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Birth: November 15, 1939

Death: /

Peter "One Eye" Gotti was the boss of the Gambino family from 2002 until 2011. He is the brother of John Gotti.

The Gotti's rise to power
Peter Gotti was born in November 1939 to John and Fannie Gotti. He had four brothers, John, Gene, Richard and Vincent. He began cooperating with the Gambino family in his early 20's as an associate. He and his brothers were protected by powerful capo Aniello Dellacroce. When Dellacroce passed away then boss Paul Castellano shoved the Gotti crew aside, for which they were out for revenge. Peters brother John headed a rival faction who, with support from other families, forged a plot against Castellano and his close confidants. In the winter of 1985 Castellano was shot to death in front of a Manhattan restaurant. As a reward John was promoted to replace Castellano as head of the Gambino family. During the restructuring he made Peter a made man and appointed him as one of the new capo's.

During the time his brother ruled the family Peter didn't play a significant roll, until John was arrested and convicted in 1992. From then on Peter became the main go-between for his brother and his crewleaders. After his brother passed away in 2002 he became the new boss of the family. However, many discredited him as being unworthy and not capable. In 2004 he was arrested and locked away for racketeering. A ruling panel, including longtime friend John D'Amico, took the leadership while Peter was still considered as the big chief. After years of turmoil and instability the panel slowly switched command to the Sicilian faction of the Gambino family. In 2011 Peter was demoted as boss and was replaced by Domenico Cefalu. Peter became acting boss of the Gambino Family in 2002 and only lasted until 2004 when he was convicted of extortion and sentenced to 9½ years in prison. Peter also lost his wife of 42 years (Catherine) when it was discovered that he had a long affair with Marjorie Alexander (Alexander later committed suicide). Peter has a son, Peter Jr., who is allegedly an associate of the Gambino family.

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