|Partinico|  Antonino Passananti

Born:  1880's - Sicily (?)

Dead:  1969 - Sicily

Antonino Passananti was an early mafiosi from Sicily who had a brief history in America. He was connected with Don Vito Cascio Ferro and the Morello gang during the early 1900's.

During his stay in America Passananti is believed to have lived their under the false name of LoBaido. He was heavily involved in counterfeiting and extortion with fellow Sicilian natives Vito Cascio Ferro, Giuseppe Clemente and Carlo Constantino, amongst others. In 1909 Passananti and Constantino both travelled back to Sicily about the same time as New York policeman Joseph Petrosino sailed to Italy. Petrosino was about to make investigations about a large counterfeiting ring in both Sicily and America. On March 12, 1909, Petrosino however was murdered on the street. A couple of weeks later Passananti and Constantino were already named as suspects for the crime. However, in 1912 a man named Carlo Battista made claims that the killers were Salvatore Mucuoloso and Francesco Cassisi, also associates of Cascio Ferro and Passananti.

Upon the arrival of Constantino and Passananti in Sicily, Constantino sent a telegram to Giuseppe Morello which stated "I LoBaido work Fontana". LoBaido being the fictional name of Passananti. He however managed to escape conviction for Petrosino murder. His criminal record in Sicily afterwards shows many other crimes until his (so believed) suicide in 1969.

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