|New York|  Vincent Mangano

Birth: March 28, 1888 - Sicily

Death: April 19, 1951 - New York

Vincent Mangano was the boss of the Mangano family (Now known as the Gambino Family) throughout the 1930's and 40's. He replaced Frank Scalise who was dethroned due to his supportive connections with Salvatore Maranzano. His brother Philip operated as his right hand man.

Becomming the Brooklyn boss
The Mangano brothers, their father and also Joseph Profaci shipped towards America in 1921. ( Mangano settled in Brooklyn and became associated with Brooklyn bosses Frankie Yale and Salvatore D'Aquila during the 1920's. Mangano frequently worked for both leaders as for example on November 1, 1923, he, Willie "Two Knives" Altieri and Johnny "Silk Stocking" Giustra were responsible for the murder of Irish gangleader Wild Bill Lovett on behalf of Frankie Yale. His main focus though became the Brooklyn waterfront, of which he became the absolute leader. In 1928 both Yale and D'Aquila were murdered. D'Aquila was replaced by by Al Mineo, the original Brooklyn Waterfront boss. Mineo was a strong ally of New York's boss of bosses Giuseppe Masseria which would eventually lead to his downfall. On December 5, 1928, Mangano was present at what is believed to be the first National Crime meeting at the Statler Hotel in Cleveland. It is not clear if he was representing Al Mineo or he himself was invited. Another attendant of the meeting was Joseph Profaci, his old associate and Long Island boss. However, the police had noticed the growing number of 'tough guys' round the hotel and started to register their names. Soon they realized these men weren't the average businessmen but were all reputed bootleggers and criminals. The police immediately took action and arrested about 23 men. 9 of them were from Brooklyn, 7 from Chicago, one from Buffalo and a couple of men from other places such as Tampa and New Jersey. When the host of the meeting, Cleveland boss Joseph Porello, heard about the arrests, he payed the bail for his associates.

During the late 1920's Mangano earned fortunes on the waterfront. He and his associates would threaten to prevent cargo from being loaded or unloaded if the shipping company refused to pay a tribute. Mangano's men would force workers to pay a fee for every day they worked on the docks - because of this, the mob knew exactly what was on each ship and could choose what to steal. During the Castellammarese war of 1930-1931 Mangano's superior Al Mineo was murdered because of his close ties with Masseria. Frank Scalise was then appointed as Mineo's successor by Masseria enemy Salvatore Maranzano, in an attempt to strenghten his position and to weaken Masseria. With the loss of strong allies such as Mineo, Masseria found himself in a losing position and was eventually murdered in April 1931. Six months later however also Maranzano was killed by his own men. As a result Scalise was dethroned as Brooklyn boss because of his close ties to Maranzano and the heads of the New York families favored Vincent Mangano to succeed him. By this Mangano became the leader of a strong organization which was heavily involved in bootlegging, extortion and above all, the waterfront.

Mangano fullfilled his role by creating new business rackets for the family and to sent capo's to regions outside of Brooklyn such as New Jersey and Florida. Mangano also had close ties with the vice-president of the International Longshoremen's Association, Emil Camarda, and together established the City Democratic Club. The club promoted bedrock American values in the front room, while illegal activities were hatched in the backroom. It became a regular meeting place for the members of Murder Inc., the violent crew of assassins which performed murders on behalf of the commission. Mangano made Albert Anastasia, a man of violent nature with a large presence at the New York docks, as chief of Murder Inc next to Jewish racketeer boss Louis Buchalter. By this he gave Anastasia the opportunity to become a very powerful man and to form strong ties to men such as Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello.

Feud with Anasastia
Mangano was a man who lived by the old rules and wasn't to fond of any modern changes in his family, much to the dislikes of several underlings, including Anastasia. It is stated that the Mangano brothers often argued with Anastasia and started to resent him. Although it ultimately took a full 20 years of working together for matters to come at hand, Mangano eventually met his end at the hands of Anastasia. Anastasia is believed to have heard of a plot to kill him being formed by his boss and decided to take pre-emptive action. Philip Mangano was found murdered near Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn on April 19, 1951. Vincent also vanished the same day without a trace. His body has never been found. Though Anastasia never admitted of having a hand in the Mangano murders, he managed to convince the heads of the other families that Vincent Mangano had been plotting to have him killed, and was named as the new boss of the family.

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