|Philadelphia|  Salvatore Sabella

Birth: 1891 - Castellammare Del Golfo, Sicily

Death: 1962 - Sicily

Salvatore Sabella was the boss of the Philadelphia Mafia and was related to Stefano Magaddino, the notorious Buffalo boss. His brother Dominick Sabella was a member of the Brooklyn based Castellammare organization under Cola Schiro and later Salvatore Maranzano.

Sabella was born in Castellammare Del Golfo around 1891. There he worked for a butcher during his teens. The butcher was a rather violent man who occasionaly had serious outburst. Sabella eventually murdered his employer in 1905, at the age of 14. He was convicted and sent to prison for 3 years in 1908. During his jailtime in Milan, Italy, he became associated with the Mafia. After he got out of prison he immigrated to America in 1911. When he arrived in New York he settled in Brooklyn, where many native Sicilians lived. There an allie of Salvatore D'Aquila and Stefano Magaddino. In 1919 he was sent to Philadelphiaby by D'Aquila and Magaddino to start a Castellammarese community. Salvatore Sabella is credited with being the first Black Hand mafioso in the 'City of Brotherly Love'. As a front he sold cheese and olive oil and also owned a soft drink cafe. He was able to gather young Sicilian hoodlums such as John Avena, picking up petty rackets such as gamling and robbery along the way. Sabella was also suspected of killing Leo Lanzetti in 1925 and 2 others in 1927. Luckily for him he escaped prossecution on all three charges.

During the Castellammarese war he backed Salvatore Maranzano in his fight against Joe Masseria. Sabella reputidly stayed a while in New York to fight against Masseria's forces. After the war Sabella returned to Philadelphia where he stepped down as boss. A possibility why he resigned could be of the heat he felt from the police. He reportidly moved back to Sicily where he spent his last 30 years on a peacefull retirement. His rackets in Philadelphia were battled over by John Avena, Joseph Bruno and the Jewish racketeers after he left.

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