|New York|  Richard Kuklinski

Birth: April 11, 1935 - New Jersey

Death: March 5, 2006

Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski was a vicious killer who had contacts within the Mafia. Kuklinski himself claims he killed more than 100 - 150 men. Even his own family didn't know that Kuklinski was a murderer, they always thought he was a succesfull businessman. Richard was married and had 3 children.

When he was young, he often got beatings from his alcoholic father. He started with his psychopathic deeds when he start killing cats and other animals. When he was 14 he got into a fight with a boy who later on died of his injuries. His parents eventually left Richard when he was 16 making him homeless, so he started his criminal career. He also got into a fight with 6 other boys that year almost killing each one of them.

Richard proclaims he often killed for Roy DeMeo, but none of the DeMeo members proved that Kuklinski was indeed a hitman working for them. He was once seen on surveillance cameras when he was leaving the DeMeo headquarter, The Gemini Lounge, but this was just to buy a gun they said afterwards. Kuklinski also said he was responsible for the 1983 killing of DeMeo, but evidence shows that everything leads not to Richard, but to 2 of the DeMeo members and a Gambino family supervisor, Anthony Gaggi.

Richard was called "The Iceman" because of his methods to remove all evidence from a body. Kuklinski put the body of his victims in a freezer so the authority's could not know the exact day and hour of the victims dead. In 1986 Richard was caught thanks to an undercover agent who acted as a person who wanted to hire Richard to kill a man. In 1988 he was sentenced to life in prison. He also got fame in the psychopathic community and often gave interviews with doctors. These interviews were filmed and later became documentaries. Kuklinksi died when he was 70 years old in March 5, 2006. Police proclaimes that his dead is from natural causes but some say the dead of Richard was ordered by Gambino underboss, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, because Richard would testify before court against Gravano and without Richards testimony, they would have nothing against Gravano.

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