|Pittsburgh|  Michael Genovese

Birth: April 9, 1919

Death: 2006

Micheal Genovese was the nephew of reputed New York boss Vito Genovese. Michael was located in Pittsburgh and rose in the ranks of the family. Michael was present at the 1957 Apalachin meeting that ran terribly wrong (The cops infiltrated the Joseph Barbara mansion and arrested many mob bosses). In 1976 Genovese was called before a grand jury to testifie, but he refused, saying he had "Bad Health" and got away with it. Genovese became the underboss of Sebastian La Rocca of the Pittsburgh family. In 1984, when La Rocca retired, Genovese became the boss of the family. Genovese Installed several key members to oversee bribery, narcotics trafficking, loan sharking and gambling in Youngstown, Ohio. In 1987 his underboss Joseph "Jo-Jo" Pecora died and the role was filled a year later by Charles "Chuckie" Porter. Then in 1990 Genovese, Porter, and crime family member Louis Raucci, Sr were indicted for their involvement of LIUNA Local 1058, Teamsters Local 1053 and 211. The relationship with these locals dated back to 1968 and previous leader John LaRocca. Genovese, once again using ill health, would be severed from the trial. Raucci would die in prison during the mid 1990s. Charles Porter would be released in December 2000. His release was an expose because he was uncovered as an FBI informant, having worked for the agency in during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Just as the Porter fiasco was being unraveled, Lennie Strollo of the Youngstown crew and their identified leader, would agree to cooperate with the government. He had previously been linked to two murders involving Pittsburgh soldiers working in Youngstown and an attempted murder of a local prosecutor. He also exposed the rampant corruption in the local Youngstown government and the profits the crews were yielding. These gains coming from burglarly, arson, narcotics, fraud and sports betting. Oddly Strollo would never testify against Genovese. Previously, in 1997, members of the Pittsburgh, Genovese, New Jersey and Los Angeles crime families were indicted for their involvement in skimming from a San Diego based Native American casino. Once again Genovese was not named.

His crime family still wields influence over gambling and still possibly over organized labor. In 2000, a government appointed lawyer attempted to rid LIUNA Local 1058 from their present mobbed up administration. The membership included Local president Dennis Martire, recording secretary Gerard Pecora, Phillip Ameris, Mark Machi, secretary-treasurer Fred Frydrych and John LaRocca, Jr. son of previous boss J. Sebastian LaRocca. Currently these attempts have yielded nothing in the way of actions. That same year brought the death of long time caporegime Antonio Ripepi and he preceded the death of long time capo Joe Sica in 1992.

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