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Birth: 1929

Death: /

Thomas Gambino is the son of legendary boss Carlo Gambino, nephew of Paul Castellano and son-in-law of Lucchese Family don Thomas Lucchese. He was a caporegime in the Gambino Family for a long time and was primarily active in the Garment industry.

Involvement in the Family
Thomas Gambino was the first born son of Carlo and Catherine. He didn't became a made man of the Family until after his fathers death in 1976. His father died in 1976 and appointed his cousin, Paul Castellano to succeed him. Castellano then promoted Thomas as a caporegime. However, some members of the Gambino Family weren't happy with the fact that Gambino had chosen Castellano above Aniello Dellacroce. Two weeks after Dellacroce passed away, his loyalists murdered Catstellano and his underboss in front of a Manhattan restaurant. Thomas Gambino was believed to be present inside the restaurant the time of the murder. John Gotti, the man who had ordered the Castellano hit, then took over the family. He however let Thomas Gambino to keep on running the Garment industry side of the family. Thomas also set up a multi million trucking company which earned him fortunes.

In December 1990 Gotti, Salvatore Gravano, Frank LoCascio and Gambino were arrested for 11 murder charges, racketeering, extortion, illegal gambling and loansharking. Gravano eventually turned government witness, sending boss John Gotti to jail. For some reason the charges against Gambino didn't held as much as the US government wanted, as he was released on bail, but sentenced to five years for loansharking, as well as pleading guilty on two counts of racketeering in the Garment District from the 1980's. Gambino recieved a fine of 12 million$ and was jailed for 5 years. He was eventually released in 2000. Gambino is believed to have retired from the Gambino organization and currently lives in Beverly Hills.

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