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Birth: November 2, 1935 - New York

Death: /

Matthew Madonna is a former heroin broker and longtime member of the Lucchese family.

The Leroy Barnes affiliation
At a young age Madonna became an acquaintance of drug kingpin Leroy Barnes, whom he had met in 1959 while serving time in Green Haven prison. At the time, Madonna was associated with the Lucchese family. Since the Mafia was a leading player in heroin trafficking, he was able to supply Barnes with tons of drugs until he was busted in 1975 while having more than 20 kilograms of heroin in the trunk of his car. For that he was sentenced to a 30-year prison term. He was approached to help the FBI in their investigations, but refused.

In 1995, Madonna was released from prison after completing the mandatory 2/3 of his sentence. Shortly thereafter he was promoted to become a capo as a reward for his silence. After the conviction of Lucchese leaders Steven Crea, Louis Daidone, Dominic Truscello he was established in a 3-man ruling panel to handle the administration along with Aniello Migliore and Joseph DiNapoli.

Gambling scheme
In 2007 Madonna and several others were arrested during "Operation Heat", in which a multi billion dollar gambling network had been dismantled. The scheme had collected bets from thousands of gamblers through use of several sportsbetting websites. In 2010 he and others, such as Joseph DiNapoli, were indicted for illegal gambling and in addition, gun trafficking and loansharking. It lasted until 2015 for the trial to continue, were they all pleaded guilty to the charges. In October Madonna was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Shortly after his sentence investigators tied him to the 2013 slaying of Michael Meldish, who was an elder leader of the Bronx based Purple Gang. Together with his brother Joseph, who is serving a life sentence, Meldish has been suspected in numerous contract killings on behalf of the Genovese and Lucchese family. His death is believed to be a direct result of a dispute between him and Madonna.


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