|New England|  Raymond Patriarca

Birth: March 17, 1908 - Massachusetts

Death: July 7, 1984

Raymond Patriarca was the boss of the Patriarca Family in New England for nearly 30 years. His son, Ray Junior, succeeded him after his death.

Early Life
Raymond Loreto Salvatore Patriarca was born in Massachusetts, 1908, to Italian immigrants. His father ran a liquor store but suddenly passed away when Patriarca was 17 years old. The boy was up to no good and Patriarca was arrested various times for crimes ranging from armed robbery to auto theft. In 1930 he tried to help a couple of friends escape from prison, but the jail break failed and a prison guard got killed. In the 1930's Patriarca was given the status of Enemy Nr. One by the FBI in his home base Rhode Island but strangly enough was given a pardon from the governor in 1938 when he was arrested for burglary.

The Patriarca Family
During that period of time Patriarca was alligned with Sicilian Philip Buccola, the reputed head of the rising Rhode Island Mafia. In 1952 a couple of Buccola hitmen murdered Irish rival Carleton O'Brien outside his home in West Warwick. With O'Brien dead the syndicat had removed most of it's counterparts and rose in power. Two years later however the elderly Buccola moved back to Sicily to avoid prosecution and appointed Raymond Patriarca as his successor. Under Patriarca the organisation extended to Boston where the criminal activities were run by Jerry Angiulo, a good earner but not a made guy in the family. After Angiulo ran into trouble with other mobsters because of that he solved that problem by paying Patriarca a large amount of money to be made.

Patriarca formed a strong alliance with the powerfull New York mafia families, notably the Genovese Family, and his underboss, Henry Tameleo, was actually part of the Bonanno Family. In 1957 he was one of the invited bosses to the Apalachin meeting, but instead sent over his consigliere Frank Cucchiara to represent him. A good decision since the police raided the place and arrested almost every attendant. In 1962 the FBI bugged Patriarca's office at his Coin-O-Matic Distribution Company, which would reveal many payoffs to the governers office and judges in the Rhode Island area. It wasn't until 1967 however that Patriarca was arrested. One of his men, Portugese hitman Joseph Barboza, had turned governement witness and pointed to Patriarca in the murder against Providence bookmaker Willie Marfeo, leading to his arrest for murder conspiracy. Both Patriarca and underboss Henry Tameleo were sentenced to 10 years in 1969. After serving 5 years he was released from prison and hunted for Barboza. In 1976 one of his hitmen caught up with Barboza in San Francisco and killed him.

Murder charges and death
This didn't end his legal problems. In 1983 he faced charges for ordering the murder of burgler Ray Curcio after the man had broken into the home of Patriarca's brother Joseph. One year later he was arrested for yet another killing, that of bank robber Robert Candos. However, justice never met up with 76 year old Patriarca again because in 1984 he died from a heartattack before the trials had started. He was succeeded by his son, Raymond Jr.

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