|New York|  Red Levine

Birth: 1903

Death: ?

Samuel "Red" Levine was born in the Midwest and got his nickname 'Red' because he had red hair and his face was covered with frickels. He was an Orthodox Jewish syndicate hitman who refused to kill on the sabbath. He befriended Meyer Lansky somewhere in 1914 and stayed long life friends together with Doc Stacher amongst others. Levine was a member of he Murder, Inc. crew led by Louis Buchalter and Albert Anastasia. He was, amongst others (probably also Bo Weinberg), hired by Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano to kill Salvatore Maranzano in his office in 1931. Levine also had a beef with another Murder, Inc. killer ,Charles Workman, sometime around 1939, Saying: "any time I've got a contract, Charlie is around to do the killing". Meaning that the greedy Workman took all of Levine's job choices.

He was portrayed by Paul Bruce in the original The Untouchables television series from 1959 - 1963.

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