|New York|  William Cutolo

Birth: June 6, 1949

Death: May, 1999

William "Wild Bill" Cutolo was a high ranking member of the Colombo Family and later headed a rival faction against the Persico rule within the family after boss Carmine Persico was convicted in 1986.

The Colombo war 1991 - 1993
William Cutolo was born in Italy but grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Here he became a soldier to Colombo capo Pasquale Amato and rose the ranks under acting boss Victor Orena. The current Colombo boss that time was Carmine Persico, who kept on leading the family behind bars after his 1986 conviction. Persico wanted his son Alphonse to become his successor. Current acting boss Vic Orena however wasn't to happy with that decision. The family broke in 2 factions which rivaled eachother from 1991 until 1993 and led to the murder of 12 men. Orena was backed by the majority of the family, but the Persico's would eventually win the war partially thanks to a corrupt FBI agent who provided information to a Persico captain. In late 1991 Cutolo escaped a murder attempt made by Persico gunmen. In retaliation he ordered to hit Scarpa Jr. a loyal captain of Carmine Persico, while he was driving his car with his granddaughter and daughter. They survived the attack as he pushed his peddle and rushed away from the gunmen. The war came to an end in 1993 after the murder of Joseph Scopo, a captain of Vic Orena and a powerful racketeer. The murder led to a couple of arrests, including that of Victor Orena and Cutolo's mentor Pasquale Amato. Persico was victorious and his faction won the war. Cutolo was demoted to the rank of soldier.

Surprisingly, when Allie Persico came out of jail and took the position as acting boss, he appointed Cutolo as his underboss. In May, 1999, Cutolo was summoned to meet Allie Persico and was never seen again. In 2004 Allie Persico and his new underboss were indicted for the murder of Cutolo, Testifying against them was Cutolo's son, Billy Jr, and a former Gambino captain. In 2007 federal witness Salvatore Vitale testified in court against Persico, telling that he and Persico met and confessed the killing of Cutolo. In October 2008 the police was eventually led to a mob burial ground in East Farm, Long Island, by turncoat Joseph "Joey Caves" Competiello. Here they discovered a corpse wrapped in a tarp. The body was later identified as that of William Cutolo, who was murdered 9 years prior. In February 2009 acting boss Alphonse Persico and Jackie DeRoss were sentenced to life for the murder.

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