|New York|  Louis Rosenberg

Birth: 1891

Death: April 13, 1914 - Sing Sing prison

Louis "Lefty Louis" Rosenberg was an early New York gangster working under Jack Zelig and corrupt police officer Charles Becker. Herman Rosenthal, a New York gambler and associate of Arnold Rothstein and Tammany Hall main man Big Tim Sullivan, was getting on the nerves of Becker because Rosenthal didn't want to pay all the money he demanded. Zelig, Lefty Louis and Harry Horowitz amongst others got the task to kill Rosenthal. In 1912 Rosenthal got a warning from them that if he didn't pay he would be killed. Rosenthal was angered but also scared of them so he went to Rothstein, who was building a good name on the streets for himself. However Rothstein offered Rosenthal some money to leave town, he refused. Afterwards Rothstein didn't offer Rosenthal any help. On July 16 1912 Herman Rosenthal was murdered outside the Metropol Hotel on Times Square(Some disagree the location) by Horowitz, Lefty Louis, Dago Frank and Whitey Lewis. The fall-out from the Rosenthal murder was huge, making national headlines. Lefty was captured and ratted out his friends under pressure. Charles Becker was arrested and Big Jack Zelig was murdered because they believed he was going to testify against them. Lefty Louis was electrocuted on April 13th 1914 in Sing Sing prison.

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