|New York|  Michael Sabella

Birth: 1911

Death: ?

Michael Sabella was a soldier during the 1950's under the reign of Joe Bonanno and was involved in gambling and loansharking rackets in his native Little Italy section of Manhattan. He became a Capo soon after the retirement of Bonanno and continued to serve throughout the 1970's under the rule of Carmine Galante. Sabella worked closely with Nick Marangello who was the consigliere to Carmine. Michael "Mimi" operated out of his Little Italy restaurant CasaBellas. After the murder of Carmine Galante 1979 Mimi was demoted back to the rank of soldier because of his close association with Marangello and Galante. Dominick "Sonny Black" Napolitano assumed control of the crew and moved it's power base from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Sabella was humiliated because Napolitano was a soldier who had been groomed by Sabella. In the early 1990's Mimi was arrested along with Marangello who was also demoted to a soldier status back in 1979. They were both given five year sentences for gambling and racketeering. CasaBellas restaurant still stands in the part of Manhattan referred to as Little Italy but it is not known if Mimi is still the owner. He is out of prison and is said to have retired from the Family.

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