|New England|  Joseph Barboza

Birth: 1932 - Massachusetts

Death: 1976 - San Francisco

Joe "The Animal" Barboza was born in Massachusetts to Portugese parents and became a boxer during the 1960's. He became associated with the Patriarca Family in 1958 who controlled New England (a name given to the six north-east states of America: Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine & New Hampshire) and became a fearsome hitman. Barboza claimed to have killed 26 men in his career. On October 1966 he was arrested in the 'Combat Zone' for a concealed weapon charge, his bail was $100.000. Barboza got concerned when Raymond Patriarca and Angiulo didn't pay his bail. Five weeks later still no reaction so 2 of Barboza's friends started to collect the money, but only came up with $59.000. The 2 men decided to go inside the 'Nite Lite cafe', property of a made guy within the Patriarca Family. The 2 men wanted to collect money but were shot to dead and were dumped in Boston. Not only were 2 of Barboza's men murdered, the $59.000 was missing to.

In december Joe Amico, another friend of Barboza, was murdered and a couple of days later Barboza's trial started. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Instead of doing time he decided to talk in 1967. On June 20, Patriarca and Henry Tameleo were indicted for conspiracy of murder in 1966. To protect Barbazo he was constantly moved to prevent him being captured. One of those places was Fort Knox. The mob tried to kill Barboza by planting a bomb in the car of his attorney, who lost his right leg after the blast. The trials kept on going though following the death sentence of 4 gang members, 2 in prison for lifetime and the boss Patriarca on his way to Atlanta prison. Barboza was parolled in 1969 and was told to leave Massachusetts forever. He went to California and was sentenced to second-degree murder in 1971. After doing 5 years in prison he was released in 1976. Less than 3 months after his release he was murdered in San Francisco by hitman Joseph Russo.

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