|New York|  Pellegrino Morano

Birth: 1877 - Prata, Italy

Death: ?

Pellegrino Morano, known as "Don Pellegrino", was the boss of New York's Camorra after his predecessor Enrico Alfano was imprisoned for murder. His primary bases of operations were Coney Island and Harlem. Both Morano's organization and that of Salvatore D'Aquila would melt together and form the Gambino Family.

Camorra boss
According to immigration documents Morano entered America 2 times. Once in 1892 and permanently in 1912. His main activities in the beginning was selling stolen horses. Around the year 1912 he met and befriended Anthony Paretti, who would become his second in command. Morano is also believed to have been part in the slaying of Harlem don Giosue Gallucci in 1915. During that period Morano's gang began a cooperation with another Camorra organization based in Navy Street, which was in leadership of Andrea Ricci and Leopoldo Lauritano. Most of the time Morano would meet his men at his restaurant, the Santa Lucia, from where he gave orders and payed them. Being a Camorra leader Morano was also present during the initiation of other gangsters such as Andrea Ricci, Allessandro Vollero and Antonio Notaro in 1916. All three men would become important allies of Morano.

Fallback with Terranova
However Morano had some stature of respect in Brooklyn he couldn't help the fact that in some way he remained dependent from the notorious Morello gang. Morano was only allowed to run his policy game in Harlem after he payed them a weekly sum of money. Both Morano and his fellow Camorrista from Navy Street had frequent meetings with the Morello's. However, He felt he didn't receive the respect he earned and believed he was being extorted by the Morello's instead. Slowly he began to favour the idea to whipe the Morello's out to take over their very lucrative rackets. Allessandro Vollero, a high leveled member of Navy Street, supported Morano, also because he hated them for murdering a friend of his in 1914. Along the way many of the Camorra were in favor of removing 'The Sicilians'.

In November 1916 they finally made their move. Andrea Ricci lured Nicolo Terranova and Charles Ubriaco towards his territory with the false intention of having a meeting with them. As they were walking down the street they were suddenly halted and shot to death. Another man who was targeted was Stefano LaSale, who was saved because he was arrested a couple of days prior to the murders. After those murders a couple of others soon followed. One of them being Generoso Nazzaro, who was suspected of cooperating with the Morello's. Sometime later however a Camorra gunman by the name of Raffaele Daniello became a federal witness after he faced the death penalty. As if that wasn't enough yet another Camorra hitman by the name of John Esposito, charged with murder, also gave testimonies against Morano and Vollero. Both were found guilty to murder and other charges and received severe penalties. Vollero was sentenced to death in 1918, but saw his sentence being reduced to life imprisonment instead. Morano was also sentenced to life. After both did their time they are believed to have returned to Italy.
(Source: "The origin of organized crime in America" by David Critchley)

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