|Buffalo|  Joseph Todaro, Sr

Birth: September 18, 1923

Death: December 26, 2012

Joseph 'Lead Pipe' Todaro was the boss of the Magaddino Family from 1981 till 2006. He also was the family consiglieri from 1975 till 1977 and the underboss from 1977 till 1981. His son, Joseph Todaro jr. was the underboss during his tenure.

Joseph Sr. began his career with baking pizza's and started the La Nova pizzaria in North Tonawanda, New York, in 1957. In 1964 Todaro was listed as a capo in the Magaddino family. Todaro answered to then underboss Freddie Randaccio while also running a very lucrative bookmaking business. In 1965 Todaro was questioned about the death of Charles Gerass, but was never convicted. In 1968 Todaro went to Rochester to discuss and argue Magaddino's leadership with other Magaddino members, especially Frank Valenti. However, Magaddino would remain boss untill his death in 1974. Todaro became boss of the family in 1981, after the death of Sam Pieri. He was boss for over 20 years and also brought his son into the family. Under his command the family expanded their operations to Las Vegas and Florida. During the 1990's Joseph Sr. made his son acting boss while he relocated to Florida. During this period, as many of the old timers were long gone, the Magaddino family declined and saw it's numbers decreasing.

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