|New York|  Salvatore Montagna

Birth: 1971 - Montreal, Canada

Death: November 24, 2011 - Montreal, Canada

Salvatore "Sal the iron worker" Montagna was the alledged acting boss of the Bonanno Family from 2006 until 2009.

The Bonanno family
Salvatore Montagna was born in Montreal but grew up in Sicily. Aged 15 he moved to to the United states and went to live in New York City where he fell under the wing of former Bonanno boss Joe Massino. Montagna married a girl namd Kellice Gucciardo in the early 1990's and together had 3 daughters. By marriage he related himself with the Gambino Family and Genovese Family. Montagna started a legal business as a metalworking and owned his own company called Matrix Steel Co, leading to his nickname 'Sal the Iron Worker'. In 2002 he was arrested for loansharking and illegal gambling and one year later pleaded guilty to criminal contempt charges for refusing to answer any questions in front of a Manhattan grand jury. When Massino's successor Vincent Basciano was arrested in 2006 Montagna was appointed as acting boss. However, since Montagna was indictment in 2003 he had been detained by immigration authorities who noticed he wasn't an American citizen. They eventually had him deported to Canada in April 2009.

Back in Montreal he was acquainted with the Rizzuto Family, a longtime Canadian branch of the Bonanno Family. During the time of his arrival several influential members of the Rizzuto family, such as Agostino Cuntrera and family patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto, were however assassinated. Early reports claimed that the killings were caused by frictions between the Bonanno and Rizzuto families, but later it became clear that the Rizzuto family was dealing with an internal battle. Since Vito Rizzuto's incarceration in 2007 and Project Colisee the family was weakened and was open for takeover. Raynald Desjardins, a former right-hand man of Rizzuto, gathered his allies and turned against Rizzuto. They murdered their way to gain control over the organization and it's many businesses but were stalled by Montagna, who acted on behalf of the New York Bonanno family. Since the collaboration between the Rizzuto and Bonanno family had lasted for about half a century it is possible that the Bonanno's still demanded their say inside the Montreal Mafia, but in reality their influence had declined in the past few years.

On November 24, 2011, Salvatore Montagna's dead was found on a small island near Repentigny, Montreal. He was killed by a single shot. A month later Canadian police arrested 6 men, including Raynald Desjardins, on suspicion of ordering the hit.

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