|Canada/ Ontario|  Vincenzo Luppino

Birth: 1926 - Italy

Death: July 13, 2009 - Canada

Vincenzo "Jimmy" Luppino was a boss in the Ontario area of Canada and was an associate of Hamilton boss John Papalia and brother-in-law of former Montreal boss Paolo Violi.

Vincenzo was born to Domenica and Giacomo Luppino in Calabria, Italy, in 1926. He was the oldest of 10 children. In the early 1950's the family left Italy and headed for Canada. In 1963 Vincenzo married Maria Paiano with who'm he had 2 daughters. While living in Canada Vincenzo's father became associated with Buffalo boss Stefano Magaddino and Hamilton leader Johnny "pops" Papalia. The Luppino family also stretched it's arm to Montreal where Vincenzo's sister Grazia married Paolo Violi.

During the 1950's and 60's the Italian underworld florished in Canada. This however also brought violence with it. Brother-in-law Paolo Violi was murdered in 1978 during a grip for power within the Cotroni Family, leaving his sister behind as a widow. In 1982 Paul Volpe, a man who'm was brought into the Magaddino Family thanks to Vincenzo and his father, was found murdered in the trunck of a car after 21 years of service. In 1987 Luppino's father died of natural causes and Vincenzo became less active within the family. In 1997 John Papalia was murdered in orders of rival boss Pat Musitano. Musitano also gave orders to kill Luppino and his brothers but those plans were aborted for some reason. These claimings were made by mob killer Ken Murdock during an interview in 1999.

Vincenzo Luppino died on July 13, 2009, at the age of 83. During his funeral there were about 350 mourners from which several were members of the Hells Angels. Luppino was never convicted for any crime but 2 of his brothers were for a 1982 fraud.

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