|New York|  Vincent Squillante

Birth: June 17, 1919

Death: September 30, 1960 (?)

Vincent "Jimmy Jerome" Squillante was a capo in the Gambino family until he dissapeared in 1960. He was a hitman and protege of Albert Anastasia.

The Garbage Don
Squillante was born in New York in 1919 as one of 9 children. During the 1940's he became affiliated with the Mangano family from Brooklyn. Throughout the years Squillante brought in millions of dollars from garbage extortion rackets, leading to his nickname "The Garbage Don". His specialty was persuading Long Island businessmen in agreeing to have their garbage collected by companies owned by him and his brother Nunzio. If not they harassed them, threatened them or brought the teamsters union on their necks.

Squillante was well liked by waterfront kingpin Albert Anastasia who also vouched for him in the family. When boss Vincent Mangano and his brother Philip were murdered in 1951, Anastasia became the new boss of the Mangano family. This led to the elevation of Squillante as a capo in the organization. In 1957 Anastasia reputidly ordered Squillante and his thugs to murder underboss Frank Scalise. On June 17 Scalise was shot dead when walking through a vegitable market. That same year also Scalise's brother Joseph was murdered. His body was never found, but it is also suspected that Squillante was responsible for the hit.

Indictment and dissapearance
Later that year boss Albert Anastasia was murdered himself in orders from Carlo Gambino, who then took the lead. With Gambino on top a cleanup in the family began. The leadership was reformed and capo Armand Rava, a man loyal to Anastasia, was killed and replaced. Squillante however was permitted to keep his position in the organization under Gambino. In 1960 he was indicted for extortion charges in the waste and sanitation industry. The FBI had put it's eye on Squillante and his associates Bernard Adelstein and Nick Ratteni. They had documented the influence that Squillante and Bernard Adelstein, leader of Teamster 813, reached in Long Island and wanted to bring them before justice.

To do so the FBI investigated a couple of firms owned by organized crime figures linked to the schemes. These included General Sanitation Co., owned by Squillante and his brother Nunzio, Corsair Cartin Co., also owned by the Squillante's, and Sunrise Sanitation, owned by Lucchese members Carmine Tramunti and Tony Corallo. However on September 30, 1960, before the trials had started, Squillante dissapeared without a trace. The FBI at first believed he was on the run, but later realized he had been murdered. His killing was probably prearranged by Gambino because of his former loyalty to Anastasia and also as revenge for the killing of the Scalise brothers 3 years earlier. Years later the police overheared Nino Gaggi, a nephew of Scalise, claiming he was the one who shot and killed Squillante. He had shot him in the head and then dumped his body in a furnace down in a basement of a building. Gaggi was afterwards rewarded for the killing by becomming a made member.

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