|Chicago|  Samuel Carlisi

Birth: December 15, 1914 - Chicago

Death: January 2, 1997 - Chicago

Samuel "Wings" Carlisi was a high ranking member of the Chicago Outfit and was boss of the organization from 1989 until 1993. His brother, Rosario Carlisi, was a capo within the Magaddino Family.

Black Sam
Samuel Carlisi, also known as "Black Sam", was born in Chicago on January 2, 1914, and by the 1940's was known to be involved in illegal gambling. His crimes at the time however didn't led to any jailtime in particular. He began his criminal career within the Chicago Outfit as a driver for Joseph Aiuppa in Ciciro. By that time his brother joined the Magaddino family and would become close to it's boss Stefano Magaddino. Roy was also one of the men arrested during the Apalachin meeting in 1957. carlisi was known to hang on to the old days and also kept on wearing a fedora even long after it fell out of style. In 1984 he was arrested and convicted for tax evasion. Carlisi payed his fine and only served a small prison term, being a free man again in 1986.

In 1986 Joseph Aiuppa, who had become the boss of the Chicago Outfit, was also arrested and jailed. Carlisi, who had the previlege to meet and befriend many top figures inside the organization thanks to Aiuppa, was now being linked to men such as James Marcello and Anthony Zizzo. During the late 1970's he and Ernest Infilise became partners in JEP Truck Leasing. The company was later believed to be used for laundring massive profits from illegal gambling, loansharking and fraud. When Joseph Ferriola was appointed as the new boss, Carlisi became his second in command. Ferriola however was suffering from a bad heart and died in 1989 after a heart transplant. sometime prior to his death, former don and senior member Anthony Accardo suggested that Carlisi and John DiFronzo would both become in charge of the organization.

South Side crew
During the early 1990's the FBI began looking in to Carlisi's part with the South Side Crew, which was a Chicago Outfit branch. Carlisi was closely associated to Anthony Chiaramonti, a member of the South Side Crew. On tapes played to the court, Chiaramonti had grabbed a trucking company owner, Anthony LaBarbera, by the throat, lifting him in the air and warning him not to be late in paying juice loan money. LaBarbera was wearing an FBI body recorder at the time. In 1992 Carlisi was arrested with James Marcello, Anthony Zizzo, Anthony Chiaramonti, Richard Gervasio and Brett O'Dell. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison due to his part in racketeering, loan sharking and illegal gambling. He died in prison at the age of 82.

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