy, somewhere from the early 1960's until his death in 1975. He was a strong allie of Domenico Tripodo, the boss of Reggio Calabria.

Macri was born somewhere around 1902 in the town of Siderno, Calabria. In 1929 he was charged with illegal firearms and again in 1932 for causing bodily harm to a person. His reputation grew in years to come and in 1945 he was arrested for robbery, attempted murder in 1947 and murder with aggravating circumstances in 1958. Macri was described as a man with great authority and respect. He was connected to Michele Navarra, the Mafia leader of Corleone (during those days the Corleonesi were conscidered to be a small time Mafia organization and was often reffered to as a peasant family). Somewhere during the 60's he also alligned himself with Girolamo and Giusseppe Piromalli, leaders of the Gioia Tauro region.

Macri and his associates eventually had a disagreement which evolved in war. In January 1975 Macri was murdered. According to an eyewitness a young Pasquale Condello was one of the gunmen. The aftermath of Macri's death was violent and many were killed later on, including Macri's allie Domenico Tripodo in 1976. Tripodo's clan was then in hands of Paolo De Stefano, an associate of Condello.

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