|Canada/ Montreal|  Vic Cotroni

Birth: 1911 - Calabria, Italy

Death: September 19, 1984

Vic "The Egg" Cotroni was the boss of the Montreal Mafia during the 1950's until the mid 1970's.

Early life
Vincenzo Cotroni was born in Calabria in 1911 and moved to Montreal in 1924 with his parents and brothers and sisters. Rather than attend school, he worked briefly as a carpenter and then as a professional wrestler under the name Vic Vincent. When he was 20-years old he already possessed a criminal record, including the rape of a woman named Maria Bresciano, who dropped the charges after the victim became his wife. She would stay by his side until her death.

Becomming the Montreal boss
In 1953. Cotroni allied himself to Carmine Galante and the New York based Bonanno family. Galante and his partners wanted to make Montreal a pivotal location in the importation of narcotics during the so called French Connection. By the 1960's Cotroni, who had never learned to read or write, was riding high and enjoying life in luxury. His house at Lavaltrie had elaborate marble floors, an enormous conference room, a walk-in industrial sized refrigerator, a built-in movie screen, six bathrooms and expensive ornate chandeliers. Cotroni also donated huge sums of money to churches and charities in Montreal. Although enjoying his wealth he did keep a low profile and therefore was not appeciative when Maclean's, an informative Canadian magazine, referred to him as the 'godfather' of Montreal in one of their articles. With help from his lawyer he sued the magazine for $1.25 million in damages. The judge however concluded that Cotroni's reputation was tainted and awarded just an insulting $2, a dollar for the English version and a dollar for the French version.

on Tuesday April 30th, 1974, Cotroni and his protege Paolo Violi were over-heard on a police wiretap threatening Hamilton Mafia Boss John Papalia because he had used their names in a $300,000 extortion plot without notifying them. They summoned Papalia to a meeting and demanded $150,000. Papalia argued that he had only received $40,000 from the deal in the first place. Cotroni however was not amused and threatened to kill him. For that Papalia, Violi and Cotroni were taken to court and sentenced to six years in prison for their individual crimes.

On Sunday January 22nd 1978, Paolo Violi was assassinated by the Sicilian faction of Nicolo Rizzuto. Vic Cotroni remained sheltered in his Lavaltrie home for weeks after the murder, not willing to interfere since he had recently resigned. In years to come he remained on the background but was still visited by some old associates for guidance and help. Cotroni died of cancer on September 19, 1984, at the age of 74.

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