|New York|  Raffaele Daniello

Birth: 1886

Death: 1925

Raffaele Daniello was an early member of the New York Camorra and betrayed his fellow camorristi after he became a federal witness in 1917.

Daniello arrived at the shores of Ellis Island in 1907 under the false name Alphonso Pepe. He was a wanted man back in Naples after he had killed a woman. In New York he got associated with fellow natives from the region of Naples. In 1916 things heated up between the Camorra and the Morello gang. Camorra boss Pellegrino Morano persuade his fellow cammorista to kill Nicholas Terranova. In September 1916 Terranova and his bodyguard Charles Ubriaco visited the saloon of Daniello to have a drink just before they went to see Andrea Ricci. Both men were murdered some time after they left Daniello's saloon. In 1917 Daniello and Ricci were arrested for robbery.

He was released before moving away to California with his new love, Amelia Valve from Prospect Street, South Brooklyn. He sent letters to his former Navy St crew asking for money to be sent to him, but his requests were ignored. The police eventually tracked Daniello down in Reno and brought him back to Brooklyn to face a new murder charge. When the indictments were brought against Daniello on the charge of murder, grand larceny and perjury he began to tell the police everything he knew about the Navy Street gang and the recent murders. This led to the arrest of bosses Alessandro Vollero, Anthony Parreti and Pellegrino Morano for the murders of Charles Umbriaco and Nicholas Morello in 1916. Because he had cooperated with the police he got a reduced sentence. A shortwhile after being a free man he was arrested again in Coney Island for assault. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison. After his release he was found shot death in New Jersey.

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