|Cleveland|  Salvatore Todaro

Birth: ?

Death: June 11, 1929

Salvatore "Black Sam" Todaro was a Cleveland mobster and briefly headed of the Cleveland crime family during the late 1920s. Managing sugar refineries as a member of Joseph "Big Joe" Lonardo organization during Prohibition, he later became acting head of the Lonardo family while Lonardo traveled to Sicily. Todaro had ties with powerfull New York mobsters such as Joe Masseria. However, despite his high ranking position, it has been speculated that Todaro allied himself with rival mobster Joseph Porello following a dispute with Lonardo and arrainged for the death of Lonardo upon his return in 1927.

As Porello succeeded the longtime Cleveland crime boss, Todaro became a lieutenant within the Porello family. However, Todaro fell under the suspicion of the remaining Lonardo family who suspected his involvement in Lonardo's death. Todaro was murdered by Angelo Lonardo and his cousin Dominick Sospirato on June 11, 1929. Todaro believed he would go talk to the widow of Joseph Lonardo who'm he respected. It is believed that Todaro was one of the shooters who killed Lonardo.

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