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Capuzzi was a member of the Castellammarese faction, headed by Salvatore Maranzano, during the Castellammarese war in 1930 - 1931. He was a reputed gunman and is credited with the murder of Steve Ferrigno, Al Mineo and Joseph Catania.

On November 4, 1930 a meeting of Masseria faction supporters was held in the Bronx apartment complex of lieutenant, Steve Ferrigno, located at 759 Pelham Parkway South in the Bronx. In attendance was believed to be a number of top Masseria members, including Steve Ferrigno and Ferrigno's boss Al Mineo. According to the testimony of former Maranzano faction member and mafia turncoat, Joseph Valachi, the Maranzano faction was alerted to the meeting in Ferrigno's apartment by a spy placed in the Masseria camp. Valachi had been instructed to rent an apartment in Ferrigno's complex long before the Maranzano faction was told of the meeting, the Maranzano faction members hoped to catch Joe Masseria himself, but according to Valachi on the night of the meeting they had an opportunity to eliminate practically the whole leadership of the Masseria faction. In the courtyard Al Mineo and Steven Ferrigno were murdered by Nick Capuzzi, Joe Valachi and a hitman known only as Buster from Chicago. Joseph Bonanno later said that after the Ferrigno and Mineo slayings the Maranzano forces and Gaeatano Gagliano's men celibrated for a week.

Capuzzi is also believed to be one of the gunmen who murdered Joseph Catania on February 4, 1931. The other shooters were Salvatore Shillitani and again the mysterious Buster From Chicago. In September 1931 Buster himself was murdered. Whatever happened with Capuzzi is unknown. It is also unknown wether or not he was murdered or jailed and from which family he was a part after the war.

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