|Buffalo|  Peter Magaddino

Birth: February 25, 1917

Death: August, 1976

Peter Magaddino was a Buffalo mobster and was born inside a well connected and very respected family in 1917 or 1922. He was the son of legendary Buffalo Boss Stefano Magaddino and was related with several other top figures of the Maffia. His wife was a niece of Buffalo underboss and businessman John Montana. He was a Capo in the Magaddino crime family of Buffalo and also served as the Underboss from 1965 untill 1968.

Peter Magaddino was an alleged participant, with his uncle, Antonio "Nino" Magaddino in the alleged kidnapping of Joseph Bonanno during the Bonanno conflict of 1964-68 known as the "Bananas War. Joe Bonanno was kidnapped after walking down Park Avenue on October 21, 1964. However, it is possible that the kidnapping was staged and the Magaddino's helped Bonanno to hide from the commission untill the heat was over. After Bonanno was released his family was divided in 2 factions. Bonanno eventually left New York and moved to Tucson Arizona. However, it is believed that Bonanno actually stayed boss of his family untill his death in 2002.

Following the 1965 arrest and conviction of Magaddino underboss, Fredderico "the Wolf" Randaccio, Peter Magaddino was appointed by his father to run the day-to-day activities in Randaccio's place as Underboss. Magaddino was rumored to be seen by many high ranking members as undeserving of his crime family rank, specifically by the top family members. By the 1960's his father was seen by his many top Buffalo mafiosi as a paranoid and notoriously greedy leader who could not be trusted to lead the Buffalo crime family any longer. He was also blamed for the disastrous Apalachin Meeting in 1957. His father also escaped a couple of murder attempts during that time. A couple of high ranking members of the Magaddino family, including Joseph Todaro, were questionning Stefano's leadership and the family split in 2 factions. The internal strife in the Buffalo crime family continued and came to a head in November of 1968 when Peter and Stefano Magaddino were arrested and charged with innerstate bookmaking. During a search of Peter Magaddino's home in Niagara Falls, New York, the F.B.I. and agent Joe Griffin uncovered nearly $500,000 in cash hidden inside a bedroom wall of Magaddino's home.

The Magaddino's were deposed as crime family leaders by the dissident factions in 1969, but Stefano Magaddino remained the officially recognized Boss of the family by the Commission until his death. Probably because Magaddino played a big role in the history of the American Mafia. Peter Magaddino remained a loyal member of his father's faction until the elder Magaddino died on July 19, 1974, then he quietly removed himself from the criminal activities of the Buffalo crime family.
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