|Cleveland|  Joseph Porello

Birth: 1889 - Licata, Sicily

Death: 1930 - Cleveland

Joseph Porello was the boss of the Cleveland Mafia from 1927 until his death in 1930. Porello was also the host of wat is concidered to be the first national Mafia meeting in America in 1928.

Lonardo - Porello alliance
Joseph Porello was born in Licata, Sicily, as one of 7 brothers. His brothers included Rosario, Vincenzo, Jim, Angelo, John, Ottavio and Raymond. While living in Licata they worked at the Sulpher mines where they befriended Joseph Lonardo and his brothers. Both the Lonardo and Porello brothers came to America in the early 1900's and settled in Cleveland. Joseph Lonardo became a succesful businessman dealing in corn sugar and made Porello his 'corporal'. Porrello and his six brothers pooled their money and eventually started their own corn sugar business headquartered in the upper Woodland Avenue area. By this both sides became competitors of eachother. In 1926 Lonardo went back to Sicily for a 6 month vacation to his family. During his absence Porello moved in on his territory. When Lonardo arrived back in Cleveland he immidiatly noticed the change in power and demanded a sitdown with the Porello's. They arranged a meeting but Lonardo was lured into a trap and was murdered in october 1927. After Lonardo's death Porello took over. In 1929 Salvatore Todaro, one of Porello's leading members, was murdered by Angelo Lonardo who committed the crime to revenge his father.

After the takeover Joseph Porello arranged a meeting with his clostest associates across America, including Joseph Profaci, Vincent Mangano and others from New York, Florida, Chicago and New Jersey. The meeting, which took place at the Stattler Hotel, is now regarded as the first national crimesyndicate meeting in America. The meeting however ended terrible as all the attendants got arrested after the police noticed their presence. Joe Porello's reign as Cleveland boss would eventually be short lived. The Mayfield Road Mob led by Frank Milano was gaining power and musceled in on Porello's territory. Porello sought to merge, but at this meeting in 1930 Milano's men killed Porello along with Sam Tilloco, making Milano the next boss of the Cleveland Family.

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