|New England|  Peter Limone

Birth: July 5, 1934

Death: June 19, 2017

Peter Limone is the current boss of the Patriarca family. He is probably best known for spending 33 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Falsely accused
Peter Limone was born in 1934 and became active in the Patriarca family as a bookmaker. As a youngster he was only arrested once for running a dice game.

In 1965 Edward "Teddy" Deegan was found murdered in Chelsea, Massachusetts. In the 1968 murdertrial Limone, Joseph Salvati, Henry Tameleo and Louis Greco were found guilty to murder after FBI informant Joseph Barboza pointed them out as the killers. However, Barboza himself was actually the real killer of Teddy Deegan but because being an important informer he was protected by the FBI. To cover his tracks the FBI, mainly under agent Paul Rico, set up 4 men who would take the fall. All 4 of them were found guilty and all, except Salvati, were sentenced to death. That sentence was later turned over to a prison sentence. In 2001, after serving 33 years, Limone was finally released from prison.

When the FBI "discovered" new evidence dating from the 1960's they finally became aware that Limone and the others had been framed. The case was yet another embarrassment for the FBI's Boston office. The office allready lay under fire for protecting informers such as Whitey Bulger and Barboza while they were permitted to continue their crimes. By the time the FBI realised that Limone and the others were innocent, 2 of them had allready died in prison.

After the only 2 surviving men, Salvati and Limone, were released the FBI apologised to them and had to pay a total of $102 million to them and the families of Henry Tameleo and Louis Greco. Limone was given a total sum of $26 million. Altough having gain such immensive wealth, he refused to retire to a sunny state and instead went straight back to the Patriarca organization, which had helped him and his family throughout the years he was locked away.

Boss of the Patriarca family
Since his release from prison Limone worked as the consigliere of the family and in late 2009 took over from retireing boss Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio. Rhode Island capo Robert Deluca is said to be his underboss. With Limone as boss the leadership of the family switches from Providence to Boston. In July 2010 Limone was charged for running an organized crime gambling ring, but was acquitted.

Peter Limone passed away aged 83, on June 19, 2017. He had been suffering from cancer for several years.


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