|New York|  Willie Altierri

Birth: ?

Death: 19?? - New York

Willie "Two knives" Altierri was a Sicilian gangmember of Frankie Yales crew in early 1900s and was considered an important Black Hand member. He is believed to be responsible for, amongst others, the murder of Irish gangleader Wild Bill Lovett on November 1, 1923 together with Vincent Mangano. Yale fought an ongoing war with the Irish White Hand Gang. First former White Hand boss Dinny Meehan was killed in his bedroom next to his wife (who survived the attack) and Altierri was the man to kill his successor, Wild Bill Lovett.

Frankie Yale was known to be a nice guy to his friends, he was called 'Prince of Pals', but a danger to his enemys. But not only his enemies were victim of Frankies unpredictable and aggressive behaviour, sometimes he would smack his brother to the ground if they were having a discussion. Altierri found out about a informer within the gang. He killed the man with two knives he struck in the informers chest and broke off the blades. (There he probably got his nickname Willie "Two Knives" Altierri) When Altierri turned back to Yale and presented the handles of the knive to him, Yale had them mounted on a plaque and hung it up in his office.

Petey Behan, brother of Joey Behan had been killed under suspicious circumstances when Joey tried to assasinate Alteiri's boss Frankie Yale. This action resulted in an assasination attempt on Willie but the "White-Hand" gang killed the wrong man, the man they shot was Antonio Gibaldi, Vincenzo Gibaldi's father.

Yale was murdered in 1928 in orders of Chicago boss Al Capone. While the hearse was passing in the streets, Dinny Meehans wife (who was also shot during the killing) is believed to have spit on Yale's $15.000 casket. It is unknown when Altierri died after the gang went down.

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