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Birth: July 18, 1947

Death: /

Steven "Wonderboy" Crea is a high ranking member of the Lucchese family and is thought to be the current streeboss.

Life in crime
Steven Crea was born in the post war era and was inducted into the Lucchese family sometime in the 1980s under the reign of Anthony Corallo.By 1990 he was appointed capo by Victor Amuso, leading a Bronx based crew. He was specialized in labor racketeering and gained influence over Carpenter's Local 608 and Concrete Workers Local 282. In 1993, with help from Anthony Casso, he became underboss of the family. At one time a faction of the Lucchese family wanted Crea out of the picture because he shifted power back from Brooklyn to the Bronx, as it had been in the old days. The plot was stopped after several of them were arrested.

From 1997 and 1999 Crea took a lead in the family's large interests in construction work. They made bribes with contractors and demanded taxes. In 1998, when then acting boss Joseph DeFede was arrested, he became the new acting boss of the family. One year later, however, Crea was overheard talking to Sean Richard, the son-in-law of mob boss John Riggi, who was wearing a wire. By this it was revealed that he and several others had been working together with a faction of the Gambino family in extorting local officials of New York City's carpenters, laborers and bricklayers unions.

In 2000 Crea and others were indicted for labor racketeering and extortion. The New York District attorney stated that they had schemed off millions of dollars from several construction projects. Therefore he was charged with a 34-month sentence. Crea was released in 2006 and was then hardly seen at his old neighborhood as he had a contact restrain, but as off 2009, when the restrain expired, he was believed to have stepped up once more as acting boss to official boss Victor Amuso. In May 2017, Crea and two dozen other Lucchese members, amongst them Matthew Madonna, and associates were arrested during a massive FBI takedown. They are being charged with multiple crimes ranging from drug trafficking to murder. Crea was reputedly also involved with scheming millions of dollars from the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital true a Mafia backed construction firm called Sparrow Construction.

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