|New York|  Joseph Guglielmo

Birth: 1928

Death: 1983

Joseph 'Dracula' Guglielmo was a viscious mobster who was a member of the Gambino Family and was based in Brooklyn. He was part of the Gambino Faction of Roy DeMeo, his younger cousin. This was a reputed crew responsible for about 70 or more murders. They were under the supervision of Gambino captain Nino Gaggi and were heavily involved in drug trafficking and pornography. In 1979 Guglielmo and Chris Rosenberg travelled to Miami to take a drug delivery worth millions of dollars from suppliers of a Colombian drug Kartel. After they took the cocaine they killed the suppliers because they didn't feel like paying. After dismembering the victims they disposed the body parts. Guglielmo and all the others in DeMeo's crew were serial killers, they murdered with pleasure, not to the likes of then boss Big Paulie Castellano, but then again, they were making good money.

It is said Guglielmo got his nickname Dracula from his blood rituals he did with the blood of his victims in his appartment. Because Rosenberg and Guglielmo murdered the suppliers of a Colombian drug kartel they were facing a war inside the criminal underground between the Gambino Family and the drug kartel. To avoid the all out war Gaggi ordered DeMeo to kill Rosenberg. On may 11, 1979 Rosenberg was murdered in the Gimini Lounge, the club of Roy DeMeo. It is said that DeMeo always felt bad about him killing Rosenberg, who was a good friend of his. In 1983 Gaggi's cousin and associate of the DeMeo's Dominick Montiglio became a federal witness. Fearing that also Guglielmo would become one he was reputidly murdered in order of DeMeo in 1983, but his body was never found. The son of Roy DeMeo, Albert DeMeo, would claim in his book 'For the sins of my father' that he drove Guglielmo to the airport in 1983 for him to leave New York, and never saw or heared from him again. This claim is still disputed.

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