|Philadelphia|  Joseph Ida

Birth: November 6, 1890 - Calabria, Italy

Death: 1960's - 1970's

Giuseppe "Joseph" Ida was the boss of the Philadelphia Mafia from 1946 until his deportation in 1959. He was the successor of Joseph Dovi who died in 1946.

Giuseppe Ida was born in Piumara Di Muro, a neigborhood in Calabria, Italy. After his immigration to America he became a naturalized citizen in 1919. While living in Philadelphia he associated himself with men such as Salvatore Sabella, the first recognized mob boss in the city, Joseph Avena and Joseph Dovi. In 1927 Sabella, Ida and 3 others were arrested for a double murder on 2 rival hoods. They eventualy beat the case. In 1946 he succeeded Joseph Dovi who died of natural causes in a New York hospital. While being boss he moved in on the leftovers of the Jewish Syndicate in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

In October 1957 Ida and his underboss Dominick Oliveto were arrested at Apalachin. This event was one of the katalysts for Ida to resign 2 years later. Another reason to leave America was his indictment on narcotics trafficking charges. Ida had been living in New Jersey and had one adopted son, who was his nephew. In 1959 the family moved away from America to Italy. New Jersey boss Sam DeCavalcante was later overheared saying "He was a quiet man, his pleasure was in reading books". Ida was succeeded by Antonio Pollina.
(Source: "The Mafia Made Easy" by Peter J. Devico;

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