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Birth: March 17, 1940 - New York

Death: /

Nicholas "Little Nick" Corozzo is a long going capo within the Gambino family and is the brother of current consiglieri Joseph Corozzo. He was on "America's most wanted" for a brief period after he went on the lam in 2008. He eventually turned himself in after being on the run for about 3 months.

Rivalry with John Gotti
Corozzo was born in Queens, NY, in 1940 to Italian emmigrants from Morozz Cuneo. While he started to work for the Gambino family as a soldier he became a rival to John Gotti during the 1980's. It wasn't until Gotti's conviction that Corozzo was promoted to caporegime. Junior Gotti however did like Corozzo and often sought his guidance. In 1992 he was trialed together with Junior Gotti for his involvment in the "Sliwa Shooting", where radio host Curtis Sliwa was kidnapped and shot after he had made offensive remarks about jailed boss John Gotti.

Gambino boss?
In the mid 1990s Corozzo's respect led to him being tipped as the new Gambino boss now with Gotti behind bars. Instead, Corozzo's 1996 arrest on racketeering charges and his subsequent guilty plea led to an 8 year prison term. After his release on June 10, 2004, Corozzo was again widely expected to take the reins of the Family, but this position was covered by Jack D'Amico. Corozzo was said to have retained his position as a capo despite health concerns and tight parole restrictions. In 2006 however a report showed that both D'Amico and Corozzo were leading the family with former acting boss Arnold Squilieri as underboss. His younger brother JoJo is alleged to be the Gambino consigliere.

On the run
On February 2008 the police arrested 62 Gambino members during a big scale operation named 'Old Bridge' after a research proces of 5 years by the FBI and Italian law enforcements. Acting Boss 'Jackie Nose' D'Amico and underboss Domenico Cefalu were arrested. Also his younger brother 'Jojo' was arrested. After he was informed about the crimes for which he would stand trial he went on the run, making him a fugitive and giving him a spot in "America's most wanted". On May 29, 2008, Corozzo eventualy turned himself in accompanied by his lawyer. In July that same year he pleaded guilty for leading a gambling ring in Queens and admitted he gave orders to murder Robert Avena, a Lucchese Family associate, in 1996. The hitsquad however also murdered the man sitting next to Avena who was not involved in Mafia business. Corrozo was eventualy sentenced to 13 1/2 years on April 17, 2009, for double homicide and racketeering. Officials were still afraid Corozzo could form a threat while being behind bars and therefore tried to appeal for having him isolated in prison, a request which was denied by the judge.

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