|Buffalo|  John Montana

Birth: June 30, 1893 - Montedore, Italy

Death: March 18, 1964

John Montana was the former underboss of the Magaddino Family in Buffalo. He was a political fixer, labor racketeer and even a elected politician. Giovanni Montana was born on June 30, 1893 in Montedore, Italy. He arrived in America around 1907. During the 1920's, when prohibition became the Mafia's biggest intrest, Montana reputidly also became a bootlegger, but was never arrested or convicted. He had a clean record until he was convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice as a result of his presence at the Apalachin meeting in 1957. While in grade school, he began earning money as a candy shop messenger boy together with his brothers Salvatore, Angelo, Peter and Joseph. He later purchased a taxi cab and would eventually form the largest taxi company in western New York state, in 1922, through a merger of the Yellow Cab Company and the Van Dyke Taxi and Transfer Company. In 1928, Montana was elected to Buffalo city council and re-elected in 1930. He came in contact with Stefano Magaddino in the 1930's. During that period Montana was claimed to be Magaddino's second-in-command. Peter Magaddino, Stefano's son, later married a niece of Montana and Stefano's daughter was married to a nephew of Montana. The civic-minded mobster was named "Man of the Year" in 1956 by the National Junior Chamber of Commerce. His connections to organized crime were exposed in the wake of the Apalachin disaster. Reports after this exposure tied him in with the notorious Joe DiCarlo. Montana died in 1967.

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