|New York|  Richard Lonergan

Birth: January 16, 1900 - New York

Death: December 27, 1925 - New York

Richard "Peg Leg" Lonergan was a rival of the notorious Frankie Yale during the 1920's. He was the leader of South Brooklyn's White Hand Gang and brother-in-law of Wild Bill Lovett, who married his sister Anna. In 1923, Lonergans mother shot and killed his father, John Lonergan. Lonergan's father was a member of the Jay Street Gang after they moved to Irish Town. He cheated, gambled, drank and abused his children, giving them beatings on a regular base. This statement was given by Anna Lonergan, Peg Leg's mother, after she killed her husband. She was later acquitted for the murder.

Lonergan earned his nickname 'Peg Leg' because of his prothese leg. When he was young he was hit by train and lost his leg. He once recieved a bicycle but couldn't use it because of his leg. He started to rent his bike to others in his neighbourhood and with the money he earned he bought a couple of new bikes. He eventually started a bike shop where he sold and rented bikes. Around that period Lonergan met an Italian who wanted to let Lonergan sell drugs at his store. Lonergan was insulted and didn't agree and therefore beat the man up. The Italian wasn't to pleased with this action and he told the police Lonergan was selling stolen merchandise at his shop. Lonergan lost his store and had to work on a farm. There he met and befriended Wild Bill Lovett which would change his life.

In December 1925 Al Capone, Chicago's new boss, was invited by his former mentor Frankie Yale to a christmas party in one of Yale's speakeasy's, The Adonis Club. Lonergan and four of his pal's went on drinking that night and halted at the Adonis club around 3AM. They sat at the table and soon were insulted by Yale, Capone and other Italian mobsters. One of Lonergan gangmembers went to their table and was smacked with a bottle in his face. This resulted in gunfire and Lonergan and 2 of his pal's were killed. This attack was known as the Adonis Club Massacre. This massacre proved that Capone had absolute power, even when he was not in Chicago.

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