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Sing Sing is a rather nice name given to a place which wasn't that joyfull. Sing Sing is a maximum security prison which was called after the original name of Ossining, New York, and lays on the banks of the Hudson River. The prison was opened in 1828 and was refered to as 'Mount Pleasant'. Sing Sing, which could hold up to 1700 inmates, was also the place where many mafiosi were jailed in the late 1800's, early and mid 1900's. However, jail time wasn't the only thing mobsters went through as some spend their last days at Mount Pleasant.
Here's a list:

  • Monk Eastman, 1904-1909, Monk Eastman Gang
  • Waxey Gordon: 1914-1916, gangleader
  • Owney Madden, 1914-1923, Gopher Gang and Mob associate
  • Pellegrino Morano: 1917-1938(?), Brooklyn Camorra
  • Alessandro Vollero: 1917-1933, Brooklyn Camorra
  • Albert Anastasia: 1920-1921, D'Aquila Family
  • Thomas Lucchese: 1921-1924, Gagliano Family
  • Joe Valachi: 1925-1928, Genovese Family
  • Carmine Galante: 1927-1927, Bonanno Family
  • Franscesco Caruso: 1927-1933, D'Aquila Family
  • Joseph Lanza: 1937-1939, Luciano Family.
  • Charles Luciano: 1942-1946, Luciano Family, transfered from Dannemora prison.
  • Jacob Shapiro: 1944-1947, Murder, Inc

  • Executed:
  • Louis Rosenberg: Executed in 1914, Lenox Avenue gang
  • Harry Horowitz: Executed in 1914, Lenox Avenue gang
  • Charles Becker: Executed in 1915, policeman
  • Anthony Paretti, executed in 1927, Camorra
  • Martin Goldstein: Executed in 1941, Murder, Inc
  • Harry Strauss: Executed in 1941, Murder, Inc
  • Frank Abbandando: Executed in 1942, Murder, Inc
  • Harry Maione: Executed in 1942, Murder, Inc
  • Louis Lepke Buchalter: Executed in 1944, Murder, Inc
  • Emanuel Weiss: Executed in 1944, Murder, Inc
  • Santo Bretagna: Executed in 1949, Bonanno Family associate

  • As you can see most of the executed men were members of Murder, Inc. All of them were sent to 'old sparky' thanks to their former partner in crime, Abe Reles. There were actually more crime members executed and jailed at Sing Sing prison, but I don't have records of them. For instance there was Frank Fevrola, a Camorra member who was sentenced to the deathhouse for a murder which took place in 1917 during the Mafia-Camorra War, but was spared in 1923, just 7 hours before his execution. Also Aniello Paretti, another Camorra member and brother of Anthony Paretti, was jailed for a 1917 murder and escaped the death house when he became a free man in 1923. Also a number of Morello Gang members were imprissoned at Sing Sing, for instance Giuseppe Di Primo, who was jailed for counterfeiting and was the brother of the murdered man in the barrel, 1903.

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